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Mu Fei Yao!

Ling Han suddenly recalled. She was a member of the Cold Spear Association, which he suspected had been established by his disciple. At that time, just for the sake of an alchemy furnace that he had once used, she had once fought desperately with an old man. She spent money as if it was mere water.

He hadn't thought that she had come here as well, and furthermore, also had her eye on this "brick".

...Hold on, it couldn't be that she was purposely arguing with him just for the sake of arguing, right?

The Cold Spear Assosiation fully supported the Ling Han of ten thousand years ago, and was naturally filled with hostility towards this Ling Han that had reappeared, thinking that because he, too, was called Ling Han and was an alchemist as well, it was a kind of blasphemy to the Ling Han from ten thousand years ago.

Therefore, it was not impossible that because she recognized his voice, she was now deliberately competing against him just to spite him.

The status of a Heaven Grade alchemist could cover for almost everything, but it was not capable of accomplishing literally everything. For example, the Cold Spear Association which revered the Ling Han from ten thsousand years ago to death was naturally filled with boundless disdain towards the current him.

Most importantly, the Cold Spear Association seemed to be extremely wealthy.

"Three thousand." Ling Han increased his bid.

"Five thousand." Mu Fei Yao followed his lead without any hesitation.

F***, hadn't he thrashed her behind enough at the time? Why was she now standing against him now?

"Ten thousand." Ling Han increased his bid as well.

"Twenty thousand." Mu Fei Yao increased her bid even more happily.

In a mere few moments, the bidding price of this bid had been raised to a hundred thousand. One had to remember that the starting bid for this thing was a mere ten Origin Crystals. Indeed, even if it was a piece of s***, as long as there were two people who had their eye on it, it could still get the price of gold.

Ling Han did not cower. Single Star and Double Star Origin Crystals were not of much use to him by now, and he had originally meant to spend such grade of Origin Crystals like money. Meanwhile, Triple Star Origin Crystals were to be reserved for the purpose of cultivation. Thus, as long as the price remained inside this range, he did not mind spending money like it was dirt.

As a Heaven Grade alchemist, he really did not place much importance on money.

The bidding continued, and only when the bidding price reached a million Origin Crystals did Mu Fei Yao finally stop with a smirk.

This woman had definitely done this deliberately!

Though Ling Han did not care about money, to have someone raise the price so that he was forced to pay a million Origin Crystals, he was still honestly very displeased. In the future, if this woman actually found out who he really was, the expression she would have on her face would definitely be very hilarious.

Or so he thought spitefully in his heart. At that time, he would definitely make good use of the opportunity, and make her kneel down obediently and call him "Ancestor".

Soon, the personnel of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion delivered the brick over. With whom Ling Han was, he could actually place this on his tab, but since he had the money for it, he did not want to take advantage of it and simply paid directly.

He examined this brick closely. This thing was definitely made out of stone, but it really was very solid. Ling Han was not only unable to break it, even using the Demon Birth Sword to slash it was useless. It did not leave behind a single mark.

Who knew what effect would be produced if he handed it over to Hu Niu to chew?

A thought flashed in Ling Han's head. He threw the brick into the Black Tower, and thought, "Small Tower, what kind of material is this?"

"Do you think I am an encyclopaedia?" Small Tower instantly said in a tsundere manner. "I have lost all my previous memories, so how could I know what this rock that does not even have a bit of Source Power is."

'Still so tsundere even after lost your memories!' Ling Han mocked internally.

Peng, peng, peng. The Rock Spirit, meanwhile, raced over in a rush, its attention completely focused on that brick. Its mouth had split open, and if it was capable of salivating, at this moment, its saliva would definitely have formed a river.

"M-Master, eat! Eat!" It transmitted a thought to Ling Han.

"Fine, I'll give it to you. Still, this thing is really hard, so don't chip your teeth on it," Ling Han said carelessly. Though he had paid a million Origin Crystals for it, he was never stingy in matters which concerned his own people... though it was very difficult to refer to the Rock Spirit as 'people'.

The Rock Spirit was very happy, and quickly pounced over to begin chewing on it.

With a crack, it bit down.

...It actually bit so hard that its whole head was shattered by the force.

This was because it had used too much force, while the brick was really too hard. The result was that the brick did not shatter; instead, its head shattered. Thankfully, the Rock Spirit was capable of fragmenting itself in the first place, and split into a great many little stone creatures. Moreover, for a Rock Spirit, their human-like figure was only a shape that they maintained. Their head and chest were not their vital points at all, and had absolutely no difference with an arm or a leg.

As a result, countless rock debris immediately flew back and gathered once more upon its head, regaining its original shape.

The Rock Spirit would still not give up, and began biting again. However, without any change, it was completely unable to chew apart this brick. The result of using too much force was shattering its own head from the impact. Furthermore, after a few more times of the same result, its recovery rate had gradually slowed down.

Ling Han was a little worried that it would really kill itself in the process of trying to get stronger, so he hurriedly drew away the brick, and said, "You are not capable of digesting this rock at this moment. Wait until you get stronger, then I'll give it back to you."

The Rock Spirit knelt down onto the ground with a pa, its arms continuously pounding on the ground, causing the ground to tremor from the impact. It was as if the Rock Spirit was wailing in despair, making Ling Han marvel at the sight. He had never thought that this giant rock would actually be so human-like in behavior and would actually show an expression of misery.

However, the Rock Spirit was skilled at digesting strange rocks. Moreover, after fusing with the rock of the divine temple inside the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms, its cultivation was greatly raised. By now, it was already in the seventh layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, yet was not able to even digest a scrap of the brick at all, which showed how high the grade of this brick was.

He drew out the brick again and observed the few pen marks on it. Though there was no way to tell what kind of lettering it was, there was a majestic air to it, a kind of weight that had surpassed eons.

He played with it carelessly as he thought that this would not be a bad thing to bash someone with as it was hard enough to do quite a lot of damage.

The auction was still ongoing. There were a few ancient martial art techniques up for auction which had originated from the ancient historical sites. What surprised Ling Han was that there were two ancient relics that belonged to the era of his previous life, now becoming antiques that people would fight over.

He could not help but feel emotional. In what seemed like a dream, ten thousand years had passed for him. Upon his awakening, everything had changed, and no matter where he looked in this world, there was no longer anyone that was familiar to him.

He had to reach the Shattering Void Tier as soon as possible. Then, he could shatter the empty void and become an immortal so that he could once again compete with the Sword Emperor and the others. There was also the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden; she liked him yet did not tell him, and kept their relationship so ambiguous. He was definitely going to give her a good spanking.

The auction ended successfully. As there was still one more month until the grand auction held at the end of the year, the items up for auction this time were not really all that valuable as all the really good stuff would be reserved for the subsequent grand auction.

Ling Han knew that the news of his appearance would have spread throughout the whole Million Treasures City. At this moment, there might be Heaven Tier cultivators already lying in ambush, wanting to subdue him in secret and force out the information regarding the inheritance of the Twelve Courts as well as about the depository of the immortal.

There was nothing else that could be done. Though he was a Heaven Grade alchemist, who asked him to rise up too quickly while he had yet to form his own party? Otherwise, if he had a dozen or more Heaven Tier cultivators following by his side, then aside from Shattering Void Tier cultivators, what party would dare to trifle with him?

He exited the private room. When he arrived in a corner, he directly entered into the Black Tower. After putting on his disguise, he reappeared and overtly joined the masses. He strolled out of the auction venue and calmly turned back round and returned to his accommodations. And there was actually not one person that suspected him.

Who would have thought that he would hide himself inside the Spirit Treasures Pavilion?

This was what it meant to hide in the shadow cast by the lamp!ED/N: Hiding in plain sight
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