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"What big matter?" Ling Han asked.

"A Heaven Grade alchemist obtained the inheritance of the Twelve Courts, and found out the location of an immortal's depository. Would that be considered a big matter?' Ying Hong countered.

Ling Han laughed drily, and said, "This joke is really not the slightest bit funny."

"Then, let's talk about a big thing that happened in the middle state," Ying Hong said seriously. "A month ago, a Mystery Realm opened in the middle state, and a great many obtained rewards from within. There were also a great many new people who have never been heard of before that appeared all of a sudden and became famous overnight."

"Oh, what Mystery Realm?" Ling Han asked carelessly. As for whatever prodigies had appeared, he could care less. In a battle between himself and an opponent of the same cultivation, he was confident that he would not lose to anyone.

"The Sky Arena!" Ying Hong answered.

"What kind of Mystery Realm is that?" Ling Han had not heard of it before.

"The heavens would pick a large number of people to enter the Mystery Realm, wherein they would be divided into eighteen teams. They would overcome various obstacles, and the final surviving teams would participate in a battle to the death. The team that comes out alive would obtain astounding rewards, and it may even be possible that one's cultivation could be raised directly by two or three cultivation Tiers," Ying Hong said.

Ling Han was astounded; so awesome, it could actually directly increase one's cultivation by two or three cultivation Tiers? But he immediately shook his head. A real genius wouldn't want to succeed in a single leap like that, because cultivation needed to be polished. After all, the foundations of too rapid cultivation would not be sturdy; even if it would not affect the progress of cultivation, a cultivator like that might not be able to be called an elite among his peers of the same cultivation level.

"There should have been some who had obtained some kind of good stuff from the Mystery Realm. On this trip to the headquarters of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, there must be people who would plan to auction off some treasures that they themselves cannot make use of," Ying Hong continued.

Only at this point did Ling Han look interested. He nodded and said, "In that case, it would be worth going."

"According to rumors, there are some rookies who have very fierce impetus. I am really worried that they would be poached by branches from the other regions. Then, in the martial arts competition, we wouldn't be at much of an advantage," Ying Hong said, worried.

"Oh, stronger than Xuan Er?" Ling Han was shocked. Since recovering from the wound to her divine sense, Zhu Xuan Er's power had improved very rapidly and drastically. Firstly, because she received a rebound, and secondly, Ling Han had given her a great many alchemical pills, as well as natural treasures like flesh from Great Demons, Spiritual Liquid, and the like. The progress of her cultivation was indescribably rapid.

Ying Hong nodded gravely, and said, "Very, very strong. In the Flower Blossom Tier, there are two persons who have even advanced to the high stage of the Flower Blossom Tier, and are qualified to issue a challenge to such rulers of geniuses like the Second Greatest Swordsman."

They were on the same level as Yao Hui Yue?

At this point, Ling Han, too, wore a cautious expression. In a battle between equals, he had confidence that he could emerge victorious over Yao Hui Yue, but if there was a gap of four to five cultivation levels, then the result would be uncertain. After all, not only was Yao Hui Yue a super genius, he also came from an ancient great sect, so he must have had a great many powerful trump cards under his sleeve.

Though they had battled previously, Ling Han firstly had relied on the Thunder Battle Armor, and secondly, Yao Hui Yue had limited himself to three moves. In the end, he made an all-out effort for his third move, but it coincidentally happened to be the Mysterious Three Thousand, which was the reason why Ling Han could break through his attack.

Thus, that battle was definitely not a display of Yao Hui Yue's real prowess.

"Who are these rookies?" Ling Han asked.

"Xia Yu Ren, Ji Wen Shan, Fei Hong, Wu Hua Yun, Lang Wu Xin…" Ying Hong counted them off on her fingers, knowing them like the back of her hand.

Ling Han frowned and asked, "These are all Flower Blossom Tier cultivators?"

"All indeed!"

"All below thirty years old?"

"All below!"

Ling Han was shaken. The rookies of this era were really very powerful. In his last life, most probably, only he, the Sword Emperor, and the others managed to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier before thirty, which was a pitifully small number. However, in this lifetime, innumerable geniuses appeared as if they were pouring out from a knocked over vessel.

No, that was not right. It wasn't that the geniuses of this era were more powerful, but rather because the environment for martial arts in this lifetime was really too good. Various Mystery Realms opened, which allowed cultivators to quickly improve their cultivation. Additionally, the changes to the Spiritual Qi in the environment gave rise to the appearance of more and more natural treasures, which led to the rapid development of martial arts.

On such basis, there was naturally more geniuses who were stronger than before.

He could not help but smile. To be able to exchange blows with countless geniuses, this was naturally extremely beneficial to improving his battle prowess. Furthermore, there was really nothing interesting about continuing to trample all over minor characters.

"I really want to battle with these people!" Ling Han said pensively.

"Ha, I am sure that there are definitely a few among these people who would be taken in by the other branches to take part in this Spirit Treasures Pavilion Tournament, so you will definitely get the chance to," Ying Hong said.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "I only agreed to participate in the alchemy competition. If you want me to participate in the martial arts competition, okay, but you need to raise my pay!"

"Hey, hey, hey. You were the one who said you wanted to battle with them, I am creating an opportunity for you!" Ying Hong rolled her eyes. "I've never seen anyone who would bite the hand that feeds them like you. All you think about is money."

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "You've really proven yourself to be a businesswoman. It is obviously a matter in which you have the advantage, but you speak as if you're making a loss. Fine, whatever you like. If you want me to move, then let me see the level of your 'sincerity'."

Ying Hong gritted her teeth, and asked, "Would the sincerity of a hundred thousand Double Star Origin Crystals be enough?"

"Double Star Origin Crystals? I don't take that kind of trash!" Ling Han said in disdain. He had already broken through to the Flower Blossom Tier, and to him, Double Star Origin Crystals were practically useless.

"A thousand Triple Star Origin Crystals!" Ying Hong slapped a hand onto the table, and as if her flesh had been slived off, she wore a terribly pained expression.

"Niu Niu, do you think I look like a beggar?" Ling Han turned and asked Hu Niu.

"No!" Hu Niu was naturally on his side.

He turned to Zhu Xuan'er and asked, "Xuan Er, what do you think?" 

"Of course Big Brother Han doesn't look like one!" Zhu Xuan Er immediately replied sweetly.

Ling Han turned to Helian Xun Xue, but without waiting for him to ask, this princess of the Sea Race immediately said, "Ling Han is not a beggar!"

All right, she knew how to answer before being asked. Looks like her intelligence had improved considerably.

Ling Han turned back around and said, "You see, everyone said I don't look like a beggar, but why do you use the method of bestowing alms on beggars on me? Isn't that looking down on me?"

Ying Hong really wanted to throttle someone. Hey, who would use a thousand Triple Star Origin Crystals to bestow alms on beggars? She was the daughter of the Pavilion Master of one of the branches of Spirit Treasures Pavilion, so she was naturally a born businesswoman. Immediately, she declared shamelessly, "Just one thousand, no more. If you want, I have one life here. Why not you just sleep with me then? With my identity, sleeping with me once would be more or less worth a thousand Triple Star Origin Crystals. If you sleep with me a few more times, you'd even have to pay me the balance!"

Ling Han was instantly defeated. In the face of this kind of female hoodlum, he really felt helpless like he was trying to attack a porcupine—no idea where he could hit. He sighed, and asked, "Does your family know that you're so shameless?"

"I have big breasts, so what if I'm a little shameless?" Ying Hong asked arrogantly. "If the gods are displeased, then throw down a lightning bolt to strike me then!"


The moment she finished saying her words, a loud noise was immediately heard. It sounded like thunder, scaring the the two horses into a panic, which caused the carriage to sway dangerously.

Ying Hong could not help but turn pale. The gods were everywhere, she couldn't have been so unlucky that the gods really heard her, right?

"That's not right. There's someone fighting!" Ling Han immediately shot out.ED/N: 7-9 layer
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