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Xuanyuan Zi Guang turned around to leave, but before he had taken more than a few steps, he heard Ling Han mumble softly, "Idiot". He then could not help but turn back round, his gaze icy, and snapped, "What did you say?"

"Oh, I said you were an idiot. I didn't think that you actually know yourself so well, and knew that I was calling you," Ling Han replied, smiling.

Instantly, Xuanyuan Zi Guang was enraged, his killing intent boiling and rising above his head, transforming into tongues of flames. Images of real dragons and real phoenixes, Byakko and Genbu appeared, indicating the terrifying ability that this young man possessed.

He really was very powerful. Perhaps he might not be inferior even to the Sword Emperor and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden years ago.

"Once you leave this place, I will definitely behead you!" he declared coldly, his tone filled with determination.

"Then you just have to wait patiently, idiot. Wait for my mood to improve, and that will be when I will take your life," Ling Han said lazily. As someone who had once been an elite cultivator of the Heaven Tier in his last life, no matter how powerful this generation of youths were, it was still impossible for him to look upon them seriously as true opponents.

In his eyes, the people that he needed to surpass were the Sword Emperor, the Setting Sun Saber Emperor, and others who had already entered into the realm of immortals—if they really had entered it, that was.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang did not continue to argue with Ling Han as that was completely meaningless and merely a waste of time. With a humph and a flourish of his robes, he left.

This time, Ling Han did not mutter anything else.

He was wondering if he should pick something like Xuanyuan Zi Guang's hair and throw it into the Vial of Curses to curse him. However, once one had reached the Flower Blossom Tier, they had already left behind their mortal coil and would no longer have any hair fall. They could also freely control the growth of their fingernails. Only demonic beasts would continue to grow as the path they took was one of physical cultivation.

Therefore, it was quite a difficult feat to get physical tissue from a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator.

Forget it. Xuanyuan Zi Guang was only in the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier; killing him would not be anything too difficult to accomplish once Ling Han raised his cultivation by a few more levels.

"Let's go and get your accommodations arranged," Ying Hong said, a hint of a smile in her expression. She was obviously very pleased to see a conflict arise between Ling Han and Xuanyuan Zi Guang. That way, the chance of Ling Han putting his full effort into assisting her would be even higher.

"Is it really appropriate for you to take so much delight in the misfortune of others?" Ling Han teased.

"I want to, and what can you do about it?" Ying Hong stuck out her breasts.

"How vulgar!" Ling Han said disdainfully.

The five of them entered into the Spirit Treasures Pavilion as Ying Hong showed proof of her identity. Afterwards, they were then invited into the massive building complex behind the Great Hall. However, the north region had the weakest martial arts level, and as a result, the north region branch of Spirit Treasures Pavilion naturally had the lowest status here. In this place, Ying Hong's aura was obviously weaker.

"Heng, wait until I get the first place in this tournament! We'll see what else you all have to say!" She fumed.

"Big Brother Han, that Xuanyuan Zi Guang indeed has extraordinary power. You definitely must not be careless," Zhu Xuan Er said softly to Ling Han.

Ling Han nodded and said, "Don't worry. I will not fear anyone, but I will not underestimate any genius, either. Honestly speaking, his current power is indeed above mine, but if he wants to kill me, that would still be a fantasy."

He was absolutely certain of this fact; he had too many trump cards up his sleeve.

"Oh, right, let me ask you something," Ling Han asked Ying Hong. "Do you know of the Boundless Mountain?"

"What mountain?" Ying Hong asked blankly.

"Boundless Mountain!"

"Tsk, I only lived in the middle state for a few years. Moreover, the middle state is such a big place, so how could I know where the Boundless Mountain is. Just hold on, I'll find someone and ask around for you." Ying Hong bustled away, but after a while, she again bustled back and said, "You damn brat, are you playing around with me? I've asked a great many people, but none has ever heard of such a mountain."

Ling Han frowned. After ten thousand years, it was natural that there would be a change in the names of places, but here was the problem. The middle state was such a huge place, so how could he possibly travel to check every single mountain?

"Hey, I'm talking to you. Are you playing around with me?" Ying Hong asked fiercely.

"Take care of how you speak. Otherwise, no one would dare to marry you!" Ling Han warned.

"Pei, I have huge breasts, so if I wanted to marry, it'd be a piece of cake!" Ying Hong snorted. "You all just stay here for the moment. Oh, and it'd be best to try to avoid conflict with Xuanyuan Zi Guang. Ai, the south region actually hired such a monster; looks like we won't be able to get many marks for the martial arts competition."

Ling Han laughed, and said, "I have a way."

"What way?"

"You think of a way to get hold of Xuanyuan Zi Guang's hair, and I'll make a voodoo doll to curse him. I guarantee his ability would decline greatly, and he would be no match for Xuan Er," Ling Han suggested with a smile.

"Tsk!" Ying Hong rolled her eyes. This brat was playing with her again. "I'm leaving; you guys can rest for a while. However, take it easy. After all, there is only a month left until the tournament, so don't ruin your bodies."

"Get lost!"

After Ying Hong left, the three girls found their respective rooms and deposited their baggage first—though they didn't reall have much baggage. After all, they had the Black Tower, and everybody had a Spatial Ring too.

Meanwhile, Ling Han sat down and continued to ponder the matter of the Boundless Mountain.

In his last life, he had heard of the Boundless Mountain, but had never been there before. He only knew that such a place existed in the middle state. Since that was the case, he could first find out where it was roughly located before slowly searching for the exact location.

In the past, that was like fishing a needle from the sea, and now, it was like fishing a needle from a lake. Though it was still a very slow process, it was still better wandering aimlessly all over the entire middle state.

The guest rooms of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion were still of very high quality. Though there was a map of the middle state in every room, it was not very detailed. Furthermore, only some bigger areas were marked, and great many small cities and mountain ranges didn't even have their names written.

Ling Han tried his best to remember and compare, and finally tapped strongly on the map. "It's here, Flying Blossom County!"

The middle state was really too big, so it was divided again into thirty-six different counties. Flying Blossom County was one of them. However, even if the area had shrunk thirty-six times of the initial area, Flying Blossom County was still incredibly huge. At least, it was even bigger than the whole north region.

If he wanted to find a specific mountain in this place, it would be difficult!

'Hopefully there aren't that many mountains in Flying Blossom County,' Ling Han thought.

It was not possible to make a close comparison on such a map, so Ling Han called over a servant and commanded him to buy a map of the Flying Blossom County. It was claimed that anything could be bought in the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. As a result, even if he did not step out of here, he could still practically buy whatever he wanted.

As long as he had the money for it.

Soon enough, the servant returned. He said that there were a total of three grades of maps. Ordinary maps could be bought with mere money, the prices of mid-grade maps were in Single Star Origin Crystals, whereas high-grade maps had to be bought with Double Star Origin Crystals; the price of the last grade was as high as ten Origin Crystals.

Ling Han internally mocked the Spirit Treasures Pavilion for being ruthless, but still handed over ten Double Star Origin Crystals to the servant and told him to buy a high-grade map and return with it swiftly.

After another while, the map was delivered into Ling Han's hands.

Since a map could be sold for ten Origin Crystals, what more when they were Double Star Origin Crystals, it naturally had features worth such an exorbitant price. Firstly, the material that the map was drawn on was very valuable. It was drawn on the shell of a Clear Dragon Scaled Tortoise, and had used a completely intact shell.

The Clear Dragon Scaled Tortoise was not some high grade Demonic Beast, but its shell had a special ability—it could shrink or enlarge by will. It could stretch out to a hundred meters at maximum, and it could shrink to a size as small as that of one's palm.

Because of this, the Clear Dragon Scaled Tortoise had been greatly hunted, and by now, there were pitifully few left of this kind of Demonic Beast.

Ling Han walked into the courtyard. With a wave of his hand, the tiny tortoise shell in his hand immediately enlarged, showing clearly all the mountains, plains, and rivers in detail.
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