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"Do you intend to refuse?" Ling Han asked, smiling.

Without waiting for him to answer, Ling Han plucked a bunch of hair from his head, then picked a single strand and threw it into the jade vial—he thought he'd just name it the Vial of Curses—then said, "You have to consider carefully."

This was no way to threaten someone!

Na Zhi Yan wanted to weep but had no tears. The previous two times he had been cursed left a lingering fear in his heart, especially the second time when he directly lost all will to live on. Now that he recalled it, it was really too terrifying.

Obviously, Ling Han merely needed to obtain a single item from his body to enable him to activate a curse. And now Ling Han had taken a whole bunch of hair from him, so who knew how many times Ling Han could kill him with that?

Furthermore, who said that stomachache and desire to die were the only effects of the curse?

"No! To be able to do something for Young Master Han would be my honor!" Na Zhi Yan immediately proclaimed, his expression filled with a strong sense of righteousness.

Ling Han patted his shoulder, and said, "Not bad. This is what I wanted to hear. As a person, you have to be brighter, and more loyal to your friends."

"Yes, Young Master Han is right!" Na Zhi Yan exclaimed earnestly.

Ling Han knocked him unconscious with a single smack, then took him out of the Black Tower. Though he had the Cursed Tool to hold over Na Zhi Yan's head, if he could avoid the secret of the Black Tower from being known, Ling Han still chose to do so.

After he brought Na Zhi Yan back to the Imperial City, Ling Han smacked him back to consciousness, and said, "Go on. Oh, right. Don't think that you will not be affected once you run far away enough. Three days later, I will let you experience more fun."

"Young Master Han, I believe you. There's no more need to test it out." Na Zhi Yan hurriedly waved his hands.

"How could that be allowed? If we don't test things out, how could my sincerity be proven?" Ling Han asked in displeasure.

Fine, threatening someone could still be categorized into being sincere or insincere?

Na Zhi Yan could only leave obediently. He definitely had to complete this task. Only that way would he get a chance of survival—if Xuan Kong Yun died, then naturally no one would know what he had done.

Curse someone to death? Haha, who would believe that something like that was possible?

Just like how he previously desired only to die; even if he really had died, who would believe that he had actually been murdered?

However, he did indeed have some doubt. From a great distance away, would that thing still really be able to curse him? He definitely had to confirm this fact. Otherwise, when he successfully conned Xuan Kong Yun yet the latter was not cursed to death, Na Zhi Yan was still definitely going to die.

In the following three days, he put all his energies into speeding up his travel, aiming to leave Ling Han as far away as possible in order to test if that treasure was really capable of imperceptibly killing another from miles away.

He soon entered into the sea, and did not choose to soar through the skies.

The moment he entered the sea, his legs actually miraculaously vanished and became a long fish tail. With a strong flick, his speed instantly spiked. He swam towards the deepest parts of the ocean, and was much faster than when he'd been soaring above the land.

The Sea Race were indeed suited to live in the sea. Only in the sea could their battle prowess be maximized.

The sea bed was very dark, but for a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator, this was nothing. On his way, various scenes that were familiar to him appeared, and so did various types of Sea Race. Though Flower Blossom Tier beings could not be considered the topmost elite in the Sea Race, they could still be ranked as one of the elites. Thus, on his way, there was a considerable number of Sea Race people that paid him their respects.

There were also some young girls of the Sea Race who threw him coy glances like mad. The Sea Demon Race were known for their captivating beauty, so he naturally attracted countless young girls.

"Ah!" Just when Master Na was feeling very pleased with their attention, a scene that engendered much curiosity appeared. Master Na suddenly flopped onto the sea bed head first, and with bubbles gurgling from his mouth, said, "I am a smelly bug, just let me die!"

It was really a scene that caused a number of people to pop their eyes out in shock.

It took effect!

All of a sudden, Na Zhi Yan felt feelings too complex to unravel. There was only one thought in his mind—he definitely had to complete the task that Ling Han had assigned him, or he was definitely going to die.


Ling Han did not think about Na Zhi Yan and Xuan Kong Yun for the moment. Anyways, if Na Zhi Yan could manage to bring back some hair or skin from Xuan Kong Yun, then he'd just curse the latter to death. If he couldn't, then he'd simply head straight to the middle state, and just let the latter chase him.

He returned home. After so many days away, he naturally wanted to spend some quality time with his family. If he could manage to resolve completely the matter of the Sea Race, then there would be no need for the Ling Clan to move. If he could not, then it would be best for them to relocate elsewhere.

Liu Yu Tong and the other girls were gentle in every possible way. However, Zhu Xuan Er's injury had already recovered a number of days, so there was no more reason for her to delay things further. As a result, she begged her leave to deliver the medicine back to the Half Moon Sect. After that, she would directly head to Extreme Yang City and wait for Ling Han to arrive.

After a few days, he headed to the Imperial City again because he had agreed upon a meeting with Na Zhi Yan after ten days.

After staying in the Imperial City for a day, Na Zhi Yan returned. He delivered up a sack, and said, "Young Master Han, I only managed to obtain three scales that Master Kong Yun had shed." He was afraid Ling Han would be displeased, and hurriedly continued, "Master Kong Yun is a Parting Waters Beast from ancient times. The scales he sheds are priceless materials for forging protective armor, so they are very difficult to obtain."

Ling Han smiled and said, "That's all right. As long as these scales have been shed from his body, they should do."

He knocked Na Zhi Yan unconscious and drew him into the Black Tower. Then, he took out the Vial of Curses, crushed a single scale a bit, and stuffed it inside the vial. After that, he directly activated the curse of death.

Instantly, a flower bloomed.

This meant that the curse had been successfully placed. Otherwise, if the person cursed was of too high a level, or had too tough a natal horoscope, which caused the curse not to take effect, then this flower would not bloom at all.

A high and mighty Deity Transformation Tier elite was killed with a curse just like that from miles away?

Ling Han felt coldness rise from his heart. There really was a multitude of rare and bizarre techniques in this world; who knew if there would be some other kinds of power that could also similarly kill a person from a great distance away just like the Vial of Curses. However, this kind of technique would definitely have its own limitations. Actually, if one was careful enough, it was still possible to dodge it.

Since the curse was successful, Ling Han returned home, and decided to stay for another two months before heading to Extreme Yang City and join up with Ying Hong and Zhu Xuan Er before they all travelled to the middle state.

However, his days of peace only lasted for half a month.

This day, a wave suddenly rose up on the sea, which then led to great chaos.

Though the Ling Clan had little contact with the outside world, there would still be a few clansmen who moved around outside; it was soon discovered that in recent days, refugees had appeared in the town. Furthermore, their numbers were increasing gradually. When they asked these refugees, they found out that troops had appeared above the sea, sweeping through all obstacles in their way, heading directly in the direction of the Imperial City.

Troops above the sea?

Ling Han was astounded. Could it be that Xuan Kong Yun had not died? Still, wasn't this guy extremely low-key, how could he suddenly appear on such a grand scale? He brought along Hu Niu and rushed towards the Imperial City.

When he arrived, that huge army had not yet reached there. Thus, he headed in the direction of the sea, and after a day's travel, the troops above the sea were finally visible.

They didn't seem much different from human troops, but all were foot soldiers. They numbered about a thousand, and ahead of them, there was a unit carrying flags. They all wore scaled armor, which was a bit different from a normal army. Their weapons were mostly made up of long spears and battleaxes.

Aside from that, there was a considerable number of those who had webbed hands and webbed feet. They did not wear shoes, so it was easily visible.

The Sea Race!
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