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Ling Han shot out of the carriage and saw that there were two people currently engaged in a fierce battle in the sky not too far away.

Since they could soar in the skies without external help, they had to be in the Flower Blossom Tier at the very least.

Since they were too far off, Ling Han was naturally unable to sense the two fighters' aura, and was thus unable to distinguish what their cultivation levels were. However, with his vision, a mere glance was enough to see clearly the two fighters' facial features. They both looked to be in their twenties, and were extremely young.

This did not mean that they simply looked young, but that they were really young. Their blood and Qi shot majestically skywards, displaying their amazing vitality.


The two exchanged another blow. One wielded a saber, whereas the other held a sword. As their weapons slashed, nineteen flashes of Saber Qi and Sword Qi swept out, as if they meant to tear apart the sky and earth itself in a very terrifying display.

Ling Han was astonished. He had grasped nineteen flashes of Sword Qi, but the two fighters in the skies were actually not the slightest bit inferior to him.

That was too much nonsense, wasn't it? They had merely been travelling, and they were able to encounter such young elites of this level?

However, his blood quickly boiled and battle intent soared, as if he, too, wanted to join in on the battle.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

In the skies, the two young elite cultivators used various magnificent techniques, their respective martial intents which could easily knock any cultivator in Spiritual Pedestal Tier unconscious on full display. In the Flower Blossom Tier, the divine flowers of martial arts had already bloomed, so cultivators were able to stimulate the Spiritual Qi in their surroundings to add on to their own attacks. Thus, their destructive power was absolutely terrifying. Even if they were battling in mid-air, the shock waves produced from their blows were still able to easily slice apart cliffs, as if the end of the world was descending.

Peng, a rock cliff collapsed, and coincidentally happened to fall right above Ling Han's head. With a wave of his sword, the cliff was cut into two halves, which separated right above his head and fell on both sides. Peng, peng. Due to the terrifying impact, the ground instantly shook like a carpet.

Ling Han instantly found a reason for him to join in on the battle. Sou, he, too, flew skywards, and shouted loudly, "Hey, you two brats, you actually dared to throw rocks at me. Watch my sword!" His sword brandished in a strike that headed towards the two fighters.

The two had just been embroiled in a fierce battle and had not imagined that a third person would interfere in their battle, and could not help but become furious. However, this strike of Ling Han was overwhelmingly powerful, and they could not choose to do anything else but parry. They both temporarily put aside their own battle and turned to parry Ling Han's strike.


Now that the two geniuses had combined forces, their battle prowess was really too terrifying. Even a monster like Ling Han was forced backwards by the impact.

However, Ling Han's battle intent was overflowing. These two fighters were both in the seventh layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, a whole five layers higher than he who was in the second layer of the Flower Blossom Tier. Yet there was not much of a gap between their respective battle prowess; such opponents were too hard to find.

How could he be willing to give up easily? He had finally gotten a pretext to join in, and would definitely not be willing to leave just like that. With a loud shout, he used the Ghostly Immortal Steps and displayed the Desolate Hell Sword Technique. That was the final move, and as if he himself had transformed into an Ashura that had descended into hell, his killing intent scorched the skies.

The two young men were both furious and astonished. They had just been in the midst of enjoying their battle when they were suddenly interrupted.

"Kill this brat first, then we'll continue the battle!"

"All right!"

The two fighters had come to an agreement and joined forces to strike against Ling Han.

Hong, one was a swordsman, and was capable of stimulating endless flames, whereas the other wielded a saber that shone with multiple flashes of golden light in a ferocious display. Either one of these two great geniuses was capable of sweeping aside all opponents in the Flower Blossom Tier alone, and now that the two of them had joined forces, they were even more frightening.

Even as strong as Ling Han was, he was being oppressed. However, this made him even more excited. In the midst of using Ghostly Immortal Steps, the Desolate Hell Sword did not even move into a defensive stance, but rather moved into increasingly fiercer attacks.

At first, the two young men had intended to kill Ling Han swiftly before returning to their battle, but as the battle continued, their battle intent was stirred up as well. Not only did they put in their all into the battle, their alliance had collapsed as well, and the battle had completely evolved into a battle royale between the three of them.

They were all geniuses, confident that they were invincible against anyone of the same cultivation level. As a result, they were all disdainful of joining forces with another to defeat another elite cultivator who was worth battling.

In the skies, the battle continued heatedly. Fire rained, and flashes of golden light floated downwards as if they intended to destroy the world.

Zhu Xuan Er opened up a defensive shield. Though she was only in the seventh layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, she was more than adequate if she only had to withstand the shock waves produced from a battle between Flower Blossom Tier cultivators.

As Hu Niu watched, she became more and more excited, and continued to bare her teeth endlessly as if she, too, wanted to join in on the battle. Meanwhile, Helian Xun Xue wore an alarmed expression, and asked, "Would Ling Han get injured?"

"Haha, it would be his fault even if he did. Who asked him to charge in?" Ying Hong said, rejoicing in the fact that Ling Han was in trouble.

"You're a bad person!" Helian Xun Xue exclaimed, pouting.

"I have big breasts, so I can be bad!" Ying Hong placed her hands on her hips in front of Helian Xun Xue and even purposely stuck out her chest, making even Helian Xun Xue feel embarrassed. How could this woman be such a hoodlum?

"Hahahaha!" In the skies, the three fighters broke out laughing and simultaneously stopped attacking.

"How delightful! What fun!" the swordsman declared. "I am Fei Hong, could I be so bold to ask how I should address you, Brother?"

So he was Fei Hong, a new super-genius that had risen just recently. He had just heard about him from Ying Hong just now. No wonder; how could there be so many geniuses in this world that they would encounter such a genius so easily?

"I am Han Lin," Ling Han answered, smiling. Looking at the saber wielder, he asked, "And this is?"

"Lang Wu Xin," this man answered a bit coolly, appearing to be quite cold in temperament. But merely from how he looked like when he was battling, one could tell that the moment this person's blood heated up, he was a very frightening person to see.

"Yi, I have actually not heard of Brother Han's name!" Fei Hong looked surprised. "A genius like Brother Han should be well-known."

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "That's right. I was just about to head to the middle state to amaze the world in a single brilliant feat."

Fei Hong laughed alongside him, whereas Lang Wu Xin remained expressionless as if he was made out of wood. Rather than Wu Xin, he should go by the name of Wu Xiao.

"The two of you should have come from the middle state, yet why have you come all the way here?" Ling Han asked.

"I had agreed on a battle with this guy. After half a month of battling, we had unwittingly fought all the way here," Fei Hong answered, grinning.

They had fought all the way from the middle state to the north region? These two had really gone crazy in their fighting, then.

"Come, let's drink!" Ling Han's generosity was stirred up. He invited the both of them onto their carriage, wherein he drew out the ingredients from the Black Tower as well as the herbal wine that had been produced from the various Spiritual Herbs that had been cultivated inside the Black Tower.

It was not only a strong wine, but very nutritious as well.

If a cultivator drank normal wine, it had practically no effect. This wine, though, was completely different; it was definitely strong enough.

Merely after drinking one cup, Fei Hong was glowing with health and vigor, and Lang Wu Xin could not help but relax his wooden expression as if he had finally gained some life.

As they continued to enjoy their wine, they chatted about all the young heroes of the world.

"Brother Han, so you are a representative in the Spiritual Treasures Pavilion Tournament. Then you'd have to be careful. I heard that Xuanyuan Zi Guang will also be a battle representative for the south region." After a few cups of wine, Fei Hong already had his arm around Ling Han's shoulder, declaring them to be brothers.

"Is he very powerful?" Ling Han asked. He had not mentioned that he was actually taking part in the alchemy competition part of the tournament. Of course, on a whim, he could consider taking part in the martial arts competition as well.

"Very powerful," Lang Wu Xin suddenly spoke up, and declared his judgement with utter seriousness, "I am no match for him."

Ling Han was astonished. Though Lang Wu Xin didn't speak much, this type of person either chose not to speak at all or hit the mark with a single word. Even he judged himself to be unequal to Xuanyuan Zi Guang, which proved that the latter was indeed very strong.TN: 'Wu Xiao' means 'no smile'.
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