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For a person like Ling Han, once his curiosity was piqued, it couldn't be stopped.

He certainly thought it strange. Those who entered the mineshaft—whether or not they'd ever cultivated before or if their cultivation was high or low—would definitely die suddenly on the following day as long they entered… unless one never came out.

What sort of power was this?

And what effects did the excavated ores have that would make Fire Emperor place such great importance on them, not hesitating to force the citizens to die to excavate it for him?

He decided to take a trip to the Imperial City. With his cultivation of the Flower Blossom Tier and battle prowess of thirteen stars, who in the entire Rain Country could pose a threat to him?

Finding out that Ling Han was headed to the Imperial City, the sisters obviously exulted. But Ling Han didn't bring that powerful subordinate—when only Hu Niu followed, they were dumbfounded.

What were you two going to do, sightseeing?

"Young Master Han, will you bring your precious subordinate?" Liu Feng Er suggested.

"That's right, that's right. That's the Imperial City: no shortage of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites, and the royal family even has Flower Blossom Tier elites keeping watch, enough to put you in your place within a second!" Liu Ru Er said impetuously.

"Heng, heng, Niu can fight ten!" Hu Niu said, unconvinced. 

The sisters knew that Hu NIu was somewhat freakish, but definitely didn't think that this little girl could compare with them, let alone a Spiritual Pedestal or Flower Blossom Tier warrior. They urged Ling Han to bring Zhu Wu Jiu along.

"I said no need," Ling Han said smilingly. With a snap, he said, "Let's go."

The sisters were helpless and could only set out, believing that after Ling Han bumped into a nail, he would still return to bring Zhu Wu Jiu; at the worst, it was just making one more trip. 

The four set out, hastening towards the Imperial City.

For Ling Han, this was only a small trip. Hence, he didn't bring Liu Yu Tong and the others, believing that the matter would be settled within a few days.

After a few days, they arrived at the Imperial City.

Ling Han learned about Na Zhi Yan. He was an extremely mysterious person, suddenly appearing half a year ago, then becoming Fire Emperor's favorite, managing the excavation of the mineshaft.

Originally, no one took it to heart, but once the excavation began, problems arose; the miners would die suddenly the second day after coming out!

After flipping through historic records, they discovered that the mineshaft actually had problems long ago, so it was sealed up, yet it was reopened with Na Zhi Yan's suggestion. No one knew exactly what was produced inside the mineshafts, but crimson red rocks were send endlessly into the royal palace.

Although large amounts of miners suddenly died every few days, drawing the repeated objections of the courtiers, Fire Emperor was bent on having his way; he definitely wouldn't seal the mineshaft, and instead assembled citizens all over the country to enter the mineshaft.

First were convicts on death row, then normal convicts, and now those who were caught were sent right to the mineshaft. Those who didn't enter were executed on spot, making the people around the Imperial City on edge, living in fear.

"This Na Zhi Yan, who exactly is he, and what is he conspiring?" Ling Han couldn't help but be curious, but he decided to first go see the mineshaft.

"Let's go, we'll bring you to see an old love first!" Liu Ru Er grabbed onto Ling Han, bringing him to see Yun Shuang Shuang.

Yun Shuang Shuang was born at Cherishing Flower Pavilion, and so she also walked the old path in Fire Country. She bought an elegant manor in the Imperial City and would entertain some nobility, collecting a considerable entry fee. However, don't think of getting intimate with her—she only sold her art and not her body.

Her status was rising steadily, and countless people were willing to spend a great amount of money to hear her play a musical piece, verifying an old saying: what could not be acquired was the best.

Now, quite a few sons of nobility were going all out to marry this enchanting beauty, fighting openly and maneuvering covertly. All of them were generous, gifting a house today and gifting jewelry tomorrow; Yun Shuang Shuang's current possessions were definitely shocking.

The four arrived at Yun Shuang Shuang's manor. It was built alongside a lake, the environment extremely graceful.

Na Zhi Yan might have made Fire Country on edge, but for high-level figures, their easy and comfortable lives weren't sent into disorder as they continued to lead a life of debauchery.

No surprise there—a long line was already in front of the manor's entrance.

Shuang Yun's Small Manor didn't accept reservations. If you wanted to listen to Shuang Shuang sing, you had to come early to line up. However, Lady Shuang Shuang also had the habit of sleeping in and would open her doors to greet guests in the afternoon, stringing everyone along. 

Ling Han nodded. If Forget Not and Pill King Pavilion were handed to Yun Shuang Shuang for operation, maybe the business could still have been several times better.

"What are you guys doing, line up! Know how to line up?" Seeing Ling Han head straight for the entrance, everyone was in a bad mood.

The sisters paid no heed and came to the entrance, taking out a black token and dangling it. The old servant at the entrance immediately let them in. Ling Han obviously held Hu Niu's hand and followed inside.

These made many people displeased and harbor suspicions. A young man entered lady Shuang Shuang's manor, and a man with many women at that—what good could possibly happen?

What a beast, even bringing such a small lady!

"Young Master Han!" Shortly after Ling Han entered the manor, Yun Shuang Shuang walked over hastily. She was covered in thin clothing and her hair was disheveled; evidently, she was sleeping, and after knowing Ling Han had come, she immediately ran out. 

Ling Han smiled slightly and said, "Long time no see."

Yun Shuang Shuang hurriedly nodded, stirred up with tears in her beautiful eyes. For her, Ling Han was her savior who helped her selflessly without seeking reciprocation, unlike other people who targeted her beauty.

"Let's go!" Hu Niu shook Ling Han's hand; her jealousy was great as usual.

Ling Han nodded, and said to Yun Shuang Shuang, "You're doing well, keep taking good care of yourself."

Yun Shuang Shuang couldn't help but be disappointed and said, "Young Master Han won't stay for a while longer?"

"I'm occupied." Ling Han said with a smile, looked at the sisters, and went on, "Regarding Na Zhi Yan's matter, I have my own plan. You guys do whatever you need to do. Else, if you're chased down once more, I won't intervene again."

"Tsk, saying it as if you're really impressive." Liu Ru er stuck her tongue out.

Ling Han obviously wouldn't argue with the likes of her and left with Hu Niu to visit the mineshaft and find Na Zhi Yan; he would kill or cripple Na Zhi Yan if the man deserved it—he did not want to waste time here.

An adult and a child left. Those people outside immediately glared over, appearing extremely unfriendly.

"Stop!" A youngster jumped out. Twenty-three or twenty-four years of age, with the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier cultivation... placed in the desolate north, that was genius level.

Ling Han sighed; why did people always have to ask for trouble?

"What's your relationship with Lady Shuang Shuang?" that youngster asked, his face full of jealousy.

A man entered Lady Shuang Shuang's manor alone—Ling Han was the first such case. Although he'd only entered for a short while, and nothing could have happened at all, it still made these men outside burn with jealousy.

"None of your business!" Ling Han said in a terrible mood. "Step aside, don't ask for trouble."

"How arrogant!" That youngster sneered and pulled out the long sword at his hips, shaking it slightly. Its chilling glare was piercing. "Daring to be disrespectful towards Bo family's descendant? Die!"

He brazenly attacked with his sword, venting personal hate under fake righteousness. The sword struck towards Ling Han's vital parts, evidently aiming to take Ling Han's life.ED/N: as in without other men, I presume
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