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"It's an ordinary rock, with a slight bit of Source Power." Small Tower very quickly transmitted a divine sense message to him.

"Ordinary?" Ling Han was surprised; a rock that was capable of directly raising the martial cultivation of a Flower Blossoming Tier cultivator, could it actually be ordinary? If there was a countless number of these "ordinary" rocks, it was guaranteed that even a pig could advance to the Shattering Void Tier; even becoming an immortal might not be impossible.

It would not be inappropriate to call them divine rocks, so how could they possibly be ordinary?

"Origin Power?" Ling Han shook his head. "Why can't I sense that?"

"Not Origin Power, but Source Power," Small Tower explained.

Ling Han was startled and asked, "The same kind of Source Power in the Primal Chaos Source Rock?"

"That's correct. But the amount of Source Power inside is pitifully little, I can't be bothered to absorb it!" Small Tower declared in a tsundere tone.

Just hear what it was saying!

Ling Han gritted his teeth. You did it deliberately, didn't you? Trying to infuriate him, right? He said, "I won't mind if you get me some, the more the better." He did not need martial comprehension, but his parents did. If there was a large supply of this type of mineral rock, he was sure that Ling Dong Xing and Yue Hong Chang would be able to smoothly break through to the Flower Blossom Tier.

He suddenly understood. Why was the Fire Emperor willing to spare no expense to obtain these ores? That was because this could allow one, in a situation wherein they possessed no cultivation technique and did not have enough ability of comprehension, to complete the leap over the dragon's gate leading to transcendence from this mortal world!

However, if that was the case, it would be a little difficult for him to persuade the Fire Emperor to stop.

Because this involved breaking through to the next major cultivation tier, which also meant the difference of an additional two hundred years of lifespan! Without breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier, mortals would only possess a mere hundred years of lifespan; the Fire Emperor had used up at least half his lifespan, so stopping him from breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier would be equivalent to taking his life. He was sure that this Emperor would definitely not be persuaded easily.

'Since he is not willing to listen to persuasion, then I can only beat him into submission,' Ling Han thought very violently.

"These rocks also possess extremely large amounts of violent traits. If you absorb too much, with your current cultivation level, you will definitely not be able to control it. You will experience a drastic change in character, and become a wild man that only knows slaughter and bloodshed," Small Tower said.

When Ling Han heard this, he immediately gave up the thought of bringing some of these mineral rocks for his parents, and asked, "Even the Black Tower is unable to erase these emotions inside them?"

"The hardest thing to grasp is human nature... Unless I erase all your memories completely," Small Tower suggested.

"Forget it!" Ling Han hurriedly shook his head. He had absolutely no desire to erase his parents' memories and for them to become complete strangers. Furthermore, he had a lot of confidence that he could deliver his parents up to the Flower Blossom Tier. With an additional two hundred years of time, he should be able to enter into the realm of immortals and get an Immortal alchemical pill for his parents to help them succeed instantly.

Ling Han was still quite confident in his personal talent in alchemy.

Ling Han decided to deal with Na Zhi Yan and the Fire Emperor first, then come back here to study this mineshaft and find out what exactly was buried inside.

The two of them very quickly exited the mineshaft and began walking towards the city walls.

"Halt!" the guards called out. The command they had received was not to allow anyone to leave this place.

"En?" Bo Wen Lin appeared as well, a cold smirk at the corners of his lips, and said, "Young man, you are really acting recklessly. You even dared to enter into this Mineshaft of Death! Now, you only have half a day's time left to live."

Ling Han smiled faintly. His natal horoscope was extremely tough; unless he stayed in the mineshaft for a number of years, he would not be affected by the curse. Furthermore, even if he was, didn't he still have the Black Tower? This divine item had extraordinary skill in matters like eliminating evil and curses.

"Since I only have half a day left to left, I should go and cause great havoc," he declared, putting on a pretense of madness.

Bo Wen Lin immediately looked wary. Previously, he had not made a move because he had sensed that Ling Han was not someone to be trifled with. And now, this guy, who was not to be trifled with, only had less than half a day to life... then that would be even more horrible. Who would be willing to risk their life against someone who was going to die?

"Young man, you are definitely going to die. I can't bother to drop down to your level. However, I will follow you and watch you die!" he declared.

Ling Han grinned, and asked, "Really? You will follow me wherever I go? You dare?"

"Haha, is there any place in this world that I, Bo Wen Lin, dare not go?" Bo Wen Lin laughed coldly.

"Then, come," Ling Han said with a smile, striding forwards. He was heading in the direction of the Imperial City, and Bo Wen Lin stopped the guards here from pursuing. Otherwise, how would these people possibly be able to stop Ling Han?

Ling Han was not walking very fast; he only entered the Imperial City after close to half an hour had passed.

"Let's quickly go and watch, quick. Two female assassins have been arrested, and they are about to be beheaded at the Eastern Gate in a public display!" He had just entered the city when he heard a passerby running around and announcing the news. He looked very excited, and attracted a large number of people to follow him.

Female assassins, and there were two of them? It couldn't be Liu Feng Er and her sister, right?

Ling Han immediately changed course and headed towards the Eastern Gate as well. How had these two women compromised their identities and whereabouts and actually fallen into the hands of the Imperial Family?

He sped up slightly, and in just a few minutes, he had arrived at the Eastern Gate. He saw a tall stage had been erected in a public square; there were two girls being held down on the executioner's block. Their hair hung loose, and there was no way to distinguish their appearance.

But with how Ling Han was familiar with the air of these two girls, he could confirm that these were the Liu Sisters.

Ai, were these two people really made out to be assassins?

At the side, someone was announcing the crimes of these two girls. They had attempted to assassinate an important minister, Na Zhi Yan, committed an offense against imperial authority, and now, they were to be beheaded in public as a warning to the others.

The move to behead these two beauties in public, furthermore one carried out with such expediency, was made probably because the Fire Emperor's forceful excavation of the mineshaft had caused seething discontent among the citizens. As a result, he deliberately chose to execute these two girls in such a public manner to suppress the whole nation—especially the rebellious feelings in the Imperial City.

"Assasinate Na Zhi Yan? Pei, then these two young girls must definitely be good people."

"The gods are blind; they actually did not allow that bastard to be killed. Instead, two good people will die."

"Shh, be quiet. Don't you want to live anymore?"

The masses were embroiled in a furious discussion, and all expressed sympathy for Liu Feng Er and her sister, as well as their deep-seated hatred for Na Zhi Yan.

Ling Han did not immediately move to save them; he wanted these two girls to learn to be more obedient, so that they would not be some assassins in future. They were absolutely not cut out for this profession!

Bo Wen Lin naturally followed him here. He could not help but look extremely surprised. This person who was about to die was still in the mood to watch another person's execution; just how thick were his nerves?

"The time is up, commence the execution!"

An executioner walked up the tall stage. His upper body was bare, and he held a gigantic broadsword in his hand. He took a drink of wine, then spat it all over the blade. Then he raised it high, and under the sun of dusk, a forlorn light was reflected from his blade.

Liu Feng Er and her sister's cultivation had obviously been sealed off; for the majority of cultivators, if their cultivation was sealed, then they would not be able to circulate Origin Power to protect themselves. In that case, their defenses would actually not be much higher than an ordinary person's. This executioner was in the Element Gathering Tier, and with a wave of his blade, one of the two sisters would definitely lose their head.

Shua, the broadsword slashed downwards.

But the expected scene of a head falling to the ground and blood spurting everywhere did not appear. Instead, a young man had suddenly appeared on the tall stage, and holding onto the blade with a single hand.
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