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There was a large variety of array techniques. There were some that focused on bewitching the senses and were capable of imprisoning those caught in their threshold to their death. There were others that were killing arrays, and whoever entered would encounter an endless barrage of murderous traps. There were also some arrays that were mainly meant for defense and could be as sturdy as an iron barrel.

Mountain Protection Great Arrays typically focused on defense, and the one laid out for the Imperial Palace of Fire Country was as such. Though it was a Sixth Tier array technique, it would be very difficult for even a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator to force his way in. That was because once an opening was created in the defenses, it would very quickly close up. Thus, only if one was powerful enough to create a gigantic opening could he pass through calmly.

That would at least have to be one in the middle period of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Ling Han's battle prowess was indeed awesome, but he had yet to reach the point where he had broken through the restrictions of the Spiriual Infant Tier. As a result, he could not possibly barge in through this massive Great Array Technique by force; however, unravelling this Array Technique was a completely different story.

With the use of the Eye of Truth, this Array Technique was practically exposed completely to his eyes.

"The easiest way to unravel the array is to destroy a few formation's eyes inside, but they are located within the array, so this solution contradicts itself... unless I have someone on the inside helping me. However, there is also another slightly more troublesome mean to unravel the array, and that is to attack several weak areas at the same time to create a temporary opening," Ling Han mumbled to himself, the sun, moon, and stars surprisingly appearing in his gaze. "If I use Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow to strike against all seven points at the same time, I'm sure I should be able to create a huge opening."

He took a deep breath, his arms stretching out as if he was pulling a bowstring. Suddenly, seven points of light appeared which transformed into seven arrowheads. Then, the body of the arrows that seemed to be formed out of light also appeared, covered with multiple characters. They, too, did not belong to any of the current cultivation systems, and were exuding a terrifying ancient aura.

The Eye of Truth combined with the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow; these two Mystical Powers teamed up together were practically the perfect match!

For some reason, all those in the Imperial Palace felt an endless coldness surround them, as if they would suffer a very terrifying tragedy in the next moment.

Xiu, the moment the five fingers of Ling Han's right hand loosened, seven arrows of light immediately shot towards the Great Array. Once released, the seven arrows of light shot towards seven different directions, moving as fast as if they were shooting stars. No one could grasp the course they were travelling.

With that kind of a shot, this would practically mean death for whoever was being aimed at. Because under normal conditions, who would keep a full-body defense of Origin Power over themselves?

Weng, weng, weng, the arrows shot out, but they did not hit the Imperial Palace directly. A protective screen appeared, blocking the advance of these arrows, but countless cracks appeared on this screen of light and it suddenly shattered as if it was made from fragile porcelain.

Ling Han smiled. With his Eye of Truth, this Great Array could not even withstand a single strike. It was directly unravelled by his one bow and seven arrows.

Of course, this was also because the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow was exceptionally powerful. Otherwise, even if one managed to find the weak points, he might not be able to unravel the array, either. After all, these weak spots were only relatively weaker than the other areas, so how could they be broken through by simply any random attack?

However, the formation's eyes for the array had not been destroyed, and with the continuous gathering of the surrounding Spiritual Qi, the reconstruction of the Great Array had begun.

"Let's go!" Ling Han did not have the time to practice his archery skills here. He immediately picked Hu Niu up and entered the Imperial Palace. At this time, even if the Great Array was reactivated, there was not much use. Ling Han had already entered the array, and it would be considerably easier for him to unravel the array from within—he need only destroy the formation's eyes.


"He actually unravelled the array and came in!"

"That can't be, can it? This Great Array is something that perhaps even an elite Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator may not be able to break through."

Everyone exclaimed in shock. This was really unbelievable to the masses. Ling Han was only in the Flower Blossom Tier, so how could he possibly be able to instantly unravel the protective array for the Imperial Palace? Could it be that this guy's battle prowess was even more terrifying than a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator's?

What were they supposed to do now? Even their great protective array was rendered useless; who else would be able to stop Ling Han now?

"Young friend, if there's anything you need to say, please say it to me. I believe that no matter how big the matter is, I would be in a position to make a decision." At this moment, an old man appeared. He looked to be in his seventies or eighties, seeming as if he could close his eyes in eternal sleep at the moment. There were actually flames raging upon his head.

These were not real flames, but rather Flames of Martial Intent.

What did the appearance of Flames of Martial Intent imply?

Forcibly boosting life energy by burning up own life and martial intent would allow one to reach their best condition in the late period of their life. This was something that could not be helped. When a cultivator entered the elderly stage, his blood and breath would be exhausted, and battle prowess would no longer be as powerful as it used to be. Only by burning the Flames of Martial Intent would they be able to rise to a higher level for a single battle.

But doing so, no matter who the victor was, their vitality would be greatly damaged. They did not have that many years left to live in the first place, and doing so would cause their remaining lifespan to fall to rock bottom. It might even be possible that they could die directly after this battle.

"The old Emperor!"

Everyone knelt down, incredibly reverent.

This was the Fire Emperor of four generations ago, and also the "only" Flower Blossom Tier cultivator of Fire Country. He forcibly broke through to the Flower Blossom Tier with the aid of power of the nation and only within Fire Country would he possess the lifespan of a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator. Otherwise, the moment he left the country's boundaries, due to the fact that he had lived for close to three hundred years, he was definitely going to immediately rot.

In the Desolate North, Flower Blossom Tier cultivators were the "divine tools" whose duty was to protect the country and defend against external enemies.

Ling Han was too powerful. One move was enough to unravel the Great Array, forcing the old Emperor to appear. This had indeed reached the most critical time period for Fire Country.

"I only have one request, immediately stop excavation of that ancient mineshaft," Ling Han said.

The old Emperor looked slightly hesitant.

That old mineshaft could allow cultivators of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier see some hope of breaking through—it was the hope for a real breakthrough. What did that mean? It meant that there would appear more than one ultimate elites of the Flower Blossom Tier in Fire Country! Then, Fire Country could definitely have a chance at sweeping aside all other eight countries and bring the whole Desolate North under its banner.

More land and more citizens would lead to an even stronger power of the nation. Then, there would appear even more Flower Blossom Tier cultivators in Fire Country. Even if the mineshaft had been emptied out, power of nation would not dry up, and the great Empire of Fire Country would thus be passed on for many generations.

There was too much involved in this, so the old Emperor was naturally hesitant.

"All right, I agree!" After merely a moment, the old Emperor nodded in assent.

...If they could not even manage to get through this dilemma they were currently facing, what was the point of deliberating about their future?

Ling Han said calmly, "I hope you are not giving me a half-hearted agreement. If you are..." He drew out the Demon Birth Sword, and with a wave, nineteen flashes of Sword Qi shot out. Every flash of Sword Qi was covered with simple, ancient characters.

They were the bone marks he had obtained from the Old Mongoose, and could compound one's attack. They could practically be considered a Mystical Power on their own.

His slash shot out at the skies, and a terrifying scene appeared. It was as if even the sky itself had cracked, and there actually appeared a black, empty void.

Too terrifying, the power behind this slash was so strong it was unfathomable!

Everyone could not help but shiver in fear. That was nineteen flashes of Sword Qi; was this guy really human? Ten flashes of "Qi" would be considered to be a ruler at the very apex, so what kind of concept was nineteen flashes?

In the Flower Blossom Tier, he was definitely invincible!

This time, the old Emperor had completely abandoned any naive ideas of falsely agreeing to Ling Han's request, letting time drag on—when eight or ten Flower Blossom Tier cultivators appeared out of Fire Country, he'd stand against Ling Han then. But now, he realized that even if there were eighty or a hundred Flower Blossom Tier cultivators, they would only be delivering themselves up to die, what more eight or ten of them.

"I would not dare!" He made sure his attitude and tone was most humble.

Ling Han nodded, turned, and left. He wanted to properly interrogate that Na Zhi Yan.
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