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Ling Han charged towards the five Corpse Soldiers and brandished the bone sword, carrying out Desolate Hell Sword in a purely defensive way.

A circle of white light swirled, creating impenetrable defense and repelling the five Corpse Soldiers beyond the sword light.

He just saw Xuanyuan Zi Guang condense 22 flashes of Sword Qi. It wasn't a ray yet it possessed some powers of the ray, bringing him great inspiration; why couldn't he do it as well? Even though it was simulating a ray, he might be able to actuate the second style of the Three Styles of Black Origin, which had extremely terrifying destructive power.

Although the limit of Mysterious Three Thousand was firing 3000 sword lights, their destructive power terrifying, but intrinsically, this was an area-of-effect-type ultimate move, whereas 10,000 Techniques Return to One was the truly all-conquering one!

Accumulating three thousand attacks in one sword strike, just how terrifying was this destructive power?

Ling Han treated the five Corpse Soldiers as training partners. As he swung the bone sword, Sword Qi whirled, but was all in a mess.

He was in the process of comprehending, and didn't have a clue exactly how to make it work, so it was naturally like a child waving a sword—completely without coherence.

However, this didn't matter. Desolate Hell Sword was a Heaven Grade art known for its defensive ability, and carrying it out, his defense was impenetrable. Unless one's battle prowess suppressed Ling Han, it was difficult to overcome his purely defensive sword art!

Tian Xiu Ning bawled in anger. His entire body emitted Corpse Qi, which was used to stimulate the five Corpse Soldiers and make their battle prowess skyrocket in order to take down Ling Han in one go.

Ling Han was immersed in his own world. The bone sword was almost moving based on his instincts. Occasionally, there would be an oversight that was caught by the Corpse Soldiers, but so what if they hit him? He had Iron Sheet Body, which was hard enough to be comparable to same tier rare metals. The fiercer and more forceful the Corpse Soldiers were, the more the rebound shook their bones, making them face danger of collapsing.

This wasn't an illusion. Just like a stone man fighting a wooden man, even if the former sat still and let the latter attack at will, the fiercer his attacks, the easier it was for the latter to collapse.

However, the difference between Ling Han and the Corpse Soldiers hadn't reached the same extent. Moreover, the power of impact was still genuine, and though Ling Han's physique was certainly formidable, it still made him feel somewhat unwell.

Fortunately, he was only struck once or twice occasionally, and with Indestructible Heaven's Scroll circulating, the shock that penetrated his body immediately subsided.

Looking at such a battle, everyone was speechless.

'Are they the Corpse Soldiers, or are you? How could you be so tough?'

Some people thought of how agile Ling Han was previously in battle, shaking off five "heavy" Corpse Soldiers and forcing Tian Xiu Ning to fight one on one. Now, he displayed terrifying strength in defense.

This guy was too much of an all-rounder; his attacks transcended concept and were untraceable, and when he defended, he was firm like a mountain, extremely skilled, and almost without a single weak point!

Battling in the same tier, who could rival him?

Xuanyuan Zi Guang? Yao Hui Yue?

Ling Han didn't care about everyone's astonishment. He simply treated the five Corpse Soldiers as whetstones, grinding his accumulation of Sword Qi. Moreover, not far away, Xuanyuan Zi Guang was battling fiercely with Ju Tian Ge, and he could refer to him at any time, practicing what he had just learned.

This was equivalent to being imparted with knowledge on the spot. Also, Ling Han had the Eye of Truth; he kept observing the way Xuanyuan Zi Guang combined 22 flashes of Sword Qi, turning it into his own comprehension.

Tian Xiu Ning couldn't possibly know that Ling Han was attempting a breakthrough, and instead assumed that Ling Han was finally suppressed by the Corpse Soldiers. Instinctively, he bellowed repeatedly and intensified their attacks, swearing that he would kill Ling Han on spot.

Although it appeared that he had the advantage, he couldn't turn the advantage into a victory. Ling Han looked like he only had the power to hold his own, yet he was guarding safely and stably, counterattacking occasionally out of the blue.

Ling Han's gaze became brighter and brighter. He suddenly laughed loudly, and said, "I understand! I understand!"

'What do you understand?'

Tian Xiu Ning looked at Ling Han, simply thinking this opponent's mind was somewhat abnormal, and he just shouted, "Good that you understand. Give me back my sword!"

"Alright, here!" Ling Han swung the sword, firing out a flash of Sword Qi. However, this flash of Sword Qi was extremely thick. Moreover, it was also like a wriggling snake, extremely unstable.

Tian Xiu Ning, however, was greatly shocked. This flash of Sword Qi felt too terrifying, making him feel with a chill that he definitely shouldn't block it forcibly.


This flash of Sword Qi exploded on its own as it was fired out; the shattered Sword Qi surged, raising a sky full of dust.

"Hahahaha." A few Thousand Corpse Sect disciples instantly guffawed, but even more people revealed a thoughtful expression.

This Sword Qi... was unusual.

"He, he's condensing Sword Qi!" Someone finally saw through it, crying out in surprise.

"Yes, he's forming a ray!"

"Impossible, how could a ray scatter? Moreover, this was clearly a flash of Sword Qi, without a hint of a ray in it."

"I got it. This guy is imitating Xuanyuan Zi Guang, combining Sword Qi and not fusing it into a ray!"


Now, everyone was speechless; this youngster was too freakish. He obviously saw Xuanyuan Zi Guang's battle, and then thought of imitating it. However, the question was: was such a mystical art something that could be learned just from watching for a short while?

Similarly, many people had seen Sword Qi and Saber Qi, yet how many people could cultivate it?

Seeing it and personally comprehending it... these were two completely different things.

"It failed." Ling Han shook his head but didn't look disappointed at all. This was a test, of course. "Again!" He struck with the sword again, and hong, a thick pillar of light resembling Sword Qi shot out.

However, it was still the same. Not long after the Sword Qi was shot out, without unleashing any power, it broke down on its own.

It failed again.

"It's a very apparent matter. To grasp a mystical art in such a short time, could it be that easy?"

"There's definitely a key to operating it. It can't be learned simply by watching it a few times."

Atop the wall, quite a few people made cynical remarks. Ling Han was too freakish, making many people feel envious. However, some attentive people discovered that Ling Han's flash of Sword Qi lasted a tiny bit longer compared to the one earlier.

Truly just a tiny bit, but it certainly lasted longer!

Regarding this, Ling Han was obviously the clearest. He revealed a smile, waving the sword again without flagging at all, improving on his own deficiencies.

Ten strikes, twenty strikes, and thirty strikes... his improvement was more and more apparent—apparent to the point where most people discovered that the time his Sword Qi was maintained was becoming longer and longer.

Tian Xiu Ning was shocked; was he acting as Ling Han's whetstone? He roared and said, "Blood bones break!"

Instantly, the five Corpse Soldiers roared fiercely, letting out a beast-like shriek. A bizarre change happened to their right arms, turning them into bone spears that emitted a terrifying presence.

The five Corpse Soldiers brandished their bone spears simultaneously, stabbing at Ling Han. The momentum of the spears was as if they could penetrate through any defense no matter how powerful it was.

"Break!" Ling Han also shouted lightly, striking a dazzling blow with the sword.
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