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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 557 Dilemma

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"Could the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and the Alchemist Society have joined hands to conspire to murder us?" someone with persecutory delusion cried out.

Yin Xue Yang sneered, and said, "To kill a dreg like you, would they need to take such a round-about way? This lord can crush you ten thousand times!"

This certainly stood to reason, making many agitated people calm down.

The key was that the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and the Alchemist Society had no reason to do so.

"The eight pavilion masters of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and the two Heaven Grade alchemists of the Alchemist Society, as well as the Heaven Tier elites, did they go to a certain historic site?" Ling Han suddenly asked.

Yin Xue Yang looked at Ling Han again, revealing an astounded look. Although this youngster interrupted twice and seemed to have no manners, every word he said nailed the spot.

He nodded, and said, "That's right. The pavilion received news that Alchemy Emperor Ling Han's ancient tomb was discovered, and within it were treasures collected by the Alchemy Emperor in all his life!"

Everyone was in an uproar.

The Ling Han ten thousand years ago was a legend, not only exceling in alchemy, but also at the pinnacle of martial arts. How much and how shocking would his wealth be? Thinking about it made people's eyes red with desire!

Now that his ancient tomb was discovered, could you say that you would hold back and not intervene?

Ling Han's expression, however, was strange. A ghost... in his previous life, his flesh was shocked into ash by the Black Tower during an expedition. There couldn't be an ancient tomb where he was buried! This was clearly a trap to draw out the elites of Million Treasures City and take advantage of it to surround the city.

Concocting such a great conspiracy just to kill them, the useless troops? Even though there were still Yin Xue Yang and other Heaven Tier elites here, setting up the Fourth Killing Formation just to kill a few Heaven Tier warriors... this was obviously not worth it.

No, no, no, there had to be a greater scheme, just that he hadn't thought of it.

"By the looks of it now, this is a scheme of luring the tiger out of the mountains. Hopefully, the pavilion masters and the two grandmasters can return safely." Yin Xue Yang sighed. He obviously knew that things were too coincidental and there definitely was a bait.

The enemy hidden in the dark deliberately planned such a large scheme, so presumably, reinforcements wouldn't come in the near time.

"We can only rely on ourselves now!" Yin Xue Yang cupped his fists, and said, "Please, old brothers and sisters. Be generous and help Small Yang guard Million Treasures City!"

"Million Treasures City is our home too, we ought to do everything in our power." A voice floated over from within the city, extremely old but also filled with power and influence, making many people's thighs shiver as they were unable to stand firmly on their feet.

"Small Yang, when its necessary to intervene, we won't stand by idly." This was an old lady's voice, which was surprisingly like tough iron. After hearing her words, many people cried out with ears leaking blood, unable to withstand such oppressive might.

"Yes!" A third voice sounded, but it was a simple answer.

These were the few Heaven Tier forces in the city. Of course, this was also because of Million Treasures City's singularity, or else no city in the middle state would have Heaven Tier warriors keeping watch. 

Yin Xue Yang couldn't help but feel relieved. There were pathetically little Shattering Void Tier elites in the world, and Heaven Tier ones were rare enough. Now, there were four Heaven Tiers joining hands, obviously making him much more confident.

Moreover, the mysterious enemy used the Fourth Killing Formation to entrap them—didn't this explain that the opponent didn't have power equal to Shattering Void Tier? Otherwise, even the four in the Heaven Tier wouldn't block it, no?

Thinking so, his had slightly even more confidence.

Ling Han took it all in his eyes, but shook his head. The hidden force definitely had Shattering Void Tier elites, or else why would they act so extremely daringly? Moreover, without the power of Shattering Void Tier warriors, how could they have set up the Fourth Killing Formation?

The opponent's Shattering Void Tier powerhouse was probably pinning down the grand pavilion master of Spirit Treasures Pavilion, making him unable to get back in time.

Anyway, Million Treasures City currently was certainly in imminent danger.

Hong, long, long, the Fourth Killing Formation kept operating as black swords, black sabers, black spears, and all other sorts of weapons appeared, bombarding the great city-guarding formation. The great city-guarding formation only formed a shield in opposition, simple yet effective.

The day passed with people overwhelmed in anxiety. When everyone raised their heads to look at the sky on the next day, they were all shocked.

Yesterday, the Fourth Killing Formation only prompted weapons to bombard the great city-guarding formation one at a time, but today... there were two weapons! This created two times the destructive power, and obviously caused the expenditure of twice as many Origin Crystals.

The only thing that set people's mind to rest was that the great city-guarding formation could still last.

Originally, the condensed shield could withstand ten hits before shattering, but now it shattered with five hits. As long as it didn't shatter with one hit, then there was no need to worry about the city gates being broken through and the killing formation's menace's direct arrival.

Everyone's expression was grave. Yesterday was one attack, and today was two, so would it become three tomorrow, and the day after four? Increasing continuously at this rate, the great city-guarding formation's defensive limit would be reached.

As expected of the Fourth Killing Formation!

Ling Han also looked cautious. If he didn't have the Black Tower, he would just tear apart the Instant Teleportation Talisman and run since he couldn't save others anyway. However, he now had the ability to save the everyone in the city, and if he chose to only protect himself, an insurmountable threshold would be left in his heart.

Saving people was as easy as lifting a hand for him, but this would expose the secret that he possessed the Black Tower. At that time, how many people would target him?

'Wait, my true self has already been targeted by countless people anyway, so what if I expose that I possess a spatial Spirit Tool that can accommodate living things?' Ling Han thought the other way around.

A spatial Spirit Tool that could accommodate living things and the Black Tower, these were two different matters. As for the people stored in the Black Tower, he would make them lose their senses, not letting them know where they went during this time.

'Alright, if it comes to the moment of disaster, I'll appear with my original face, storing everyone into the Black Tower, then leave with the Instant Teleportation Talisman.'

Ling Han made up his mind. With his thoughts clear, his mood instantly turned cheerful.

On the third day, the thing everyone worried about happened.

The Fourth Killing Formation formed three weapons at a time, firing at Million Treasures City. Now, the shield formed by the great city-guarding formation exploded in only three hits.

The atmosphere within the city was stifling, and public order began to go out of control. At night, several vicious incidents happened. There were robberies, murders, and rape on women. Under the armegeddon-like inhibition, the beastly nature in many people's hearts was unleashed.

If they were to die, why not do whatever they pleased before dying?

The city became more and more chaotic as more people joined in for such wild pleasures. At first, it was only normal people, and afterwards, some lowly martial artists also joined the line of criminals, making the calamity even scarier.

At this rate, the Fourth Killing Formation didn't need to break through the city. Million Treasures City would bring about its own destruction.

The city's powerful forces joined hands to enforce the law, killing many evildoers. The chaotic situation finally returned under control. Fortunately, on the fifth day, the Fourth Killing Formation didn't form five weapons, stopping at four at a time.

Everyone felt slightly at ease.
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