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Ling Han returned to his accommodations, Hu Niu and Helian Xun Xue immediately came up to receive him, each gripping onto one of his arms respectively.

"Why did you come back so late, Niu missed you to death!" Hu Niu said in a cute voice.

"Why did you come back so late, Little Xue missed you to death!" Helian Xun Xue followed her example. Her intelligence was really worrying—she actually copied an undependable little girl.

Zhu Xuan Er merely smiled at one side. She had removed her veil, revealing her captivating beauty. She, unlike Helian Xun Xue and Hu Niu, did not fight for his attention, but rather offered him a fragrant cup of tea.

"Xuan Er is still the best," Ling Han complimented.

"Hmph!" Hu Niu was displeased. Pouting her little mouth, she declared, "Niu knows how to too!" She then raced off, presumably to make him some tea.

Helian Xun Xue stared blankly, not knowing if she should follow Hu Niu or continue to stay and hold onto the corner of Ling Han's sleeve.

In mere moments, Hu Niu returned with a cup of hot tea. The little girl had never been very dependable; as she ran, copious amounts of tea continued to spill out. Yet she paid it no mind at all. When she stood in front of Ling Han, she placed the cup on the table with a pa, then looked at Ling Han proudly, seemingly expecting Ling Han to praise her as well.

Ling Han took a look. Right, at least two-thirds of the cup's contents consisted of tea leaves. He laughed loudly, and said, "Hu Niu is indeed generous. Anyone else would only place a few tea leaves for their tea, whereas she would throw in tea leaves by the handful."

Hu Niu instantly broke out in a dazzling smile. It was good enough for her to have Ling Han's praise; she did not care about anything else.

At night, both Hu Niu and Helian Xun Xue went to bed. This seemed to be a trait of physical cultivators; they placed more importance on their physical bodies than those cultivators that cultivated Origin Power. Those who cultivated Origin Power could actually meditate in place of actual sleep.

Zhu Xuan Er finally found the chance to have some personal time with Ling Han. She leant back in Ling Han's arms, and felt her heart was very much at peace. She felt very much at ease.

After obtaining the alchemical pill from Ling Han, her master had already recovered from her Dao injury. Though there were still some lingering effects, her power had still returned to the Spiritual Infant Tier. In a place like the north region, that would be considered a top elite.

Now, she no longer had any worries. She was left with only one thought in her mind, and that was to be with this man for all eternity.

The two of them chatted on and off, and gradually saw sparks of passion flicker in each other's eyes. Involuntarily, they eventually embraced one another.

Ling Han's hands moved all over, touching the spots that this extreme beauty was proud of. Meanwhile, Zhu Xuan Er was extremely shy, and closed her bright eyes. Only light hums could be heard from her nose as if she was encouraging Ling Han's movements.

He was just about to place a kiss upon those entrancing red lips, yet involuntarily thought that the heavens were really amazing. They were both extreme beauties, but Zhu Xuan Er and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden were completely different types of beauties. One was gentle and cool, whereas the other was noble and spirited.

When he recalled the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, it was as if a basin of cold water had been poured down on him, and instantly, whatever desire he felt was extinguished without any traces left. He merely held Zhu Xuan Er and gently rubbed her jade-smooth back. The only thing left inside his heart was endless longing.

Meanwhile, Zhu Xuan Er very obediently leant back in his embrace, and silently listened to the sound of Ling Han's heart beat.


For a few days, Ling Han stayed in the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, either cultivating or playing around with the girls. His days were spent very comfortably.

But it was still rather boring to stay continuously in the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. With the encouragement and urging of Hu Niu and Helian Xun Xue, Ling Han decided to take the three girls and walk around Million Treasures City. They exited the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and walked in the center of this ancient city.

It was an ancient city with a long history. One could sense the air of history and age around every corner, and every single brick had its own ancient legend. On this day, they played around a great many places, and at night, they settled at a lakeside inn, enjoying the beautiful sight of the lake at night.

The bright moon and the many stars were reflected on the surface of the lake. Starlight and moonlight flickered continuously, and the scene was exceptionally beautiful.

Ling Han and his group sat themselves at the banks of the lake, admiring the beautiful scenery whilst having a barbeque.

"So fragrant, so fragrant, give me a piece!" A voice rang out. A round, fat figure appeared and stretched out a hand to grab the meat skewer that was still grilling, without any fear of the heat.

"Damn fatty, this is Niu's!" Hu Niu was enraged. Whoever tried to snatch her food would be considered a great enemy, and she immediately shot out a foot to kick the newcomer away.

However, though this man was a damn fatty, he was a very nimble damn fatty. With a twist of his body, he actually dodged Hu Niu's kick, and his left hand seemed to be completely unaffected. In a single move, it had managed to grab onto a meat skewer.

Hu Niu was shouting in rage, and rushed forth in a flurry of punches and kicks.

The fatty merely dodged and ducked, but did not retaliate and allowed the little girl to attack him as he liked, showing the extreme flexibility of his body. Yet Hu Niu was even more nimble. They had barely exchanged a few blows when he was hit with a solid punch on his lower abdomen.

His round stomach instantly concaved inwards, but his fat body actually acted like a buffer. The concave formed only midway when the force behind Hu Niu's punch had completely disappeared. His stomach bounced and instantly regained its original shape; it even rippled a few times like water.

Hu Niu was moving to attack again when Ling Han grabbed hold of her. Yet, she was not pacified at all, and continued to bare her teeth at the fatty.

Ling Han smiled and asked, "Fatty Ma, here to make your fortune?"

This fatty was precisely Ma Duo Bao.

Ma Duo Bao flopped and sat on the ground. There was not much difference between his figure and Ying Xue Yang's. His legs couldn't be seen in the first place, and now that he had sat down, it was as if a round ball had been laid on the ground. One would really worry if he would actually lose his balance and begin to roll around on the ground.

He ate the meat skewer first, then wiped away the traces of oil and said, "My tanned brother, even if people are separated by great distance, there is always a chance that they may meet each other again. Still, every time I see you, you look differently. What's going on here?"

He was playing dumb!

Ling Han did not explain. It was obvious that Ma Duo Bao was an able man; no matter how he disguised himself, the former would always be able to recognize him with a single look. He smiled, then said, "Damn fatty, it can't be that you've purposely come to steal my meat, right?"

"Who said I've not?" Ma Duo Bao really did not hold back. Shua, shua, shua, he had already snatched a few more meat skewers. Hu Niu was filled with so much grief she was on the brink of tears. She glared furiously at Ma Duo Bao, thinking that this fatty was really detestable.

Ling Han snickered, drew out some fine wine and poured him a cup. Then, he said, "Come, have some wine."

"Hehe, Lord Bao's appetite for wine is very good. If you want to make me drunk to loosen my tongue, that is impossible!" Ma Duo Bao had seen through to Ling Han's motives, yet he still lifted the wine cup and gulped it down. Instantly, his brow relaxed and he said loudly, "Good wine! Good wine!"

This time, he did not beat around the bush and said, "My tanned brother, Lord Bao plans to form a party and invite you to join. How about it?"

Ling Han laughed and said, "I have now become the target of many; aren't you afraid that I would attract trouble for you?"

"What trouble, Lord Bao's one hand can cover the whole sky. I'll block all trouble for you!" Ma Duo Bao said carelessly.

Ling Han made no comment. He instead asked, "What kind of party do you plan to establish, and what is its purpose?"

"To split open the skies!"
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