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"Hehe, I heard that the Spirit Treasures Pavilion held a once in three or five year competition, and one of the competition rounds was martial arts. Are there really no other decent opponents?" Si Tu Yao continued to ridicule the crowd.

Everyone was unconvinced. Although Si Tu Yao won, it still didn't change their fate of being trapped, and since they were trapped and humiliated, they felt even worse.

"I'll battle you!" A hot-headed young man leapt down, yet he was just a nobody that didn't even enter the Flower Blossom Tier. Without even getting close, he was bitten to death by a Corpse Soldier, his blood splattering all over the ground.

Si Tu Yao played with the Heptagold Mirror that used to belong to Jia Zhang, and smiled as he said, "Although that guy was pathetically weak, this Spirit Tool is really quite good, posing a threat to even peak stage Flower Blossom Tier warriors."

"Give back the treasure mirror!" Someone leapt down the city walls and yelled at Si Tu Yao. It was a forty years old man, who emitted an unfathomably deep presence.

"Hmph, already at such an age... Don't butt in!" Bai Yuan intervened, and swatted towards that person with a palm.

Yin Xu Yang hurriedly intervened to save that person. Peng, with a loud bang, Bai Yuan's attack was neutralized. That middle-aged man's face turned pale, and he hurriedly ran back. He was Jia Family's Spiritual Infant Tier elite. He originally wanted to retrieve the treasure, yet almost gave up his live doing so.

"Hehe." Bai Yuan laughed. "This old man will give you guys a chance. Those under thirty years of age can take the field to spar with these ten small guys. Each person can participate in at most ten fights, and with each win, this old man can let ten people leave this city."

Yin Xue Yang immediately sneered, and said, "Can your nonsense be trusted?"

"Hehe, then this old man will make an oath," Bai Yuan said, and raised his hand to make an oath as expected.

Gods lay three feet above one's head—dao oaths couldn't be recklessly made.

Everyone instantly revealed an impulsive look. Wining one battle, they could receive ten quotas to leave the city, and if they won a few battles, they could even bring their entire family out of this killing formation.

"I'll battle you!" Someone immediately jumped out and attacked Si Tu Yao.

"Court death!" Si Tu Yao sneered as four Corpse Soldiers demonstrated their power, instantly dismembering that person.

"Give us a decent opponent, or else there's no need to make such a bet," a disciple of the Thousand Corpse Sect said, revealing an impatient look. "I'm not interested in killing ants." 

Atop the city gates, the youngsters looked at each other, revealing their burning fury.

"Quite arrogant, huh?" a youngster in a blue long garment said dully. His figure was lanky, and he had a moon-shaped mark on his forehead, flashing indistinctly.

He stood amongst the crowd, unprepossessing, but once he spoke, his presence rose infinitely, instantly turning into a resplendent star from a passerby.

Xiu, he leapt down and stood at the city gates.

"Hmm, this opponent's not bad." With a glance, Si Tu Yao revealed a joyful look. "This follower's mine!"

The youngster in the blue raised his right hand. A silver bell was actually fastened to his wrist, looking somewhat girly. He shook his hand, and instantly ding, ding, ding sounds echoed, beautiful and pleasant to listen to. He looked at Si Tu Yao and said, "I'm about to win, and I don't need any quotas to leave the city. You can kneel on the ground and kowtow forcefully three times."

Si Tu Yao's expression changed drastically, and he said, "Such arrogant manner! Hmph, after I defeat you, I'll have you know what the pecking order is!"

The youngster in blue smiled slightly, and said, "Attack, I'll give you three moves."

"Arrogant!" Si Tu Yao snapped his finger. "Charge!" The four Corpse Soldiers immediately jumped out and attacked the youngster in blue garment.

The youngster was extremely at ease, and as he pressed his right hand forward, the four Corpse Soldiers actually stopped all at once as if a freezing spell had been cast on them.

"What!?" everyone cried out; what was going on?

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth and instantly saw everything clearly.

The four Corpse Soldiers actually had threads attached to them. It was precisely these threads that tied them tightly, rendering them unable to do anything. Ling Han thought it was Blood Sucking Origin Gold at first, but examining closely, he discovered that it was actually formed by Origin Power.

Origin Power formed threads that could tie down people... what sort of mystic arts was this?

The youngster in blue clothing pulled with hands again, and the four Corpse Soldiers were instantly like marionettes, moving involuntarily. However, their movements were rigid, and that look was truly amusing.

However, no one was able to laugh, feeling frightened on the inside.

Those were four Corpse Soldiers, which were comparable to warriors at the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, yet under the control of the young man, they were like marionettes; this was too ridiculous!

"Who is this guy? He seems really strong."

"Hiss, he's the one west region's Spirit Treasures Pavilion asked to attend the martial arts contest... he seems to be called Pang Xiang Ming."

"Right, he's called Pang Xiang Ming."

"So powerful!"

Everyone cried out. Not many people could see that Pang Xiang Ming used threads of Origin Power to constrain the four Corpse Soldiers, but it was precisely because they didn't know that they felt it incredible, taking him for a celestial.

Ling Han also nodded. This skill was certainly effective, but Pang Xiang Ming didn't appear that relaxed, either. After all, he was tying down four ninth layer Flower Blossom Tier Corpse Soldiers, while his cultivation was merely at the fifth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier.

This was also because he was freakish enough to fight a stronger opponent while being weaker, and even fight one against four; however, this was also roughly his limit. Conversely, the Thousand Corpse Sect was truly freakish. A random disciple could rival the most outstanding geniuses of present age.

Si Tu Yao was also shocked at first, but his divine sense could be said to be connected with the four Corpse Soldiers, and he soon felt that the opponent's constraints were inadequate. Thus, he immediately laughed loudly. "Hahaha, thought you were going to be quite formidable!" 

Peng, peng, peng, peng, as expected, the four Corpse Soldiers shook off the constraints, attacking Pang Xiang Ming once again.

Pang Xiang Ming was fearless. As his hands danced, he appeared extremely effeminate, looking as if a girl reincarnated in the wrong body. As he raised his hands, he formed orchid-like shapes with his fingers, appearing extremely gentle. The four Corpse Soldiers couldn't approach at all—as they got close, he would constrain them with his Origin Power and throw them out.

Si Tu Yao let out a battle cry and joined the fray.

"Corpses flood heaven and earth!" he bellowed as corrosive black-colored Corpse Qi spewed out from his entire body.

"You think it'll work on me?" Pang Xiang Ming sneered, and spread out an Origin Power shield to block out the Corpse Qi. He was at the fifth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, so his Origin Power was naturally much thicker than Si Tu Yao's. The Corpse Qi couldn't possibly penetrate it.

Si Tu Yao laughed loudly, and said, "This wasn't prepared for you!"

As the sound of his words fell, a blood-red ray shone from the eye sockets of the four Corpse Soldiers, emitting an even more violent presence. Peng, peng, peng, peng, they suddenly broke the constraint of Pang Xiang Ming's Origin Power threads, charging towards him.

Pang Xiang Ming frowned slightly. After absorbing Corpse Qi, the four Corpse Soldiers' strength increased explosively—at least by one star of battle prowess. It made him feel a modicum of pressure.
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