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"Master Bo, you are being naughty again." Ling Han laughed.

Xiu, Hu Niu streaked out and slammed a direct punch into Bo Wen Lin's lower abdomen. How terrifying was her battle prowess? Added together with the tremendous advantage of two major cultivation Tiers, it was naturally a doubtless crushing suppression. With a peng, Bo Wen Lin became akin to a cooked lobster, his whole body arched.

Ling Han deliberately heaved a sigh, and asked, "Master Bo, why do you have to do this?"

The execution official's eyes were so wide they were in danger of popping out. That was Bo Wen Lin, someone whose cultivation and ability were on par with his. In Fire Country, Bo Wen Lin was definitely a strong character, yet he was actually knocked over by a punch from a little wisp of a girl. This was a little too much, wasn't it?

If he stepped up, wouldn't that be his fate as well?

Hiss, where had these two monsters come from!

Ling Han smiled faintly at the execution official, and asked, "Are you naughty or nice?"

"Nice! I am very nice!" the execution official quickly exclaimed. Hu Niu was currently directing a ferocious look at him, which caused his heart to shiver.

Ling Han laughed loudly and shot out a foot at Bo Wen Lin, directly kicking him to the feet of the execution official, and said, "Here, you can take him and report back to complete your mission."

'Report your sister!'

In the beginning, the execution official had only been extremely infuriated, but upon thinking deeper, what logic would there be for Old Nine of the Bo Clan to align forces with convicted criminals? Therefore, he immediately believed in Bo Wen Lin's explanation that he had absolutely no relation with Ling Han or the two female criminals.

Bo Wen Lin groaned miserably. Though that punch of Hu Niu's had not taken his life, the little girl did not control her strength, either. The blow was enough to make him feel as if all his internal organs had flipped over, which was an incredibly terrible feeling. Now, he could not even speak. The only thing he felt like doing now was to throw up.

Ling Han waved Bo Wen Lin off with a hand again, and said, "Master Bo, didn't you say you'd follow me to the ends of the earth? Please do not be scared off."

With a stride, he turned around and left.

The execution official did not dare stop him. Instead, he quickly lifted up Bo Wen Lin and followed closely behind as if he was Ling Han's lackey, which made him incredibly sullen.

After travelling for a white, Bo Wen Lin finally got his breath back, and was capable of walking by himself. However, with every step he took, he could still feel a heart-wrenching agony in his lower abdomen. He pulled aside his robes to take a look, and could see there was a bluish bruise on his lower abdomen; the center of the bruise was already beginning to turn black.

Hiss, this little girl was really ruthless in her attack!

"The direction they're heading in is—"

"Na Zhi Yan's residence!"

"Not good!"

Bo Wen Lin and the execution official's facial expressions changed drastically. This was a very easy guess. Those two female criminals had been convicted with the crime of attempted assassination of Na Zhi Yan, and since Ling Han was in cohorts with them, it was extremely natural to deduce that he, too, had the idea to assassinate Na Zhi Yan.

Na Zhi Yan, a popular subject of the current Fire Emperor who had overflowing power in his grasp. If they allowed Ling Han to kill Na Zhi Yan, the two of them, as related individuals, would definitely have to bear blame as well.

"Quick, quickly go and inform all the officials!" The two of them exchanged a look and hurriedly split ways to complete their respective tasks.

Ling Han did not walk too quickly, as if he was giving them time to inform others. He walked slowly and unhurriedly but still arrived at his destination twenty-plus minutes later.

Na Zhi Yan's residence had originally belonged to an Imperial Prince, but this Imperial Prince was extremely unsatisfied with his position, and secretly planned to seize power. In the end, he had not even begun his plans when he was completely suppressed by imperial might. This residence was naturally confiscated, and had now been bestowed upon Na Zhi Yan, which showed how much the Emperor favored him.

Shua, a troop of soldiers filed out from the main doors, all of them carrying various weapons, looking quite ferocious. A man who looked to be the captain of the troop strode out, a silver helmet on his head and a long sword hanging at his waist, which made him look majestic and imposing.

This man was actually in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!

"I am the Great Commander of the Internal Imperial Guards, Si Kong Zhen. How dare you, fiend! Quickly surrender without resistance!" he shouted loudly.

Ling Han's gaze swept over the troop, and he smiled. "Master Bo, did you not say that you had arranged everything for me and all I have to do is to enter the residence and kill Na Zhi Yan? Why are things different than what we have previously planned?"

Bo Wen Lin was so infuriated he almost stumbled in his anger. 'When do you f****** plan to stop defrauding me?' But at this moment, one of the elites of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier of his clan had already stepped out, so it was not his place to speak at all. Thus, he merely stood humbly and quietly behind that elite member of his clan.

"Fiend, don't you dare feign madness!" Si Kong Zhen stared coldly at Ling Han, not daring to make a reckless move.

He had already been informed that the little girl by Ling Han's side was capable of knocking Bo Wen Lin down with a single punch, which was extremely bizarre. Therefore, he had no choice but to proceed with extreme caution.

Ling Han smiled and said, "I have come to converse with Na Zhi Yan, so why is there need for such a big parade of troops? Go and ask Na Zhi Yan to come out. If things can be settled peacefully, then all of us can still drink wine happily tonight."

"How could a nameless nobody be qualified to meet with Master Na?" Si Kong Zhen asked icily.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "These words are much too hurtful, and I really do not like hearing such. Hu Niu, what do you think we should do?"

"Beat them up!" Hu Niu waved her little fists in the air. "We use might to enforce submission!"

What a violent little girl!

Ling Han smiled and said, "You all have heard it. We use might to enforce submission. Since Na Zhi Yan is not willing to come out, then we can only barge in and directly drag him out for negotiations."

When he saw Ling Han step forward, planning to advance, Si Kong Zhen immediately stepped into his path. He directly drew his sword and delivered a slash in Ling Han's direction. He was an elite of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier whose ability far exceeded Bo Wen Lin and that execution official. As his slash advanced, not only did four flashes of Sword Qi form, there were also multiple flames dancing, making this attack look extremely terrifying.

"Niu's Little Iron Fist!" Hu Niu rushed out. Peng, one punch was enough to send Si Kong Zhen flying.


When they saw this scene, all of them choked.

That was Si Kong Zhen they saw. He was an extreme elite in the seventh layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and people stronger than him in the entire Fire Country could be counted on ten fingers. But now, he was actually sent flying by a single punch from a little girl... who could believe such a thing was possible?

Gods, was this little girl a monster? What cultivation level did she have to be at to be able to do something like that?

Furthermore, this was only the kid. Ling Han had yet to make a move.

Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa. Applause rang out as a white-robed man walked out of the residence. This man was tall and slender, and handsome to the point of being almost beautiful. It was as if his black locks were a spiritual snake, and actually moved without any form of wind blowing.

He looked at Ling Han, smiled, and said, "It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. I am Na Zhi Yan, how should I address this friend?"

Surprise flashed through Ling Han's eyes; this Na Zhi Yan was actually in the Flower Blossom Tier!

Strange, this was extremely strange. In the Nine Nations of the Desolate North, there was actually no true cultivator in the Flower Blossom Tier. The so-called Flower Blossom Tier cultivators were in truth simply in pseudo-Flower Blossom Tier, and had only managed to enter this cultivation level with the support of power of the nation. They had exceeded mortality, but how powerful was their battle prowess, and how much their lifespan had increased was a different story.

Aside from an overbearing, aggressive character like the Rain Emperor, Ling Han truly did not believe that there would be a genius in the Nine Nations of the Desolate North capable of taking that step into the true Flower Blossom Tier without aid.

But this Na Zhi Yan standing in front of him was genuinely in the Flower Blossom Tier, and had definitely not accumulated such cultivation by depending on power of the nation.

With such power, he actually came to the Desolate North to be an important official?

Ling Han instantly understood. Na Zhi Yan's target definitely had to be that mineshaft.

Laboriously scheming and spurring the Fire Emperor to reopen that fatal ancient mine, he naturally should not have been aiming for those mineral rocks that would cause madness. He probably was aiming for the cursed Tool that had been sealed under the mine, wasn't he?
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