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A night passed as Ling Han and the three girls returned to Spirit Treasures Pavilion.

Although Xuanyuan Zi Guang said he would kill Ling Han if the latter came out, Xuanyuan Zi Guang wasn't that unoccupied to keep an eye on Ling Han for an entire day; otherwise, a great battle would be inevitable.

When it was afternoon, Yin Hong ran over hastily.

"What happened for you to be in such a desperate rush?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"Pah, this old lady is still a virtuous lady, how could you use desperate to describe me?" Yin Hong said, displeased.

"A virtuous lady that has the words this old lady on the tip of her tongue, you're truly the first I've seen," Ling Han said, smiling.

"Now you've seen it for yourself," Yin Hong said unabashedly. "Oh, right. There's a great matter I need you to know."

"What matter?" Ling Han asked thoughtlessly.

"In the recent days, there hasn't been anyone entering the city," Yin Hong said.

"This counts as a great matter?"

"How does it not? You know that what kind of a place Milion Treasures City is and how many people come and go every day? Millions! However, now there are only people going out, and no one is coming in. The entire city's much more desolate. Go to the great pavilion and see how many few customers there are!" Yin Hong said in one breath.

Ling Han thought all of a sudden that Ma Duo Bao said the previous day it wasn't peaceful outside recently and that it was best to stay inside Milion Treasures City due to that. Could it be that this damned fatso knew the reason and that's why he intentionally warmed him? 

"Do you know the reason?"

Yin Hong shook her head, and said, "Sent out a few groups of people to investigate the situation, but they also left without returning." She paused, and then said, "Perhaps Milion Treasures has been targeted by some force, which set up blockades on the major roads so that people can only leave and not enter."

Ling Han knocked on the table, and said, "What force would do such a thing, and what merits does it have for them?"

Spirit Treasures Pavilion did business, while the Alchemist Society refined pills. The two united could make medicinal pills circulate throughout the entire world; for martial artists, this was a beneficial thing, so who would destroy it?

Even if the Heaven's Sword Sect, the Cloud Phoenix Sect, and the other ancient sects had their own alchemists, they didn't need to do such a thing, right?

"That's why we have to get to the bottom of it," Yin Hong said.

Ling Han glared at her, and said, "You're thinking of using me?"

"Don't you want to know who did it?" Yin Hong said with a snicker.

"When the sky falls down, there'll be an able person there to hold it. I'm merely in the Flower Blossom Tier, its none of my business," Ling Han said, not at all concerned.

Yin Hong no longer laughed, but said, "This situation is truly somewhat unusual. The transmission stone already lost contact with the outside, and now people can only leave and not enter. It's as if Million Treasures City has become an abandoned city, not knowing what's happening outside." 

"Aren't there Heaven Tier elites, just let them go have a look," Ling Han said.

"Someone conjectured that this could be a great conspiracy. Even if Heaven Tier elites appeared, they might be targeted. Million Treasures City's defensive formation is first-rate; as long as it has the support of a sufficient amount of Origin Crystals, even a Shattering Void Tier can't break in," Yin Hong said.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "So, Heaven Tier cultivators are scared of dying, making Flower Blossom Tier juniors give up their lives?"

"That's not so. Although Flower Blossom Tier warriors are weak, the elites instead do not care, and it might not be as dangerous." Yin Hong revealed a worried look. "Mainly, Million Treasures City has become blind and deaf, and doesn't know at all what it'll face next. It has to get help from the outside."

Ling Han sighed. Why was it unpeaceful everywhere he went?

"Does this count as being dragged down by you?" he said, smiling.

"Haha, once aboard this old lady's pirate ship, just accept your fate," Coordinating with him, Yin Hong laughed maniacally.

However, this truly wasn't good news.

After a few days, the situation became less and less reassuring because as people raised their heads, the entire sky couldn't be seen; what replaced it was a black-colored mist that covered the sky.

Now, everyone felt uneasy. The city instantly was full of fear and anxiety. 

Ling Han took out the spirit talisman Ma Duo Ba gave him. He couldn't help but think that this damned fatso already knew that this would happen, telling him not to leave the city in the near future. Apparently, this wasn't the end, and something even more dangerous would happen.

This spirit talisman could save his life.

Ling Han laughed. Ma Duo Bao obviously didn't know he possessed the Black Tower, which was his greatest life-saving trump card. However, this spirit talisman shouldn't be wasted, because the things Ma Duo Ba had were definitely remarkable. 

"This should be an Instant Teleportation talisman," he speculated. He was, after all, a Heaven Tier elite in the previous life, and could guess it from the vein-like patterns on the spirit talisman. "Instant Teleportation Talisman… although I've tricked many people into thinking that I possess Instant Teleportation Talismans and not the Black Tower, I never wouldn't thought I would actually receive one.

"This thing, even I didn't know how to create in the previous life. It's said that one must be a Shattering Void Tier elite, having clear knowledge of the secrets of the void, to refine it.

"Ma Duo Bao really has many treasures. Did this guy obtain an ancient treasure-trove… his possessions are truly surprising.

"His strength is unfathomable, and who knows where he's run off to now."

Ling Han decided to leave the city to have a look as sitting still to await death wasn't his style. He had the Black Tower and could avert disaster in a hopeless situation. Moreover, he was also very curious. This was Million Treasures City, with Heaven Tier elites keeping watch, yet someone dared to conspire against it... Just how powerful was this force?

He had the three girls enter the Black Tower. If an incident happened in Million Treasures City once he'd left and they were exposed, it would be too late for regrets.

However, the problem was that only Zhu Xuan Er would listen obediently. Unfortunately, to Ling Han's worry, Helian Xun Xue couldn't be stored into the Black Tower. Hu Niu wasn't willing to enter the Black Tower, either, nagging him to let her stay with him.

It couldn't be helped; they'd go together. Hu Niu could enter the Black Tower at a dangerous time anyway. Helian Xun Xue was a Heaven Tier elite and might be able to trigger her instincts at a moment of life and death, recovering her terrifying strength.

The city's formation was already activated to fend against unknown dangers. However, going out was a piece of cake—everyone hoped for someone to go out to see the situation, and worried about there being no volunteers.

The three successfully left the city. Black mist filled the air, impending their sight.

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth, but it was useless. The mist was so thick that even it couldn't see through it. It wasn't that the Eye of Truth wasn't powerful enough, but that Ling Han's tier was a bit too low, influencing its effects.

"Be careful," Ling Han said, letting Zhu Xuan Er out; storing people into the Black Tower was the matter of a thought anyway.

The four walked forwards, and soon the black mist revolved and surrounded them. Their visibility instantly decreased yet again. They were barely able to see things a meter away.

Ling Han was slightly better, seeing twice as far.

"What formation is this?" Zhu Xuan Er asked. Amongst the three girls, she was slightly more reliable. Helian Xun Xue's intelligence was worrying, and Hu Niu was just a child.

Ling Han's expression was grave as he said, "If my guess isn't wrong, this is the Fourth Killing Formation!"
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