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At the most critical moment, the Zi Xue Xian left behind a message and claimed that all the secrets have been left at the Clear Harmony Palace Hall at the Boundless Mountain. He was very curious what she meant when she said that everything in the last few eons had been a lie.

It was definitely not a moment of madness. Something that could make an ultimate elite cultivator of the Shattering Void Tier willing to stand against her own clansmen, and even sacrifice herself merely to let the secret be known... the implications of this matter could possibly be terrifyingly colossal.

Since they had come to the middle state, the search for the secret that the Zi Xue Xian had left behind was naturally a matter of vital importance.

The tortoise shell had enlarged to an area of about a hundred metres and weighed a few thousand kilograms, but Ling Han's physical strength was really too tremendous. He could easily carry it single-handedly, without any need to use Origin Power at all. Looking at the map, he tried his best to compare it with what he remembered and ruled out those mountains and plains that were definitely different.

"There's still as many as 21 places." Ling Han shook his head. He could only rule out so many, and there were still twenty-one mountain ranges that fitted the description he remembered from years ago. After all, he had never been there, and it was already quite a feat for him to be able to narrow down the scope to this extent.

'Should we go now or wait until after the tournament?' Ling Han pondered. 'The search for the Clear Harmony Palace Hall will definitely not take just one or two days. Since I have already agreed to help out in the tournament, then I naturally cannot break my word. All right, then we'll just go after the tournament is over.

'But do we really need to stay at the Spirit Treasures Pavilion for this whole month?

'Oh, right. Ying Hong said that recently, there have been a great many who came out of the ancient historical sites, and it is highly possible that they possess some treasures that they themselves cannot use. They will then put it up for auction. So let's just go and check when the auction will begin.'

It was really a coincidence that there happened to be an auction this very night. Furthermore, it was the large-scale auction that would take place once every month. And after another month, the super auction that took place once a year would be held. This would a very grand event with a great many treasures on auction. According to rumors, even elite cultivators of the Deity Transformation and the Heaven Tier would appear sometimes.

However, only those with invitations could participate in the large-scale monthly auction. Thus, Ling Han sought out Ying Hong, and asked her to help him obtain an invitation. In his opinion, though Ying Hong's status in the Spirit Treasures Pavilion in the middle state was not too high, it would not be a problem for her to get him an invitation.

However, the result was surprising.

Ying Hong actually returned empty-handed.

"I really am about to die of fury!" The moment Ying Hong entered, her expression was filled with rage. "That b****, Ying Qi, actually dared to stop me. She didn't give me an invitation when I asked, but instead tried as much as possible to change the subject."

Ling Han frowned, and asked, "You couldn't get it?"

Ying Hong sat at one side and said helplessly in displeasure, "I was stopped by that b****. She wouldn't give me one."

"She has an enmity with you?" Ling Han asked.

"You can say that." Ying Hong thought for a moment. "She's just jealous my breasts are larger than hers!"

"Hoho." Naturally, Ling Han did not believe her.

"She is my Third Uncle's daughter, and my Third Uncle… does not have a good relationship with my father." She told the truth.

Ling Han gave an 'oh'; so it was a family feud.

"I'll think of something else, and help you get an invitation," Ying Hong continued.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "I'll just use my own way, then."

"You? What can you do now?" Ying Hong was disbelieving.

Ling Han grinned and said, "Don't forget my real identity."

Ying Hong was astonished, and asked, "No way, are you sure you want to take such a risk?"

"This is not called taking a risk, but rather decreasing the risk," Ling Han said with a grin. He decided to appear with his original identity; was a Heaven Grade alchemist still unqualified to participate in the auction? And no matter what precious item he managed to buy at the auction, everyone would turn their focus on Ling Han instead of "Han Lin".

Because the moment the auction concluded, Ling Han would disappear, and in his place, Han Lin would appear. Tsk, safe!

Now that he had made his decision, Ling Han relaxed. At dinner, he drew out the various food ingredients in the Black Tower to share with the others, and everyone naturally feasted to their heart's content. That was especially the case for Helian Xun Xue and Ying Hong. Neither of them had eaten such delicacies too often, so both fought over food without any care for their image as genteel ladies.

Moreover, they were no refined ladies in the first place. One had lost her memory, and the other frequently spoke about sleeping with her, so what reservations did they have?

"If you let me eat these every day, it'd be fine even if I have to throw myself at you," the shameless woman said.

Ling Han naturally pretended he had heard nothing. He left the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and quietly removed the disguise he had on his face, regaining his original appearance. Then, he strode towards the Spirit Treasures Pavilion.

"This customer, our Pavilion is not open to the public tonight, and will only receive special guests." He had just stepped onto the staircase when he was hailed down.

Ling Han declared his identity directly, and said, "I am Ling Han, a Heaven Grade alchemist. Can I be considered a special guest?"

"What?!" That person was obviously shocked by the words 'Heaven Grade alchemist', and after slight hesitation, said quickly, "Please wait for a moment, honourable customer. Please allow me to immediately report to my superior."

In a rush, he raced up the stairs. There was naturally another supervisor there to maintain order.

At this point, the auction was about to begin, and a great many people passed him by. There were middle-aged people who walked with the gait of a soldier, there were also elderly people who had unfathomable depths, as well as young people with soaring vigor who carried themselves loftily.

Naturally, they all had invitations, and were allowed in easily.

Some of them saw Ling Han waiting at the foot of the staircase, and instantly looked disdainful. He wanted to go in without an invitation? Where had this beggar come from?

"Hey, brat. How about if you kneel down and call me Lord, and I'll bring you in for a look around?" There would always be someone who had cheap mouth and would not take the fact that Ling Han was a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator into consideration. In the middle state, the Flower Blossom Tier cultivators could not really be considered as all that powerful.

Ling Han's eyes froze over. He asked, "With such a cheap mouth, are you not afraid you will attract trouble for your clan?"

This was a profligate young master who looked to be in his twenties. He was merely in the Spiritual Ocean Tier yet had the arrogance that said that "the heavens may be greatest, the earth may be number two, but I am number three".

"You damn brat, do you know who I am?" the spoilt young mnster said arrogantly, "My surname is Sun."

"Oh, Grandson." Ling Han nodded.

"F***!" The profligate young master was infuriated, and he immediately leapt up in anger. This young man was really demeaning him too much, wasn't he?

"Young Master Sun, don't get mad. He's only a country bumpkin! Furthermore, this place is the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, and it would not be proper to make a move here." Someone immediately came up to mediate. It was a friend of the spoilt young master.

The spoilt young master gave a humph, and with a flourish of his sleeve, he said, "Consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, I would have skinned you alive!"

Ling Han shook his head. It would be over and done with if he just used a finger to pierce to death such a piece of trash. Anyways, there were already uncountable people targeting a Heaven Grade alchemist like him, so he was not afraid if there was another one or two added to the bunch.

"The Five Dragons and Twin Phoenixes are here!"

"It really is them!"

"This aura is really too amazing!"

It was at this moment that a sudden commotion arose among the crowd. Everyone turned to look behind—a group of seven people was striding over. There were a total of five men and two women, and all of them looked to be only in their mid-twenties. Yet, every one of them seemed like giants among men; furthermore, they were all in the Flower Blossom Tier!

The middle state was really deserving of its reputation. There were actually so many Flower Blossom Tier cultivators below thirty years of age. And this was only Million Treasures City, and not ancient great sect like the Heaven's Sword Sect and the Cloud Phoenix Sect. Who knew how many powerful prodigies and geniuses these sects had?

The Five Dragons and Twin Phoenixes were the seven most outstanding people of the younger generation in Million Treasures City. They were all members of the great clans of the city. If that was not the case, without sufficient cultivation resources, no matter how much of a genius you were, there was no way you would be able to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier before thirty years old.

These seven people walked forwards, unafraid and upright. Every single one of them exuded a bearing of unmatchable confidence.

"Yi?" One of the Dragons spotted Ling Han, and could not help but look surprised. "I didn't think that there would actually be such a young person who is already in the Flower Blossom Tier? Haha, brat, become my follower."ED/N: The literal meaning of the surname
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