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Hu Niu looked very pleased with herself. She had absolutely no idea what kind of astonishing feat she had just accomplished, but she was still a child, after all, so she was naturally tsundere.

Meanwhile, Ling Han was astounded. That was the Eye of Heavenly Dao!

In the ancient tales, the Eye of Heavenly Dao was the guardian of the balance of this world, and was also able to command the power of an entire realm. Why would those beings as strong as immortals still have their cultivation suppressed upon entering the lower realm and could only use power on the level of the Shattering Void Tier? If they surpassed that allowed level, why would they be forcibly expelled?

That was because of the Eye of Heavenly Dao. It guarded the order, and could directly make use of the rules of this realm so that no one would be able to transcend the rules.

Yet, such a powerful existence was actually chased off by Hu Niu's scolding!

Ling Han shook his head. It did not look like it was chased off by a scolding, but looked more like it had been scared off.

The little girl was so awesome?

Ling Han knew that she possessed a human-like Spirit Base inside her that was very terrifying, capable of even easily destroying his divine sense of the Heaven Tier. But he was only on the level of the Heaven Tier; a Shattering Void Tier cultivator would be able to do the same easily. Meanwhile, the Eye of Heavenly Dao was even more powerful. Just now, it had only stared at him for a moment, and Ling Han felt as if his divine sense was about to shatter.

Yet Hu Niu actually scared off the Eye of Heavenly Dao.

Damn, being capable of scaring off the strongest existence of this realm, what kind of concept was that? One had to understand that even if immortals descended, they would be forcibly suppressed, and with this comparison in mind… how strong would that human-like Spirit Base inside Hu Niu have to be?

Was that really just a Spirit Base?

Ling Han could not help but worry. If that Spirit Base was merely asleep, and then awoke one day and completely took over Hu Niu's body, what would happen next? In the face of that kind of existence, would Hu Niu's spirit be able to stand strong?

"What freaky thing was that?" Ying Hong gasped uncontrollably. Too terrifying; she had directly been scared into flopping into a sitting position on the ground. She was completely covered with cold sweat. The pressure exerted by the Eye of Heavenly Dao had surpassed even immortals', and at least within this realm, it was the most powerful existence.

Ling Han pondered for a moment, then replied, "If I have not guessed wrongly, that is the Eye of Heavenly Dao."

"Heavenly Dao actually has an eye?" Zhu Xuan'er asked curiously.

"Perhaps." Ling Han was not too sure himself. After all, the Eye of Heavenly Dao was merely a myth; perhaps, it had a different name.

"What unforgivable crime did you commit that you would even attract the attention of the Eye of Heavenly Dao?" Ying Hong was on the verge of freaking out. She had absolutely no desire to be eliminated.

Ling Han said with utter seriousness, "How could it be possible that an honest, trustworthy, good and kind young man like me would do something unforgivable? Please do not slander me."

Ying Hong could only roll her eyes like mad at his retort.

After this little interlude, none of them mentioned the Eye of Heavenly Dao again. Thankfully, though the two coachmen had also been scared out of their wits, they came back to themselves after a moment's rest. The two steeds had also recovered, and they could continue on their journey.

When they passed through the Region Barrier, a very strange feeling arose, but before Ling Han could make any sense of it, they had already passed through and officially entered the middle state.

"Yi!" Ling Han was surprised. This middle state was indeed very different. The moment he entered, he could feel that the Spiritual Qi here was denser, as if there was something additional in the air that was more advantageous to the progress of martial arts.

It was indeed reasonable that the martial arts level in the middle state was higher.

The carriage rocked and swayed, continuing to advance towards Million Treasures City. They did not encounter any more danger on their way, because the flag of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion was raised on the carriage. This made a great number of thieves and bandits take the initiative to back off, not daring to have any thoughts about robbing their carriage.

This was also proof of the power of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. Its name was well-known, so even if it was only a lone carriage, no one dared to rob them.

After about a month, the carriage finally arrived in Million Treasures City.

This was where the headquarters of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion was, and at the same time, was also where the headquarters of the Alchemist Society was located. It was as if the two were conjoined babies; where one was, the other was not far away. But it was understandable. High grade spiritual pills occupied the greatest share of the auction items in Spirit Treasures Pavilion, and the Alchemist Society also needed the Spirit Treasures Pavilion to auction off their alchemical pills in order to maximize their profits. Thus, the two parties have always maintained a close working partnership.

The group of five disembarked from the carriage and, guided by Ying Hong, went off to find accommodations.

The Spiritual Treasures Pavilion was a towering building. The foundation of the building was about two thousand metres high, which was tall enough that one could only look up at it. Furthermore, this palace-like building was incredibly huge. It really held up the façade, and was qualified to be the real headquarters of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion.

And this was only the façade of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion that they used as a venue for their auctions. Behind it, there was another massive group of buildings used to accommodate the countless number of people belonging to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. The majority of these people made up the security detail. If it did not possess a very strong power, how could the Spirit Treasures Pavilion be able to deter the world, and cause any potential thief to falter at the idea of robbery merely upon seeing the flag of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion?

A staircase extended towards that higher level. It was made of white jade, and from afar, the light reflected off it made it seem like a shining cloud. This made it seem as if this place was sitting upon the summit of clouds, making it look even more magnificent and grander.

With Ying Hong's guidance, they walked up the stairs.

They had only walked halfway when they saw someone walking out of the palace.

In truth, coming to and fro was a very normal thing. However, this person's aura was too powerful. Divine light actually encircled hid body, and with every step he took, brilliant light would shine. It was if the son of a god was out, as he possessed an astounding aura.

All the way, everyone could not help but stand still and admire this young man that possessed such an astounding aura. They wanted nothing more than to kneel down in obeisance and worship him.

This young man was tall and slender. His hair was black and thick, with skin like the best-quality jade, smooth and fair. He was also extremely handsome. He most probably had to stand there and it would be enough to make countless women fall for him.

He was shockingly in the Flower Blossom Tier, and was a top cultivator at the ninth layer. With every breath he took, it was as if the whole world resonated with him.

Ling Han was astonished. This young man's vitality was strong and he was incredibly young. Furthermore, this young man was shockingly already in the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier. This kind of talent was really quite scary.

This young man walked down step by step, his aura seeming as if it was natural, leaving one only to feel endless reverence in his wake.

He soon passed by Ling Han's group, but he had only taken two steps when he suddenly stood still. Abruptly, he chased over, his eyes focused on Helian Xun Xue, holding such concentration as if he was staring at his beloved lover.

"Hey, you're blocking the way!" Ling Han said.

"Get lost!" This young man directly raised his hand in a slap, filled with condescending forcefulness.

Ling Han gave a cold humph. It was too late to draw his sword, so he threw out a punch of his own to parry. War Elephant Fist was out in full display; seventeen silver images of dragons appeared, that rolled towards the young man—his Sword Qi had increased to nineteen flashes, so his grasp of the art of fist techniques had also rise correspondingly.

"Yi?" the young man exclaimed in surprise. He had obviously underestimated Ling Han's ability, yet he did not take it to heart. His right hand merely turned over and the power behind this palm strike instantly spiked.


In truth, the palm and fist did not come into contact, but the two young men's Origin Power had collided, which instantly created a powerful impact. The shock wave that was released was filled with destructive ability, and instantly, there appeared multiple cracks upon the stone steps.

Teng, teng, teng. Ling Han stepped back continuously, and only regained his balance after he had taken a consecutive seventeen steps backwards.ED/N: No idea why it came up here, but it ain't no mistake in translation
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