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Xuanyuan Zi Guang and Ju Tian Ge carried out a fierce battle. Both of them held back, one only using one hand, and the other not using Corpse Soldiers. Apparently, if Xuanyuan Zi Guang was forced to use two hands first, then he would be the one at a disadvantage. Conversely, if he could, with one hand, force Ju Tian Ge to use Corpse Soldiers, then he would have the advantage to a certain degree.

Of course, this advantage wasn't much, because the Thousand Corpse Sect's battle prowess mainly relied on Corpse Soldiers. If Xuanyuan Zi Guang could only unleash thirty percent of his battle prowess with one hand, then Ju Tian Ge at most could unleash twenty percent of his battle prowess without using Corpse Soldiers.

As expected, without battling for ten rounds, Ju Tian Ge was forced to summon Corpse Soldiers.

Five Corpse Soldiers!

Flower Blossom Tier's limit was to control six corpses, and he reached five. Despite it being only one more, when it was near the limit, this small advantage could be infinitely enlarged.

Five Corpse Soldiers were definitely stronger than four, and not just a by a bit.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang naturally didn't dare to be careless anymore, maneuvering both hands to battle against Ju Tian Ge and the five Corpse Soldiers. The outcome of the battle couldn't be decided in a short while, serving to show how terrifying these two youngsters were.

"The older generations can't even compare!"

"The youngsters nowadays are truly terrifying!"

"As expected, it's the prosperous time of martial arts; exceptional talents from the younger generation keep emerging. Unless one was a prodigy of the same generation, one probably wouldn't be qualified to contend with these youngsters."

Atop the city wall, quite a few people cried out, exclaiming at the power of Xuanyuan Zi Guang and Ju Tian Ge.

"However, it should be rare for such powerful youngsters like them to appear?"

"Yes, in the middle state, only Yao Hui Yue, Meng Die Wu, and some others that could be counted one's fingers have reached such heights."

"Definitely not beyond ten people," a very experienced man concluded extremely surely, making everyone convinced as they nodded their heads ceaselessly.

After Ling Han heard that, he couldn't help but laugh. He then said, "Hu Niu, show them a little of what you've got."

"Ok, I'll show them Niu's awesomeness!" Hu Niu leapt down the city gates, placed her hands on her hips, and said, "Who wants to fight Niu?"

After the people of Thousand Corpse Sect looked at each other, they all laughed loudly. This was only a six to seven year old little girl that they could kill by extending a finger. If they were to attack this little girl, then that would be too shameful.

They all ignored her and overlooked that Hu Niu jumped down from the city wall, not walking out of it.

However, Bai Yuan revealed an astounded look because he couldn't see through Hu Niu's cultivation.

If she truly was just an ordinary little lady, then how could she possibly jump down from such a high city gate and be alright? The youngsters were careless and overlooked it, but he wouldn't be. He was much more experienced compared to these youngsters—living cautiously till now was the only secret to becoming a Heaven Tier elite—so he obviously wouldn't overlook it just because he'd become elderly.

He pondered, and said, "Bian Hao, you go fight her."

"Venerable Bai, Me?" Bian Hao felt wronged—why did he have to go? This was truly just a little girl; taking one step forward was already extremely embarrassing.

"Don't be careless," Bai Yuan warned.

Bian Hao revealed an astounded expression. Hearing Venerable Bai's tone, it was as if this little girl was quite remarkable. He finally withdrew the reluctance within his heart, taking large strides forward, and said, "Little girl, you want to fight me?"

Hu Niu crossed her arms before her chest, and said in a delicate voice, "Not fight, beat!"

It made many people atop the city wall laugh loudly. This little girl looked delicate like jade, truly attracting people's affection...

...while some people with special fetishes began to drool.

"Hahahaha!" Si Tu Yao and the others laughed loudly, while Bian Hao could no longer remain calm.

"I'll let you have one move," Bian Hao said.

"Thank you, wunkle." Hu Niu bowed in a lowly manner. Hanging around Ling Han a lot, she also learned how to trick people.

Just as Bian Hao was about to nod, a blur flashed before his eyes as a small figure appeared before him. Peng, he felt pain on his face, and his body instantly escaped control, sitting abruptly onto the ground.

Everyone looked at Hu Niu with shock. This girl had looked like an adorable little princess just now, but in an instant, she unleashed her attack with such a terrifying speed, knocking Bian Hao to the ground; it was as if she wasn't the same person.

This clearly wasn't some little princess, but a small devil!

"Xixi!" Hu Niu snickered, revealing two rows of snow-white teeth, and said to Bian Hao, "Wuncle, what happened to you, not feeling well?"

Bian Hao truly wanted to die at this moment, finally understanding that Bai Yuan's warning wasn't without reason. This little girl was certainly vicious, and her battle prowess couldn't be measured with logic. He leapt up again and let out a battle cry. Four Corpse Soldiers instantly arrived all together, attacking towards Hu Niu.

"Aiyaya, wuncle, weren't you going to let Niu have one move?" Hu Niu's figure was agile, running while yelling. Despite the attacks of four Corpse Soldiers coming from all sides, it was like she was taking a stroll, appearing extremely relaxed. Moreover, the little girl wasn't to be trifled with, either. Her small hand turned into a palm and shot toward a Corpse Soldier.

So what if Corpse Soldiers were refined hundreds of times? When Hu Niu was only in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, her claws could tear her target with the destructive power of the Flower Blossom Tier's two stars battle prowess. Now that she advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, these claws were naturally even more terrifying.

With a chi, the skeletal framework that was only slightly inferior to rare metals of the same tier was instantly torn apart with ease, shredded into shattered bone scraps in a few moves by Hu Niu.


Everyone spurted out; this little girl was too freakish. How could she be so strong? Was this any weaker than Xuanyuan Zi Guang?

"Amongst the prodigies of the middle state, another person must be added," the experienced person from before exclaimed.

"What, didn't you say middle state's prodigies weren't beyond ten?"


The experienced person was humiliatingly proven wrong, and his face instantly flushed. Earlier, he'd said that ten prodigies like Xuanyuan Zi Guang and Ju Tian Ge couldn't be found in the entire middle state, but now? A random little girl that came out was strong to such a heaven-defying degree.

After Hu Niu easily took care of the four Corpse Soldiers, Bian Hao could only admit defeat.

He couldn't win even with Corpse Soldiers, let alone without their help.

Hu Niu laughed loudly, and said, "Anyone else? Niu wants to fight ten alone!"

The side of Thousand Corpse Sect involuntarily sank into silence. Although Bian Hao could only rank at number eight or nine in strength amongst the ten disciples, Hu Niu was too relaxed just now; thus, to suppress this little girl, Ju Tian Ge probably had to be sent out.

The problem was that Ju Tian Ge was still fighting fiercely with Xuanyuan Ziguang, and it had to wait.

Bai Yuan could only say, "I'll count as if you've won nine times. For the tenth, the third will fight you after this round."

"Hmph, want Niu to wait? Then I won't play!" Hu Niu stomped her feet in discontent and returned.

Atop the city wall, everyone's gazes were filled with shock when they looked towards Hu Niu, and some older figures already wanted to take this little girl as a disciple. This little girl was so strong now; how terrifying would she become after she grew up?

Amongst the elites of the world in the future, there was definitely a place for her.
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