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An expression of shock finally appeared on the young man's face. He turned to look seriously at Ling Han and said, "You actually managed to block my strike? Not bad, not bad. Who are you? You are qualified enough for me to know your name!"

"Are you retarded?" Ling Han asked coldly. Did this young man really think that he was the king of the world and everything revolved around him?

"How dare you?!" The young man was instantly furious, and shot out another palm strike. Immediately, a total of twenty-three flaming tigers appeared and pounced towards Ling Han. Every single fiery tiger was extremely scary and strong enough to subdue any normal cultivator in the ninth layer of the Flower Blossoming Tier. The combined appearance of these twenty-three tigers was practically a horrifying sight.

Twenty-three flashes of Qi!

Ling Han could not help but feel surprised. He had only grasped nineteen flashes of Sword Qi, and in terms of Fist Qi, his advancement was obviously even more behind. However, he merely gave a cold humph and faced the oncoming attack with fists raised, striking out with seventeen silvery dragon images.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. The dragon images and the tigers of fire collided and tore at each other. It was apparent that the flaming tigers had the upper hand; merely thirteen of them could stand against these seventeen dragon images, and the remaining ten continued on their fiery course to Ling Han.

Ling Han used the Ghostly Immortal Steps and managed to successfully dodge this attack. A powerful fighting spirit burnt in his eyes, and he shouted, "Take one more punch from me!"

He shot out another punch, but this time, he inserted an ancient bone pattern, and instantly, his martial intent grew inexplicably brilliant. The power of the seventeen dragon images increased several times and flew at the young man in a counterattack.

"Interesting!" The young man waved out a palm strike and again, twenty-three fiery tigers pounced.


This time, the seventeen dragon images actually stopped seventeen fiery tigers in their path, but there were still another six flaming tigers that continued to pounce towards Ling Han.

There was nothing that could be done. This young man had higher comprehension in martial arts than Ling Han—or at least that was the case in terms of Qi. In addition to the fact that he had higher cultivation, it was only natural that he would have the upper hand in this exchange. This was something that Ling Han could do nothing about.

Most importantly, he was also a genius, and furthermore, a super-genius.

Ling Han gave a loud howl, and with Ghostly Immortal Steps, flashed right in front of his opponent, intending to have a short-distance battle with the latter. He had already formed Body of Iron Sheet; and added with the fact that his Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art had also advanced to the Flower Blossom Tier, in any short-distance fight, he was definitely the best in the same Tier.

...Unless his opponent was also similarly monstrous, and had cultivated some super Body Art that allowed him not to only have terrifying physical strength, but also an incomparably tough physique.

Using the mysterious movements of the Ghostly Immortal Steps, Ling Han successfully flashed right in front of that young man and shot out a punch at him.

"Where did you get the confidence to have a close-up battle with me?" The young man smirked and shot out a palm strike to parry Ling Han's attack at an overwhelmingly fast speed.

Usually, most cultivators would avoid close-up battles because what they cultivated was Origin Power, so most were not physically tough. In an instant, a cultivator could shoot out ten or even twenty flashes of Origin Power, but without enough physical strength, would he be able to deliver ten or even twenty strikes in an instant?

As long as enough distance was maintained, then a cultivator needed only turn over his hand, or wave his sword a few times, and he would be able to injure his enemy from afar. Would the enemy fleeing with a single leap be faster or he, who only needed to raise his hand?

However, in a close-up battle, raising a hand and turning over his palm would become an extreme luxury. There was a saying that said, 'the whip is too short to reach', but if the whip was too long, it would also become very inflexible when used.

Yet this young man was actually skilled at close-up battles as his parrying palm strike was very well-practiced, and fully displayed his skill.

This meant that this young man definitely had a strong physique.

Ling Han's battle intent soared. With a loud howl, he began a fierce battle with the young man. Peng, peng, peng. They both struck extremely quick short-distance blows. There were not many flashy moves, merely the display of martial intent and the glowing of intricate patterns that endlessly shattered before reforming again in a continuous cycle.

In this battle, the two of them actually came to a tie.

Ling Han's physique was undoubtedly stronger. That was something that had been refined through the Indestructible Heaven Scroll; furthermore, with his cultivation of the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, his physical strength was similarly terrifying. The young man's physique was inferior to Ling Han's, and so was his physical strength; however, his stronger Origin Power had compensated for this disadvantage.

"I've really underestimated you!" the young man declared coldly. Killing intent flashed in his eyes, and peng, a terrifying aura spread out from his body and transformed into a thousand flaming blades that shot towards Ling Han.

Even if Ling Han had formed the Body of Iron Sheet, wherein his physique was as tough as precious metals of the same level, he still felt dread. He could not help but retreat, and extend the distance between the two of them.

"Hahahaha, within ten moves, I will make you bow down in front of me!" The young man laughed loudly, delivering several palm strikes in quick succession like he was an ultimate existence capable of splitting apart the skies and cleaving the ground. His battle prowess instantly soared to a whole new level.

...Unless the level of one's physical strength had surpassed the level of one's Origin Power, the smart move was of course to maintain distance. However, there was practically no one on this plane that had physical strength that surpassed his Origin Power.

The young man was very smart. Furthermore, he might be arrogant, but he was not an idiot. Though he had previously expressed his disdain towards Ling Han, he had absolutely no intention of fighting with Ling Han in a close-up battle, which was not his strongest area, again.

For those cultivating Origin Power, it was natural to maintain distance with one's opponent so as to throw out martial arts techniques as much as one liked.

Ling Han was being suppressed, but it did not mean that he did not have the ability to turn the situation around. He was most skilled at sword techniques, but he did not draw the Demon Birth Sword, not did he use the Mysterious Three Thousand. These were his trump cards. Moreover, this was the middle state, and who knew if someone would recognize the Mysterious Three Thousand and lead to the old monsters from the Heaven's Sword Sect being drawn out?

"Stop!" A cold humph was heard, and a displeased voice came from the palace above them. "What do you two take this place for that could allow you two to do as you like here?"

This deep rebuke was filled with austerity, and Ling Han and the young man immediately stopped moving at the same time.

Being proud depended on the venue. Otherwise, that would not be pride you were showing, but idiocy. The person who had rebuked them had to at least be in the Deity Transformation Tier, and no matter how monstrous Ling Han and that young man were, against such a presence, their only fate was to be suppressed and subdued.

Whoever disobeyed would be seeking a beating, and Ling Han and his opponent obviously did not want to be thrashed.

The young man was still very arrogant. After slanting a look at Ling Han, he no longer paid him any attention, but instead turned to look at Helian Xun Xue and said, "I am Xuanyuan Zi Guang. I fancy you, so be my woman!"

So he was Xuanyuan Zi Guang!

No wonder he was so strong.

Helian Xun Xue hurriedly ducked behind Ling Han before poking out her beautiful face and sticking out her tongue at Xuanyuan Zi Guang. She only felt that this person was baffling and detestable.

Meanwhile, Ling Han shot a pitying look at Xuanyuan Zi Guang. This guy had too favourable an opinion about himself, yet had completely no idea that this adorable woman was actually in the Heaven Tier. Though she was currently amnesiac, one day, her memory would definitely return, and by then, he'd be dead meat.

When Xuanyuan Zi Guang saw this, his gaze directed at Ling Han unconsciously became filled with a powerful killing intent. The woman that he fancied actually was so intimate with another man? He could not tolerate this and definitely had to kill the man in question. If not, the knot in his heart would never be erased.

"Once you leave here, you will be a dead man," he said, pointing at Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "All right. Then you can just spend the rest of your life waiting here for me!"

Xuanyuan Zi Guang was rendered speechless; he had not thought that Ling Han would be so shameless. He gave a humph, then said, "I will wait for you!"
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