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"Na Zhi Yan, I am really curious. What could be buried underneath that mineshaft that could make a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator like yourself not hesitate to become a favored minister, willing to put forward plans and ideas for a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator?" Ling Han said.


Immediately, everyone was astonished. Na Zhi Yan was in the Flower Blossom Tier? That couldn't be!

That definitely was impossible. These words came out of the mouth of a young man in his late teens, so how could they possibly convince others?

Meanwhile, Na Zhi Yan smiled, and said, "It is also my first time to see such a young person who is already in the Flower Blossom Tier like yourself. I won't say that there will not be no other in future, but at least there has never been one before in history!"

Putong, this time, a great number of people stumbled and fell onto the ground.

Ling Han was in the Flower Blossom Tier too?

...Were these two guys simply flattering each other endlessly?

How old could this youngster be? At most twenty years old, right? In the Desolate North, someone at this age had to be in the Gushing Spring Tier at most. Moreover, how absolutely difficult was it to take the step into the Flower Blossom Tier? Even if given twenty years' time, one might not even succeed, what more when this brat only looked to have lived that many years.

However, Bo Wen Lin could feel a cold sensation rising deep within his heart—he remembered that his whole body became weak from a mere glare by Ling Han. That kind of power was absolutely strong to a terrifying extent.

What if Ling Han really was in the Flower Blossom Tier?

His son's vengeance… forget it, this might bring ruin to the entire Bo Clan.

Ling Han laughed and said, "Master Na is merely amazed due to lack of experience. There may not be one as young as I in the Flower Blossom Tier in this era, but that might not have been the case in the past. It is only that there has been a lapse in our history, and we lack a complete knowledge of matters that happened millenia ago."

"You are right!" Na Zhi Yan nodded, then changed the subject as he said, "However, for such a young the Flower Blossom Tier cultivator like yourself, I think that there is definitely no other who can compare to you in this world."

"Niu Niu, he's looking down on you," Ling Han said to Hu Niu, smiling.

"Beat him up!" With a flash, Hu Niu's figure vanished from everyone's sight, and with a xiu, appeared right in front of Na Zhi Yan, her little fists shooting towards him. She had never used any kind of martial arts technique. She would only use her fists to punch, her claws to tear, and her teeth to bite, and these three simple moves were enough for her.

Na Zhi Yan released a sudden grunt. He had not foreseen that Hu Niu could move so quickly.

No, no, no. He had not imagined at all that such a little girl was actually a cultivator, and furthermore, he could sense from this one move that the power behind her blow, no matter what, had to be at least at the level of the Flower Blossom Tier! If he really was struck by such a punch, he might not die, but his d*** would probably burst.

...What else could happen? Hu Niu was really too short, so if her punch landed, where do you think her fist would hit?

Though Na Zhi Yan looked beautiful, he was definitely not a female. How could he actually dare to allow Hu Niu to punch that kind of place? He quickly waved a hand, and a wall of ice froze up in front of him. There were multiple unadorned, ancient characters flickering on the ice.

Yi, this kind of pattern was really rarely seen!

Ling Han was extremely curious. The patterns were a display of one's martial intent, and though most people had endless differences in their respective patterns, the principle was still the same. One could still trace another's pattern to its source. For example, in this plane, all cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques had been developed from over a hundred different ancient arts. The corresponding similarities they shared could still be found.

But Na Zhi Yan's patterns were extremely unfamiliar; they definitely originated from an ancient art that was absolutely different from the norm.

How strange!

This man had strange origins, and his aims were also quite strange.

Peng, Hu Niu's fist landed solidly on the ice. Ka, ka, ka. Immediately, cracks appeared on the ice, then it shattered. However, it managed to help Na Zhi Yan gain enough time to remove himself from danger, yet Hu Niu continued an endless barrage of attacks, pursuing Na Zhi Yan, so he could only retreat continuously away from her blows.

One by one, walls of ice appeared, and subsequently were shattered. One kept stepping back relentlessly, whereas the other pursued even faster. Eventually, it became a one-sided thrashing on Hu Niu's part as she did not give her prey the slightest bit of opportunity to fight back.

"Heng!" Na Zhi Yan was finally enraged, and with a cold humph, the strange scene of a tide rising in the ocean actually appeared behind him. He opened his mouth suddenly, and pu, spat out an arrow of water. Upon a closer look, there were similar ancient characters spread all over this arrow of water.

This was no ordinary arrow of water, but one filled with destructive power, capable of becoming a threat to a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator.

Hu Niu finally halted, then with an abrupt turn, narrowly dodged this attack. At the same time, this also gave Na Zhi Yan enough time to finally get his bearings, and for the first time in this exchange, obtain an edge over her.

Na Zhi Yan's face was filled with absolute shock. He exclaimed, "How could this be? So young, and yet already in the Flower Blossom Tier?"

A Flower Blossom Tier cultivator that had yet to reach his twenties was already enough of a shock that his eyeballs almost popped out of his head, what more Hu Niu who only looked to be about five or six years old. Even if she started cultivation when she was still in the womb, how could her cultivation reach this level?

The others were practically about to pass out from shock.

With this exchange of blows, the aura of the Flower Blossom Tier was fully exposed, making fear and reverence rise up in all of their hearts. This was because Flower Blossom Tier cultivators had completely discarded their mortality and ascended from the mortal world. Aside from those at the level of rulers in martial arts, this kind of aura would absolutely suppress everyone else.

This time, they had no choice but to believe the facts in front of them. Whether it was Na Zhi Yan or Ling Han, or even a five- or six-year-old little girl, they were all in the Flower Blossom Tier!

This was unnatural, absolutely unnatural. When had Flower Blossom Tier become so cheap? All of a sudden, there were three such mighty cultivators, and moreover, two of them were still so young.

Ling Han grinned and said, "Frog that sits at the bottom of a well, do you now know there will always be someone else better no matter how perfect things appear to be?"

Hu Niu bared her teeth at Na Zhi Yan. She had yet to use her strongest weapon.

Na Zhi Yan still looked very astonished and asked, "Are you the excellent disciples of Heaven's Sword Sect or Cloud Phoenix Sect?"

"Neither!" Ling Han shook his head. "You don't have to guess our origins. I came only to say one thing, immediately stop the excavation of the ancient mineshaft!"

"I regret that I cannot comply with your wishes!" Na Zhi Yan shook his head as well. "Young man, no matter which party you come from, you must definitely not interfere in this matter. This is a word of advice from me. If not… your only path is death!"

"Oh, is it really so exciting?" Ling Han laughed loudly. "Then I want to play even more!"

Na Zhi Yan's face was filled with displeasure, and he asked, "What do you think of my skill?"

"Not that great, I will be able to subdue you in three moves!" Ling Han tossed out casually.

Na Zhi Yan almost died from fury. Forcibly suppressing his anger, he said, "Where I come from, even if there aren't 100,000, there are at least 80,000 people at my level. And there is at least ten or twenty thousand people stronger than me!"


The faces of those from Fire Country all twitched uncontrollably; what kind of terrifying party was that that Flower Blossom Tier cultivators numbered ten thousand? One had to understand: in the whole Fire Country, only the old emperor from four generations ago managed to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier with the aid of power of the nation. Furthermore, the power of the nation of one country was only sufficient to produce one Flower Blossom Tier cultivator.

Moreover, there were even people stronger than Flower Blossom Tier, and there was even as many as ten or twenty thousand of these terrifyingly powerful people.

Too terrifying; what kind of party was that!?

Ling Han gave an indifferent 'oh', and said, "Then I'm really curious now, which party did you come from?"

"Heng, that is none of your business. You need only know that if you stand against me, you will suffer a tragic end!" Na Zhi Yan said coldly.

"Niu, tell me, are we people who have managed to grow so far by being scared?" Ling Han suddenly asked Hu Niu.

"No!" Hu Niu exclaimed clearly.

"Then if someone threatens us, what should we do?" Ling Han asked.

"Beat him till he surrenders, use violence to beat him into submission!" Hu Niu declared with extreme ferocity.
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