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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 524 Forcefully Seizing the Execution Ground

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Who was that, who actually planned to forcefully seize the execution ground?

"How dare you!" One of the officials supervising the execution jumped out. He was in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and in a small place like Fire Country, he could definitely be considered a master. He glared furiously at Ling Han and said, "Where has this madman that would dare to be so outrageously bold come from?"

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "Under the command of His Excellency, Bo Wen Lin, please hold the execution."


Not far off, Bo Wen Lin immediately choked.

This was an injustice, a colossal injustice! This brat was really reckless; not only did he kill a member of the Bo Clan, he actually planned to make bogus accusations of his victim as well! But this brat was destined to be a dead man, so what else did he dare not do, and what other reservations would he have left?

Bo Wen Lin, as a great master of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, in addition to the reputation of the Bo Clan, was unknown to none in the Imperial City. Instantly, countless eyes swept over to focus on him.

With their united actions, that official naturally spotted Bo Wen Lin as well. He instantly erupted into a great rage and exclaimed, "Master Bo, you actually dared to command another to seize the execution ground by force; what a treasonous action this is!"

What the f***!

Bo Wen Lin hurriedly leaped out and said, "Master Gou, please do not misunderstand. I don't know this brat at all!"

"Master Bo, your words have truly made me sorrowful!" Ling Han pretended to be sad. "Didn't you agree that you would become my sturdy support, and no matter what happened, you would be there to back me up?! Master Bo, these are your precise words. Wherever I go, you would follow, isn't that right?"

Bo Wen Lin could not deny it at this moment. He had indeed said that wherever Ling Han went, he would dare follow, but with the way that Ling Han had simply picked out these words and repeated them, their meaning was completely different. He had been used to standing in a high position—how could he have possibly encountered this kind of situation in the past? He had actually turned dumb from his anger, and did not know how he should refute this accusation.

But in the eyes of others, this was obviously a tacit agreement.

"Hiss, Old Nine of the Bo Clan is really brave that he dares to even seize the execution ground by force!"

"Master Bo is really a good man. He knows that anyone who attempts to assassinate Na Zhi Yan are faithful officials and martyrs, and wanted to leave behind sparks for Fire Country."

"That's odd. When did Bo Wen Lin make a turn like he's a completely different person that he would actually do something like this?"

Some were praising Bo Wen Lin, whereas others were expressing doubt. There was really too wide a disparity between his usual behaviour and his actions now.

Bo Wen Lin was a master in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and thus naturally heard the whispers of the masses; inwardly, he wanted to throw up blood. He was absolutely not that kind of man, all right? What business was it of his if commoners lived or died? It was only because Ling Han had killed his son that he had made a move to stand and oppose Ling Han. As a result, Ling Han had actually dug out such a gigantic pit for him to leap into.

"Master Bo, my mission has been completed, so I'll hand things over to you now," Ling Han said, smiling, then said to the two girls, "Quickly thank Master Bo for his kindness in saving your lives."

Liu Feng Er and Liu Ru Er's chains had been unlocked by Ling Han, and their cultivation was unsealed as well, so they recovered their cultivation. They were not the slightest bit dumb, and immediately cooperated with Ling Han's act, bowing daintily in Bo Wen Lin's direction and both saying at the same time, "Many thanks, Master Bo!"

Right, even if he jumped into the Yellow River, there would be no way to wash himself clean.

"Let's go!" Ling Han stretched out a hand each and grabbed both girls, immediately fleeing. "Master Bo, we'll meet again in the usual place."

"No way you are leaving!" One of the supervising officials quickly moved. He stretched out his right hand to grab Ling Han's back. He was skilled in palm techniques, and with this move of his palm, tightly woven patterns flickered brightly. It was as if a tree demon had spread out its roots, clawing at Ling Han.

In truth, a mere breath of air from Ling Han could easily kill that official. However, he used the Ghostly Immortal Steps. His figure moved in a bizarre manner and easily dodged his attacker's palm strike. Then, his figure sped up, and the farther he went, the faster he moved.

Bo Wen Lin hurriedly broke out into run in pursuit. He definitely had to detain Ling Han, or he would really be unable to clear his name.

"Master Bo, you intend to flee as well?" the supervising official sneered darkly. His figure made a sharp about-turn, and delivered a palm strike in Bo Wen Lin's direction.

'Your sister!'

Bo Wen Lin's nose was almost bent in his anger, and he exclaimed, "Master Gou, I was going to recapture those three escaping criminals!"

"Heng, heng. Why didn't I see Master Bo make a move just now, then? And now you are so proactive? Master Bo, you wouldn't be purposely stopping me from pursuing the criminals, would you?" the supervising official asked coldly, his expression clearly saying that he had seen through Bo Wen Lin's deception.

'F*** your sister, you're the one stopping me now!'

Bo Wen Lin could do nothing but make a move of his own. He had similar ability with that supervising official, so how could he simply allow the latter to attack him as he liked? However, with this move to defend himself, it was as if it was a confirmed fact that he was trying to assist Ling Han and the others in their flight, making the supervising official smirk repeatedly.

This f*******, what the f***!

At this moment, there were ten thousand curse words streaming through his heart.


Ling Han brought the two girls all the way outside the city, then tossed them away, and said, "For assassins to fall low to the extent that you have, it's really enough. Just honestly find a man and marry him, then obediently stay at home to take care of your husbands and teach your children."

"Heng, it's all your fault. You were the one who caused others to misunderstand. In the end, the moment we left Yun Shuang Shuang's place, it led to a large number of people all gathering around us to ask this and that. As a result, trouble happened!" Liu Ru Er declared defiantly.

Ling Han rolled his eyes and asked, "So this is my fault?"

"Naturally!" Liu Ru Er pushed all the blame onto Ling Han.

Ling Han waved his hand and said, "Fine, I won't argue with you two. In short, the two of you have to leave the Imperial City immediately!"

"Then what about Na Zhi Yan?"

"I will deal with him," Ling Han replied calmly.

"Are you sure you aren't merely boasting?" Liu Ru Er's expression was filled with doubt.

Ling Han humphed, and said, "If you two still won't leave, then I'll send you both back. I'm sure that Na Zhi Yan would extremely hope to see your two cut-off heads."

"We'll leave, all right?" Liu Ru Er fumed.

"Many thanks for saving us again, Young Master Han." Liu Feng Er was much more sensible. She bowed to Ling Han daintily, and forcefully pulled her younger sister into a bow as well.

"Thanks," Liu Ru Er said reluctantly.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "In a few days, at most, you two will hear the news of Na Zhi Yan's death, so just go with a peaceful heart for now."

"Yes!" Liu Feng Er tugged Liu Ru Er along with her and left.

Liu Ru Er, meanwhile, kept turning back around, as if she wanted to continue arguing with Ling Han.

"Sister, he is the sun of the skies, and not someone we would be able to reach. Even if we force ourselves to reach up to him, we would only be scorched mercilessly." Liu Feng Er was aware of her sister's feelings. Don't look at how she was fighting so fiercely with Ling Han. In truth, she was simply low in emotional intelligence, and did not know how to express her own feelings. Thus, she could only pester him endlessly in order to attract Ling Han's attention.

Liu Ru Er turned her head back round, her face covered with traces of tears.


Ling Han returned to the Imperial City, and had not even reached the city's entrance yet when he saw Bo Wen Lin and that supervising official had joined forces and chased him all the way here. Who knew whether they had resolved the misunderstanding or otherwise? Hu Niu did not make a sound all this while, but was in an extremely good mood at this moment because the two hateful women had left, and she was able to monopolize Ling Han again.

"Brat, you actually dared to return?" Bo Wen Lin asked darkly. He was really about to be angered to death by Ling Han's actions.

Ling Han smiled, and asked, "With Master Bo to back me up, what do I dare not do?"

"Die!" Bo Wen Lin charged out. He definitely had to apprehend Ling Han personally to prove that he indeed had no relation with Ling Han.TL/N: Idiom meaning: unable to clear one's name
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