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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 556 The Fourth Killing Formation

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The killing formation was activated, and an extraordinary image arose, forming a terrifying, great danger.

After Ling Han returned to the city, he smiled at Xuanyuan Zi Guang, and said, "What, why are you following me? Come, come, come, let's fight for 300 rounds!" He assumed a fighting stance, ready to give it all.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang was almost angered to death. 'You freaking guarded the city gate, only to say "fight for 300 rounds"... could there be such a cheap person?' Not to mention 300 rounds, if he was only stopped shortly, he would be killed by the killing formation right away.

"I'll come collect this debt from you in the future!" he said in a grave voice, turning into an arrow and charging at the city gate.

Ling Han originally wanted to mess with him, but feeling several formidable and terrifying mental spirits, he gave up on the idea. True elites had come, and definitely wouldn't sit idly as he killed Xuanyuan Zi Guang craftily.

How unfortunate; he'd still wanted to make the other party suffer.

Weng, Million Treasures City's great formation was also completely activated, and a white flash of light covered the city's skies like an eggshell. In reality, unseen beneath the ground was another half of an "eggshell," guarding this ancient city from all directions with zero blind spots.

The Spirit Treasures Pavilion really wasn't short on the money at all. While this defensive formation was first-rate, it was also terrifying when it burned Origin Crystals...

Hong, black swords 100 m long formed within the killing formation, emitting a shockingly cold glare. Even though several Heaven Tier elites were already at the top of the city, they all felt a chill within facing against the black swords.

It couldn't be blocked!

Those black swords were like completely activated Spirit Tools, and Heaven Tier elites would definitely be killed instantly if they stepped near them.

The black sword slashed past. Fortunately, the city's great formation had been activated, turning into a shield that blocked the black sword. Hong, vein-like patterns intertwined and shone, turning into countless fragments that scattered down from the sky.

Thankfully, it was blocked.

Everyone was greatly shocked; which force insisted on targeting Million Treasures City? No matter whether it was Spirit Treasures Pavilion or Alchemist Society, they were harmonious in bringing wealth, and were of status above the norm, never making enemies of any force, so why would they attract someone using such a killing formation?

"This, could this be the Fourth Killing Formation?" an old fogey cried out.

"The Fourth Killing Formation?" Most people were at a loss.

"Killing Formations are formed naturally by the world—there is a total of ten kinds of them. Though ranked one after another, their powers are actually not much different, and according to legends, they could even kill Shattering Void Tier elites! As for The First Killing Formation... it's the world's first unbreakable formation, claimed to be able to kill gods!" the old fogey explained.

"What?!" Hearing those words, everyone's expressions changed drastically.

What could be done... The Fourth Killing Formation surrounded the city, could Million Treasures City's defensive formation rival it? Moreover, even Shattering Void Tier warriors could be killed. Once the city's defense broke, they would all die inevitably.

Who was it, to be so deranged!

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth and observed continuously, comparing as he said, "The Fourth Killing Formation isn't complete, and one Shattering Void Tier elite can probably break it."

"Boy, what do you know?"

"Who the hell are you?!"

"The adults are talking, kids screw off to the side."

Once he spoke, it instantly aroused many people's disatisfaction. These people were all self-assured in their experience, even flauting their identities in a situation like this. However, there were also people who kept an open mind and revealed a hint of cheerfulness.

It was rumored that Spirit Treasures Pavilion had a Shattering Void Tier big shot keeping watch, and if he took the field, wouldn't he be able to break through the formation?

"With this little friend's words, this old man suddenly feels the same." It suddenly occured to the old fogey earlier. "Otherwise, this city's great formation couldn't possibly block the Fourth Killing Formation!"

This was a naturally formed killing formation, something extremely terrifying. Only the other eight killing formations could rival it. As for the First Killing Formation, it could kill gods, so even the other nine killing formations added together were inferior to it.

If only Ling Han said so, obviously no one would believe it; the words of the lowly carried little weight. However, being confirmed by the old fogey, more people instantly believed those words, which also greatly increased their confidence.

"Please request the senior of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion to intervene and break through this killing formation!"

"That's right, only that supreme being can do it."

Everyone said one after another. Although they had no right at all to request a Shattering Void Tier elite to act, it greatly concerned their lives, so they could only muster up the courage to say so; otherwise, there would only be the road that led to death ahead of them.

A figure flashed by—it was shockingly the damned fatso, Yin Xue Yang. He looked outside the city as another black-colored spear formed, launching a second attack. He frowned, and said, "Several Pavilion Masters have left Million Treasures City to visit other places."

"The Grand Pavilion Master also left?" everyone cried out.

"He left." Yin Xue Yang sighed. "Now. this pavilion only has me, the only Pavilion Master keeping watch."

Everyone was depressed. Heaven Tier elites couldn't break through the Fourth Killing Formation—even if it was an imcomplete one.

"Pray that the great formation guarding the city is strong enough, guarding till those seniors return." Everyone could only hope so.

Ling Han, however, was curious. Those Pavilion Masters of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion actually all left the city, moreover at the same time? Being able to move eight Pavilion Masters together, could it be that an extraordinary historic site had been discovered?

Yin Xue Yang shook his head, and said, "The eight Pavilion Masters won't possibly return in near time. Probably... one to two years would still be difficult."

What, that long?

Everyone's faces turned pale—one to two years? Could this great defensive formation be maintained for one to two years?

"Milion Treasures City is an important land of middle state. With communications cut off for a long time, people will definitely realize that something is wrong and run over to see exactly what's going on," someone said, filled with hope.

"However, can we really endure till that time?" someone said pessimistically.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The Fourth Killing Formation kept bombarding Million Treasures City. The great city-guarding formation formed a shield to protect it, but it wouldn't stand such crazy bombardment for long. Soon, cracks appeared on this shield, which shattered with a bang in the end.

The great city-guarding formation formed a second shield, and continued to withstand the Fourth Killing Formation's bombardment. In the short term, the defensive power could completely keep up with the destructive power, reaching a balance; the city's protection wouldn't be broken through.

The problem was that the great city-guarding formation was activated by Origin Crystals, and under such high expenditure, how long could it be maintained?

After Yin Xue Yang and a big shot of the Alchemist Society discussed shortly, they arrived at a conlcusion: it could endure for half a year, and if the other forces took out their Origin Crystals as support, then it would last even longer.

At such a time, no one dared to be selfish; everyone contributed their Origin Crystals one after another, hoping that the great formation could persist until reinforcements arrived.

"Where are the experts of the Alchemist Society?" someone asked.

Right—although alchemist primarily refined pills, the alchemist society's headquarters were here, so they hired a few elites to keep watch; perhaps there might be a Shattering Void Tier super elite there.

"The two Heaven Grade alchemists left the city long ago with their Heaven Tier followers," an alchemist said. His status was considerably high as he was a high level Earth Grade alchemist.

The Spirit Treasures Pavilion and the Alchemist Society left at the same time, but Million Treasures City suffered the surrounding attacks of the Fourth Killing Formation; this wasn't a coincidence no matter how one looked at it.
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