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This young man was actually Grandmaster Ling? What kind of joke was that!?

Yet how could it be that a high and mighty Heaven Tier elite cultivator would deliberately put on such an act merely to prank a few juniors like themselves? If they thought that, then they really had too high an opinion of themselves.

Everyone could not help but recall what Ling Han had said before: even if Fei Zhang and the other four Dragons knelt in front of him and kowtowed in apology later, Ling Han might not even pay them any heed. When they had heard that, they all thought it was merely an arrogant boast, but now, everyone was fully convinced that it was an absolute fact.

A Heaven Grade alchemist, what kind of awesome existence was that? He was someone that even a Heaven Grade cultivator would actually come out to receive him personally. By that, one could tell how important his status and how exceptionally high his social rank was.

A few juniors merely in the Flower Blossom Tier weren't even qualified to carry his shoes for him!

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "You're too polite. How should I address you?"

Just look at how influential he was; Ying Xue Yang had already come out personally to receive him, and yet Ling Han did not even know who he was. What a big show-off!

"Hahahaha, Ying Xue Yang. I am the Seventh Pavilion Master of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. If Grandmaster Ling does not mind, you may just call me Little Yang," Ying Xue Yang said with a smile.

Everyone instantly shivered in disgust. Looking at the figure of this man, they really had no idea who would be able to call him Little Yang. But in this world, how many people were actually qualified to call him Little Yang? Aside from a few invincible cultivators of the Shattering Void Tier, there were probably only a few high level Heaven Tier cultivators that had such qualification.

"Seventh Pavilion Master." Ling Han was disgusted as well. He could not make himself call out the name 'Little Yang' even if he tried.

"Grandmaster Ling would like to participate in today's auction?" Ying Xue Yang asked.

"That's right." Ling Han nodded.

"Please, please!" Ying Xue Yang hurriedly invited him inside.

Ling Han walked forwards. Instantly, everyone—especially Fei Zhang and that profligate young master—breathed an internal sigh of relief. But Ling Han then stopped, then turned and said to Ying Xue Yang, "Seventh Pavilion Master, if I want to call a few people to account, would I seem to be too much of a bully?"

Ying Xue Yang's expression immediately darkened. He asked, "Oh, could there be that someone offended Grandmaster Ling?"

"Hoho, one wants me to call him grandfather, another wants me to become his follower, and there are a few more who want to beat me up," Ling Han said, smiling.

When they heard his words, Fei Zhang and that profligate young master were on the brink of tears. How could they have known that Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist? If they had known, they would not have dared to say such a thing no matter what!

"Who?" Ying Xue Yang's eyes swept over the crowd. Instantly, a powerful pressure swept over the masses. At this moment, he was no longer that amiable damn fatty, but a Heaven Tier elite cultivator that could make the world tremble with a single stomp.

The spectators felt as if their very spirits were trembling in trepidation, and they could not even manage to gather the slightest energy to resist.

Ling Han nodded internally. This fatty's cultivation should have reached approximately the fourth to fifth layer of the Heaven Tier, though he could not accurately sense exactly which layer the former was at. After all, Ling Han merely had a sliver of divine sense of the Heaven Tier at the moment.

Fei Zhang and that profligate young master stepped out on trembling legs; they both knelt down on the ground and said, "Please forgive our offense, Grandmaster Ling."

Ling Han merely acted like he had not seen them, and continued to chat with Ying Xue Yang, talking about trifling matters. He was obviously ignoring Fei Zhang and the other four Dragons as well as that profligate young master.

He had really been true to his word. They had all knelt, but whether Ling Han accepted their apology would have to depend on his mood.

The Five Dragons exchanged looks with each other. They all hardened their hearts, and began to slap themselves. When the profligate young master saw this, he quickly kowtowed continuously, really afraid that Ying Xue Yang would eliminate all of them in a rage.

"Grandmaster Ling, the auction is about to begin. Why don't we just go in and sit down first?" Ying Xue Yang asked. He, too, did not want so many people to crowd around the main door of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion; after all, this would not have good implications.

Ling Han merely directed a smile at Fei Zhang and the other Dragons, as well as that profligate young master, before he walked up the stairs and entered into the Great Hall.

Fei Zhang and the Dragons as well as that profligate young master all broke out in a cold sweat. Though Ling Han had not rebuked them, how could things be settled so easily after offending a Heaven Grade alchemist?


With Ying Xue Yang in the lead, Ling Han arrived inside a private room. This was also the most luxurious private room in the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. At the moment, only Ling Han obtained such an honor. Ordinarily, such a top-quality private room would only be used during the special auction that would be held every dozen years or so. It was specifically reserved for the use of the Shattering Void Tier elite cultivators and other persons of similar status, such as a Heaven Grade alchemist.

Ling Han had long since become indifferent towards empty fame. He was completely calm in the face of such special treatment, and sat down inside the private room. The auction would begin in a moment's time.

Ying Xue Yang spoke to Ling Han for a few moments before begging his leave and departed. He had also very generously given Ling Han an overdraft tab—a hundred thousand Triple Star Origin Crystals. To be honest, the identity of a Heaven Grade alchemist could not possibly be just worth this amount, so why had the former given Ling Han such a small tab?

That was simple. Shattering Void Tier cultivators would perhaps not take the inheritance of the Twelve Courts too seriously, but the depository of an immortal… concerned too much!

If he became the target of the Shattering Void Tier cultivators, Ling Han would definitely be fraught with grim odds. Thus, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion would naturally not invest too much in such an unstable variable.

To be able to grant him a tab of a hundred thousand Triple Star Origin Crystals, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion was actually already being very generous.

As Ling Han sat, one transaction after another was completed. However, there were also some auction items that were not purchased. It was indeed worthy of being the huge auction that would only be held once every month. There were too many items up for auction and the variety was tremendous, but not even one garnered Ling Han's interest.

On the other hand, such an auction would only take place once a month; thus, there could not possibly be too many valuable items up for auction. Perhaps, after another month, there would be astonishing valuable treasures up for auction in the annual grand auction that would be held then.

"Hahaha!" Suddenly, a bout of loud laughter rang out in the auction venue.

Ling Han had initially been sleepy; when he heard such a huge commotion, he could not help but look over. He saw that the auctioneer was actually holding a brick.

A brick?

Ling Han felt a slight urge to laugh, but when he thought about it, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion shouldn't have really gone so far and used a brick to hoodwink their customers. Thus, he began to look more closely.

This was actually not a brick. It merely looked very much like one, but upon a closer look, one would still be able to see that its edges were not uniform. It seemed to have initially belonged to a gigantic rock, and had now been knocked off.

One side of the brick was flat, but the other side actually had half a character, or perhaps it would be better to call it the traces of writing, though it could not clearly be seen what exactly it was.

"This brick has been through the close examination of several Master Appraisers of our Pavilion. However, they were not able to analyze the specifics of its structure and what it is exactly used for. The only thing that could be confirmed was that this had once belonged to a stone plaque, and is at least a hundred thousand years old.

"Furthermore, this stone brick is extremely hard, and has been obtained from a specific ancient historical site."

The auctioneer introduced the brick. He seemed to be unable to find any other advantages of this brick, and thus, could only try as much as possible to brag.

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth, but he, too, was unable to tell what was special about this brick. There were only a few marks of writing on it, which seemed to make something in his heart feel alive.


"The base price is ten Origin Crystals." the auctioneer said, obviously not placing much hope on this auction item.



"A hundred."

Though they could not tell what this brick was used for at the moment, there was still a considerable number of people willing to buy it as a collectible because it was at least a hundred thousand years old.

"A thousand," Ling Han declared. Without specifying the grade of Origin Crystals, it was understood that the bid was in Single Star Origin Crystals. For Ling Han, Single Star Origin Crystals were really not considered as much money.

"Two thousand." Another person made a competing bid. The voice that spoke sounded a bit familiar.
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