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Ling Han arrived at the city gates, then entered the Black Tower with Hu Niu and began Na Zhi Yan's interrogation.

He wanted to know more information about the Sea Race.

Inside the Black Tower, there was even less of a chance for Na Zhi Yan to put up a resistance. Whatever Ling Han asked, he would answer honestly, not daring to make the slightest attempt at deception.

That member of the general clan that Na Zhi Yan was under the command of was named Xuan Kong Yun. The Xuan Clan was an extremely powerful existence among the general clans of the Northern Sea; Xuan Kong Yun, who was in the Deity Transformation Tier, was an important character of that clan. According to Na Zhi Yan's private investigations, he was very ambitious.

Why had Xuan Kong Yun not sent anyone, and instead only chose to send Na Zhi Yan alone to perform this mission?

Firstly, because Na Zhi Yan had a special ability. Sea Demons were born exceptionally proficient at bewitchment, and could send their enemies's soldiers back without even a fight. They might even be able to confound someone so much that their victim was not even aware he was being bewitched. For example, the Fire Emperor should be aware of the consequences of forcibly excavating the ancient mine. That was something that could weaken the foundations of a country and bring ruin to the whole power of the nation.

Yet he still chose to obstinately cling to his course, fantasizing about the wonderful future he had as a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator. One reason for that was indeed the great temptation the mineshaft held, and another was greatly due to Na Zhi Yan's bewitchment.

Secondly, because Xuan Kong Yun obviously did not want to alert any others—not even the own clansmen—about the ancient mineshaft and the mysterious vial. He must have read about it in some ancient classical book, and wanted to claim sole possession of it.

This was something that could be confirmed based on the fact that he had only sent Na Zhi Yan. Only one person… it would be extremely easy to kill him to keep him from talking.

Ling Han's curiosity was spiked even further. A treasure that could make an elite cultivator in the Deity Transformation Tier make such painstaking efforts just to attain it definitely had to be of incredible value. It was certain that that vial was definitely the Cursed Tool that Small Tower had mentioned, but what exactly was it used for?

It was simple; he only had to dig it out.

Ling Han had an extremely tough natal horoscope, and added with the presence of the Black Tower, there was absolutely no need for him to worry about being cursed. He could really go wherever and do whatever he liked in the ancient mine.

Additionally, he also had one other thing to do, and that was to bring the miners into the Black Tower so that he could clean the effects of the curse on them.

He arrived at the old mineshaft. At this moment, the Imperial Guards had already rushed over, bringing with them the imperial decree of the Fire Emperor. They would soon close up the old mine, and would obey Ling Han's commands.

Ling Han had all the miners gather at the upper level. Then, he activated the aura of the Flower Blossom Tier to knock all of them unconscious before he took them into the Black Tower. He then left the old mine and threw them all out. As for the question when they would regain consciousness, or what reaction they would have, Ling Han couldn't care less.

"Young Master Han, you really can't stand against Master Kong Yun!" Na Zhi Yan was practically ready to begin bawling. "I have to make a progress report to Master Kong Yun every ten days, and tomorrow is the scheduled day for my report. Master Kong Yun is already very displeased with the current progression rate; if things continue to be delayed, it can't be guaranteed that Master Kong Yun would not come personally. By then, we'll all be in big trouble!"

That was an elite Deity Transformation Tier cultivator. With a mere thought, he could crush a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator to death; no matter how monstrous Ling Han was, there was no way he would be able to fight back against such an existence.

"So soon?" Ling Han frowned. If an elite Deity Transformation Tier cultivator really came, what was he supposed to do to resist? After so many days, the two corpses of divine beings had already lost too much immortal-level pressure. By now, they most probably would only be capable of suppressing a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator, and that was practically useless for him—did he still need help in standing against a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator?

"Young Master Han, for the sake of our lives, please don't interfere in this matter. You are not capable of interfering, either," Na Zhi Yan advised. Furthermore, he suspected that the vial, which even a Deity Transformation Tier cultivator like Si Kong Yun placed so much importance on, had to have effects even superior to the level of Deity Transformation Tier.

If so, it definitely had to be incredibly awesome. If the news about the vial was leaked, perhaps even the Royal Clan would make a move on it.

Ling Han shook his head. There was no way he could allow excavation of this old mine to continue but he could not ignore the threat that a Deity Transformation Tier cultivator could pose, either. So why not do it this way? He would obtain that cursed Tool and have that Deity Transformation Tier cultivator hunt him down instead.

Anyways, he was planning to head to the central prefecture. There was a natural barrier separating the various zones, and if a Deity Transformation Tier cultivator headed that way, his power would be seriously weakened. Furthermore, Deity Transformation Tier cultivators could really not be considered particularly powerful there.

Decided, then.

Ling Han had been planning to dig out that cursed Tool in the first place, so naturally, it was now an even more urgent matter on his agenda.

He returned to the old mine and journeyed deep within, beginning his search with Hu Niu by his side.

The old mine was a very special place. The aura of the cursed Tool soared within like wisps of blood, preventing divine sense from spreading out. This caused Ling Han to have no way to investigate objects that were too far a distance away from him. But because he knew that the vial could possibly be the source of this Cursed Qi, Ling Han knew what he had to do, and that was to head to the area where the Cursed Qi was strongest.

When he found it, he then had to begin digging.

On the matter of digging, he definitely was more efficient than 10,000 miners put together.

What kind of power did the Flower Blossom Tier possess? Be it stone or dirt, they would be easily pierced through. Furthermore, there was no need for him to expend unnecessary effort to move out the dirt he had dug out, either, since he could simply toss it all into the Black Tower.

The space inside was overwhelmingly huge; who knew how many mountain ranges or oceans he could store inside.

His efficiency rate was thus incredibly high, of course. After merely less than half a day's time, the aura soaring up from the ground was as crimson as blood, and upon contact, his skin would immediately turn blood red in color. A powerful urge to commit violence and bloodshed would rise up in his heart, with a desire to kill all living creatures.

This effect was very big, and in a short while, both Ling Han and Hu Niu felt incredible pressure. They hurriedly entered into the Black Tower to take a break.

"This is not the power of the curse; rather, it is possible that the ultimate cultivator who had died here had a violent nature. As time passed, it continued to affect the area here," Small Tower said.

Ling Han frowned, and said, "What you mean is, that this place not only contains a cursed Tool, there could also possibly be the body of an ultimate cultivator buried here."

"Mayhap that person was killed by that cursed Tool," Small Tower deduced.

After staying inside the Black Tower for a long time, the violent urge in their bodies finally vanished, and the two once again left the Black Tower and continued digging. Hu Niu was naturally a good hand at it since her little claws were extremely sharp.

"What a powerful resentment!" After digging for over a dozen minutes, Ling Han got a sudden shock and felt as if something had entered into his body. It was a strange feeling, and made him feel threatened for some reason.

Was this the power of the curse?

It would not immediately take one's life, but would have imperceptible influence, and finally cause one to die suddenly.

"Vial!" Hu Niu exclaimed, pointing at the ground.

Ling Han nodded. The opening of a vial was exposed there, so he hurriedly continued to dig. Soon enough, the whole vial was out in the open. It was only about a foot tall and very slender. It was made out of jade; even if it had been buried underground for many years, it was not the slightest bit damaged.

There was a large number of designs on the body of the vial. It should be some kind of martial intent that was related to curses.

He wanted to pick up the jade vial, but when he tried, he actually found out that he was not able to pick it up.

Was it rooted to the ground?

He increased the force he was exerting, and the jade vial was finally picked up. However, once it left the ground, a blood-colored fountain gushed forth, and an extremely terrifying aura spread out in all directions. Even if Ling Han had the divine sense of the Heaven Tier, he felt a shiver as if a great catastrophe was about to happen.

"Let's go!" He put away the jade vial, hurriedly picked Hu Niu up, and flew upwards.
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