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At first, he had had thought that all the mysteries would be solved once the mine was completely excavated, but who knew that even more riddles would emerge.

The bloody waters had completely vanished, and peace returned to the old mine. However, Ling Han was not the slightest bit at peace. He sensed that there were still great many secrets hidden in this world.

In his last life, he had indeed explored numerous ancient sites, but in terms of level, this time could be considered number two.

...The first on the list was naturally when he encountered the Black Tower, which had crushed him directly. Moreover, Small Tower would frequently act tsundere and say that it could destroy this entire world with a single move.

Ling Han entered into the Black Tower. Since he was not able to figure things out for the moment, he'd first deal with that vial.

"Small Tower, what is this thing?" he asked.

"A Cursed Tool," Small Tower said calmly, appearing out of nowhere.

This Tool Spirit had always been very tsundere; whatever it saw, it would think it was inferior to itself by uncountable levels. What made Ling Han fell even more depressed was that was indeed the fact, so he didn't even have the chance to crack down on Small Tower.

"How do I use it?" Ling Han felt no shame in continuing his questions.

Small Tower said, "If you want to curse someone, then take something from his body, like hair or a fingernail. Then, place it in the vial. Do you see the designs on the body of the vial? Those represent the effects of the curse.

"For example, illness, berserk, madness, death, misfortune.

"Whatever curse you want to lay, activate the corresponding designs. Blood, flesh, hair, and skin have close relations with the main body, and would be able to have effect even if there was a distance of 10,000 miles."

Ling Han was surprised. He had initially thought that these designs were martial intent, but had not thought that they actually symbolized the "button" to curse someone. He thought for a moment and could not help but be astonished, asking, "Then if that's the case, someone would only need to take my hair, fingernail, or blood that I had just shed and would be able to lay a curse on me?"

"Naturally." Small Tower nodded. "Therefore, please be as cautious as possible. However, curses vary from person to person. The stronger your ability, and the tougher your natal horoscope, the higher level the Cursed Tool or the Cursemaster needs to be to successfully lay a curse on you."

Ling Han nodded. From now onwards, he would take care. Who knew if he would be secretly targeted by some Cursemaster one day.

"Would this Cursed Tool be able to take effect on a Deity Transformation Tier cultivator?" A thought flashed in his head. If it was not able to even do so much, then what did Xuan Kong Mind want this thing for?

Perhaps even Heaven Tier or Shattering Void Tier cultivators would be affected—this Cursed Tool had been suppressing twelve extremely terrifying ancient corpses. Moreover, there was still that mountain-sized silver spider, which might be greatly related as well.

"We'll do an experiment first." Ling Han summoned Na Zhi Yan over and said, "Pluck out a hair for me."

"Young Master Han, may I know what you need my hair for?" Na Zhi Yan asked in bafflement as he handed him the hair. How could Na Zhi Yan possibly dare resist? It was only a single hair; it wasn't that he had to sell off his an*s.

Ling Han smiled and tossed the hair into the vial. Then, he shook the jade vial and asked, "Do you find this familiar?"


Na Zhi Yan was confused. It was only a vial. Could it be that Ling Han had taken it from his residence? But he did not have the slightest bit of memory about it.

Ling Han patted his shoulder and said, "I advise you to have some mental preparation." He pressed a finger down onto a design, and inserted a small amount of Origin Power as per what Small Tower said.

Immediately, this design was activated. Weng, it was as if it was brought to life, and a flower actually grew out from the vial.

"Young Master Han, is this a magic trick?" Na Zhi Yan could not help but ask.

It couldn't be anything but that, right? He simply took a strand of hair from him and tossed it into the vial, and as a result, a flower actually bloomed out? What else could it be but a magic trick? But in that case, should he clap his hands to please Ling Han?

"Aiyo." The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. "Why do I feel a bit of a stomachache?"

This was really inconceivable. Flower Blossom Tier cultivators had transcended mortality and could not possibly fall ill, unless they were poisoned! But he did not think that he had eated anything odd, so how could it be possible that he had been poisoned?

"Young, Young Master Han!" However, his stomachache was getting increasingly fiercer, and instantly, it was like a deluge of pain was coming from his stomach, causing him to twist his legs together. "Please, please allow me to take my leave, I, I need to relieve myself and I will come pay my respects later."

It had taken effect so quickly!

Ling Han remembered what Small Tower had said. How fast the effects of the curse would appear completely depended on the level of the Cursed Tool as well as the cultivation of the one laying the curse and the difference between the curser's and the cursed person's natal horoscope. The greater the difference, the faster the effects would appear, and vice versa. If, on the other hand, the cursed person's natal horoscope was tougher than that of the person laying the curse, it would not be possible for the curse to be successful.

This was really a good item to use in a sneak attack!

Ling Han laughed and halted the inflow of Origin Power. The design that had lit up on the vial immediately dimmed, and that flower vanished as well.

"Yi, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore?" Na Zhi Yan asked confusedly. This was really incomprehensible. The abdominal pain had come so suddenly, and vanished in a similarly sudden manner as well. If this had happened to an ordinary person, it could perhaps be believed, but it could not possibly happen to one who was in the Flower Blossom Tier.

He looked at Ling Han in shock, and exclaimed, "Young Master Han, is this something that you did?"

Ling Han smiled calmly and said, "Experience it one more time." He activated yet another design.

"Young Master Han, what do you want to do to me?" Na Zhi Yan's face had turned green in shock; what damnable thing was this? In merely an instant, his face was as pale as dying embers, and he laid his forehead on the ground. Then, he declared in despair, "Someone like me should not live in this world at all. Gods, please let down a bolt of lightning to strike me to death.

"I am a smelly bug, a piece of trash that cannot even be considered a smelly bug."

Awesome, even a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator was cursed to the extent that he had lost all will to live!

One had to understand that no matter the living being, survival was their first priority. This was pure instinct. But now, it seemed as if his instinct had been completely torn away; how utterly terrifying.

Ling Han once again stopped.

Na Zhi Yan instantly jumped up, his face twitching uncontrollably. An alarmed, inconsolable expression was on his face. Too terrifying. This was really too terrifying. Just now, he actually felt as if all his hopes had turned to dust and wanted nothing more but to die just to end everything.

But now that he thought about it, what reason did he have to seek death?

It was precisely because of this that he could not help but shiver in fear. This move of Ling Han was practically defying logic.

Ling Han turned over the jade vial and saw that there was only half a strand of hair remaining inside. To curse another would simultaneously use up the item he used to lay the curse. It was impossible that he would be able to use it without end.

Na Zhi Yan suddenly came to realization, and asked, "This, this is the jade vial that Master Kong Yun is seeking!"

It could only be this kind of treasure that would entice Xuan Kong Yun.

He had not realized it before; he had busied himself on this matter for almost half a year's time, yet how long had Ling Han come for? He actually found something that he had worked so hard to find; this naturally caused him to completely not realize that it could be the jade vial he was tasked to find.

Ling Han patted his shoulder and said, "I'll assign you a task."

Na Zhi Yan was filled with fear and trepidation. Just how capable was he? It was obvious that Ling Han would not give him something easy to do. He gathered his courage and asked, "May I know what is your command, Young Master Han?"

Ling Han smiled slightly and replied, "Very simple. Inform that Xuan Kong Yun that the matter about the jade vial is about to conclude, and that you will personally meet him to make your report. And while you're at it, steal some of his hair, scales, and fingernails for me. In short, anything that naturally grew from his body would do."

Na Zhi Yan's face turned green with fear. Ling Han was planning to pull a fast one on Xuan Kong Yun!
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