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The four Corpse Soldiers charged up together at Pang Xiang Ming. Each attack emitted an intense evil presence, just as if they were demons that climbed out of hell.

From a certain sense, it certainly was so.

Corpse Soldiers and Corpse Qi were of the same origin. After the four Corpse Soldiers absorbed Si Tu Yao's personal Corpse Qi, their strength instantly grew explosively. Si Tu Yao, on the other hand, appeared somewhat dispirited, seeming to have expended a great deal.

"Just a few skeletons to deal with me?" Pang Xiang Ming sneered. The moon-shaped mark let out a great ray of light, while his hands danced, confining the four Corpse Soldiers once again.

"Break!" he shouted loudly, and with a snap, the hands and legs of two Corpse Soldiers were pulled off.

Such formidable power!

After Corpse Soldiers were refined, their bodies were extremely tough, approaching the level of same tier rare metals; as for how close it could get, it would depend on the refinement heat and ingredients added.

The elite corpses were only slightly higher in grade. As for the "original ingredients" being refined into a powerful Corpse Soldier, they naturally had a great price.

Si Tu Yao's four Corpse Soldiers weren't extraordinary amongst the Flower Blossom Tier beings, but being refined into Third tier Silver-Armored Corpse was already quite remarkable. Yet, Pang Xiang Ming instantly smashed two Corpse Soldiers, proof enough of Pang Xiang Ming's remarkableness.

"Damn it!" Si Tu Yao roared, and the four Corpse Soldiers assaulted again. The Corpse Soldiers had no sense of pain anyway, so losing a hand and a leg only slightly affected their battle prowess.

He also personally entered the battle, attacking Pang Xiang Ming with them.

"Pang Xiang Ming should be able to win, right?" Zhu Xuan Er asked Ling Han.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "If Si Tu Yao doesn't have any other trump cards, then Pang Xiang Ming's victory is assured."

He made judgements on several occasions that already convinced and assured many people. Although almost no one knew Pang Xiang Ming, everyone was in the same boat, hoping that Pang Xiang Ming could emerge victorious.

Some people simply wanted to regain some pride, while some thought that after Pang Xiang Ming won, there would be some spots to leave the city—maybe they could get one from him?

Originally, everyone was like a block of iron, willing to fight to the death for their survival, but once a feeble chance of survival appeared before them, quite a few people had a change of hearts.

Pang Xiang Ming was better by a notch as expected, and after a few dozen moves, the four Corpse Soldiers were broken down. He also attacked Si Tu Yao with a heavy palm, but it didn't kill him. As a black-colored Corpse Qi swirled, Si Tu Yao retreated into the crowd and hacked out a mouthful of black blood, looking extremely feeble.

"Haha, Seventeenth Junior Brother, looks like you have no chance with this follower." A youngster in a black gown laughed loudly, taking large strides forward. He then said, "I'm Bian Hao, the fourteenth disciple under the sect master."

Pang Xiang Ming looked coldly at the youngster in black gown, and said, "Move away, he still owes me three forceful kowtows!"

"Youngster, do you really not want the ten quotas to leave the city?" Bai Yuan interrupted.

"I don't!" Pang Xiang Ming declined without hesitation.

'Sh!t, you stupid!?'

Atop the city, several people instantly cried out. You don't want it? Then give it to me! Mother f***, where did this fool come from, actually willing to die here just to earn some respect... How extremely retarded!

Ling Han, however, clapped and revealed a smile. This Pang Xiang Ming had quite a personality; he was worthy of saving.

He looked coldly from the sidelines. Some people he planned to save, while some were only fit to turn into mire here.

"Hehe, since you're willing to give up ten quotas, then that's your choice," Bai Yuan said with a smile. "However, him kowtowing because you won is your own one-sided wish. He never agreed."

How deceitful!

But thinking it over, certainly, the bet of three kowtows was Pang Xiang Ming's unilateral statement. Si Tu Yao didn't agree, so a one-sided wish didn't work, right? Otherwise, with so many beauties in the world, if you liked one, couldn't you just bring one home?

Pang Xiang Ming revealed a furious look, but didn't express his anger. He pointed coldly at Bian Hao and said, "Then I'll kill you!"

"Kill me? You're not qualified!" Bian Hao laughed loudly. He had the cultivation of the fourth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, a layer higher than Si Tu Yao, but the Thousand Corpse Sect still relied on Corpse Soldiers. How many Corpse Soldiers he possessed and how strong the Corpse Soldiers were was the key. 

Zhi, with a grazing sound, four caskets slid over. Peng, peng, peng, peng, four Corpse Soldiers jumped out; they were obviously Third tier Silver-Armored Corpses. Unless they possessed Three Lives Corpse Casket, they couldn't control Corpse Soldiers with power beyond their own tier.

This also showed the scariness of the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

Pang Xiang Ming obviously wouldn't be afraid, charging towards Bian Hao. The four Corpse Soldiers intercepted him, waving their large skeletal hands and raising a terrifying strong wind.

Apparently, these four Corpse Soldiers were stronger!

"I'm afraid they've reached thirteen stars battle prowess." Ling Han nodded.

"So powerful!" Zhu Xuan Er cried out in surprise.

After martial artists died, only the corpse remained. Even if it underwent refinement, being able to unleash battle prowess that corresponded to its own tier was quite remarkable, and to surpass star levels… the corpse was either really extraordinary when it was alive, or a great price was paid to refine it.

No matter how it looked, Bian Hao's four Corpse Soldiers were truly strong and gradually suppressed Pang Xiang Ming, giving him no time to attack Bian Hao.


A trace of blood oozed from Pang Xiang Ming's waist. Bian Hao wielded a dagger, fresh blood still dripping from it. He licked it with his tongue, revealing a bloodthirsty savageness.

His sneak attack succeeded just now, striking Pang Xiang Ming. However, under such circumstances, it didn't really count as a sneak attack. The people of the Thousand Corpse Sect were one with corpses, and it could only be said that the four Corpse Soldiers gave Pang Xiang Ming too much pressure, creating a chance for Bian Hao's attack to hit.

"Hahahaha!" Bian Hao laughed loudly. "You've already affected by my corpse poison, and you can only be saved by submitting to me. Otherwise, the Corpse Qi will slowly erode you, turning you into a bloodthirsty Corpse Soldier."

"Hmph!" Pang Xiang Ming ignored him, and flew directly to the top of the city wall, slumping down. He took out a pill bottle from a spatial ring and poured out a few soybean-sized medicinal pills to take, beginning to execute an art to expel the Corpse Qi.

"Ignorance!" Bian Hao sneered as he looked toward the city gates, and said, "Who's still not convinced and wants to battle with me?"

He was nothing more than the fourteenth disciple of Thousand Corpse Sect's sect master, how could he be so arrogant?

Everyone placed their gaze on Xuanyuan Zi Guang. This youngster had outstanding and domineering might, having the momentum to surpass Yao Hui Yue and other prodigies who had already made a name for themselves. Moreover, his cultivation of the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier was at the top of the younger generations.

If he took the field, victory was definitely assured.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang revealed a proud look. He originally didn't want to take the field so soon. A genius like him should obviously intervene at the last moment, shining on the entire field. However, Million Treasures City had no other stronger youngsters, and if he didn't step up now, the enemies challenge would soon be over.

He smiled faintly at Helian Xun Xue, and said, "This battle... I'll fight it for you!"ED/N: Pronounce this SFX like the -ge in the name George (and breath out strongly, coz there's a vowel there) for an approximate pronunciation.
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