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'Damn, he doesn't even forget to pick up girls when taking the field!'

The eyes of the young ladies nearby lit up in excitement as they cupped their hands and placed them in front of their chest, desperately yelling out Xuanyuan Zi Guang's name, wishing they could throw themselves at him.

"Idiot!" Ling Han shook his head.

"Idiot!" Helian Xun Xue imitated him while sticking her tongue out; after all, she had to add in some individual characteristic.

"Next time you meet this idiot, just beat him up!" Ling Han encouraged.

"But I'm scared of hurting my hand!" Helian Xun Xue said weakly.

Ling Han pondered, then took out the brick, shoving it into her hand, and said, "Then use this to smack him."

Helian Xun Xue was instantly elated, and said, "Alright!" She gripped the brick and tried out her strength in waving it, looking eager to give it a try.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang scored a rebuff, and his expression turned gloomy. No matter whether it was martial arts or relationships, he was successful in every endeavor, but now, he not only was unable to completely suppress Ling Han in martial arts, he also was unable to conquer Helian Xun Xue, making him out of sorts.

'Hmph, we'll see when I sweep clean these Thousand Corpse Sect dregs and win over endless glory.'

Xuanyuan Zi Guang leapt down. Looking loftily at Bian Hao, he said, "If you can block one move, I'll spare your life."

How arrogant!

Bian Hao possessed four Corpse Soldiers that reached thirteen stars in battle prowess; was this not enough to block Xuanyuan Zi Guang's one move?

Bian Hao obviously burst into anger. He was a personal disciple of the Thousand Corpse Sect's sect master, proud and arrogant. However, someone actually looked down upon him, so how could be tolerate it? He was just about to attack, but felt his shoulder sink—someone held him back.

It was Bai Yuan.

"Venerable Bai, please let me battle!" he said.

Bai Yuan shook his head, and said, "You're not his opponent, let the third go."


The disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect all cried out. Although they weren't all here today, the third, in other words, the third disciple of Thousand Corpse Sect's sect master, Ju Tian Ge, was the strongest in their party.

The strongest card was already going to be dealt now? Was the opponent that strong?

Ju Tian Ge had been napping all this time. Now, he finally opened his eyes and stared at Xuanyuan Zi Guang for a short while, revealing a bellicose expression, and said, "This person is a good opponent. I don't have the certainty to win." 

Bian Hao and the other disciples were shocked again. Even Third Senior Brother said so; was Xuanyuan Zi Guang really that strong?

"Second Senior Brother should be able to win firmly, not to mention Great Senior Brother, whose talents are peerless, such that all of us together aren't as good as him!" Ju Tian Ge said with a smile.

Bian Hao and the other disciples all nodded, firmly believing Ju Tian Ge's words. Every one of them were geniuses, but they still idolized their great senior brother; who knew just how strong this person was.

Ju Tian Ge walked out in large strides. His stature was very tall, but he was very sturdy. At first glance, he looked somewhat like a youngster that cut firewood in the mountains.

"Your Corpse Soldiers?" Xuanyuan Zi Guang asked.

"When I need to use them, they'll appear," Ju Tian Ge said indifferently.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang sneered, and said, "Not using Corpse Soldiers, you'll be instantly killed."

"Haha, if so, then I can only blame my inferior skills." Ju Tian Ge laughed loudly.

When experts fight, they battled with their wits first before using their hands. Apparently, Xuanyuan Zi Guang also didn't dare to underestimate Ju Tian Ge, or else he wouldn't need to provoke him with words, and simply just attack.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang placed one hand behind his back, and said, "Since you're not using Corpse Soldiers, I'll let you face me without one of my hands."

This... arrogance!

Ju Tian Ge revealed a hint of anger; the opponent wanted to force him to use Corpse Soldiers with just one hand? How confident could he be? He snorted, opened his mouth, and reached in with one hand, pulling out a black-colored longsword.

What the hell!?

Everyone atop the city was shocked. You were really that poor that you didn't even have a spatial ring, hiding a sword inside your body?

Ling Han, however, revealed an astounded look, and muttered, "The legendary nurturing a tool with one's own body is real?"

"What's nurturing a tool with one's own body?" Zhu Xuan Er asked. She, like Ling Han, was also disguised, so she obviously didn't call herself Xuan Er and Ling Han as Brother Han or Master Han.

"Nourishing a Spirit Tool within the body means to use one's own blood and Qi to nourish the Spirit Tool constantly. This allows the Spirit Tool to become more powerful, and even manifest a tool spirit," Ling Han said, but immediately shook his head and added, "No matter what Spirit Tool, the moment it's shaped, it exists for battle. As a vicious object, nourished within the body, it is extremely likely to kill oneself."

Nourishing a tool with one's own body was a risk, but if one could stick it out, then the tool thus nourished would be extremely powerful.

Atop the city wall, everyone listened to Ling Han's explanation, nodding repeatedly; some people were also secretly guessing Ling Han's identity. He clearly looked twenty-four to twenty-five years old yet knew so much secret knowledge; his background was probably extremely remarkable.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang, however, revealed a curious look, and said, "Nourishing a tool with one's own body? Hehe, that's a first; let me try it out."

Ju Tian Ge held his sword in hand, and his listless expression was instantly swept clean, emitting a feverish battle intent as he shouted loudly, "As you wish!" He pushed off fiercely and shot towards Xuanyuan Zi Guang. As the black sword was brandished, seventeen flashes of Sword Qi formed, tangling toward Xuanyuan Zi Guang like whips.

"Interesting," Xuanyuan Zi Guang muttered, still with one hand behind his back. He flicked gently with his other hand, and a fire tiger appeared, biting at the Sword Qi.

"What a joke, you want to neutralize my Black Demon Sword?" Ju Ge Tian sneered.

"Can I not?" Xuanyuan Ziguang said arrogantly. That fire lion swelled up abruptly and became 10 m large, emitting a terrifying baleful presence.

"Condensing Qi into Ray!" Bai Yuan gaze tightened. "This youngster is truly remarkable, almost forming a ray, yet he intentionally suppressed it, obviously wanting cultivate more flashes of Qi. How truly bold and daring!"

Rays crushed Qi in quality. At the time, when Rain Emperor cultivated Fist Ray, with the cultivation of the first layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, he fought a ninth layer Flower Blossom Tier warrior and a king tier demonic ape. It was clear how powerful Rays were.

This could increase the battle prowess of martial artist at the core, but Xuanyuan Zi Guang suppressed the condensing of Ray forcibly. On one hand, it showed his great martial arts talent, and on the other, his great ambition of not settling for 22 flashes of Qi.

In certain aspects, geniuses were all the same, existing for the sake of breaking the limits.

This fire lion wasn't a flash of Qi—it was condensed from twenty-two flashes of Qi. However, it was different from the integratedness of a ray, but was more like a combination.

Ling Han nodded; the good quality of others could help develop oneself. Xuanyuan Zi Guang's thought process was very good, simulating Qi into a Ray. This way, he could continue to cultivate Qi while increasing its power—truly remarkable pioneering.
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