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Ling Han pushed on. With four Gold-Armored Corpse chasing him, if he let them attack as they pleased, the Thunder Battle Armor probably wouldn't save him. After all, how could Spiritual Infant Tier beings be underestimated?

Ao family's elder revealed a panic-stricken expression. He didn't want to die and wanted even less to die in the hands of a small figure.

Ling Han sneered and said, "I'm a Heaven Grade alchemist. Me killing you personally, is that not enough for you to boast about?" The sword swept by and the Ao Family's elder was beheaded, passing away.

He leapt repeatedly, reaping all five Spiritual Infant Tier warriors' lives, then killed the two people from the Thousand Corpse Sect at the end.

Under the suppression of the god's corpse, these people didn't even have the strength to beg for mercy and could only await death, dying extremely resentfully.

Spiritual Infant Tier elites, beings that should be invincible in the north region. Even if they couldn't win, they could leave leisurely; Spiritual Infant Tier elites wanting to kill Spiritual Infant Tier elites? Hard!

But now, they were like wheat, easily reaped.

Once Elder Tian Che and the skinny dark elder died, the four Gold-Armored Corpses immediately escaped control. They no longer focused on Ling Han, and instead were filled with killing intent towards any being with flesh, craving to devour blood and flesh.

This was the instinct of Corpse Soldiers.

Ling Han sighed. Once the god corpse was out, he could easily control the situation, but it was ineffective towards the four already dead Corpse Soldiers. He originally could not use Black Tower's power boost, but with the cultivation of only Flower Blossom Tier, how could he possibly stop these four Corpse Soldiers going on a mass killing spree?

Spiritual Infant Tier Corpse Soldiers had extremely tough physiques and could only be killed by many Spiritual Infant Tier elites at least. If they were released in the desolate north, people would be definitely plunged into misery and suffering.

"I can't bear the burden of this karma," Ling Han said faintly. "Small Tower!" 

Hong, Small Tower immediately primed Black Tower, pouring ceaseless energy towards him and making his cultivation skyrocket.

The first layer of the Spiritual Infant Tier!

Pu, Winter Moon Sect's remaining three old monsters of the Spiritual Infant Tier almost stared their eyeballs out. They originally thought that Ling Han's Flower Blossom Tier cultivation was a state after taking pills, and he was nothing more than a Spiritual Pedestal Tier youngster.

However, Ling Han's cultivation rocketed to the Spiritual Infant Tier all of a sudden. They finally realized that Ling Han had actually advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier!

This youngster… was too terrifying!

Ling Han temporarily didn't pay attention to those three people. The four Corpse Soldiers had to be demolished; this scourge was too great.

As the Demon Birth Sword was raised, Ling Han executed Mysterious Three Thousand. Four thousand sword lights waved; inside Ling Han's dantian, ten martial arts' celestial flowers undulated slightly, drawing heaven and earth's Spirit Qi to add to the might of the sword lights.

Hong, the sword art's power instantly grew drastically by a hundred-fold!

This was too terrifying. Pu, pu, pu, pu, as sword lights swept by, a Gold-Armored Corpse was directly slashed into pieces.

…A tenth-tier Spirit Tool coupled with the Mysterious Three Thousand, and the boost of ten celestial flowers, resulted in this surprising effect—even the Gold-Armored Corpse was almost instantly killed!

Winter Moon Sect's three old monsters looked at each other, seeing extreme fear on each other's faces. Without demur, they scrammed. This youngster was too strong, strong to the point that they couldn't even have the courage to fight him anymore.

Better return back to the sect where there was the protection of the mountain-protecting formation, which was at the Deity Transformation Tier level. Wait another hundred years or so—as the Winter Moon Sect had deep roots, they'd recover from the day's casualties.

Ling Han didn't chase. He only wanted to kill Ao family's elder and Shi He Shun, and once these two people died, he didn't really care to kill the others.

After he recovered slightly, he fired Mysterious Three Thousand again, slaying another Corpse Soldier.

If they were martial artists, they'd definitely run if they saw two companions killed, but Vorpse Soldiers didn't fear death; they only had the instinct of devouring flesh and blood. Since Ling Han was a living spirit, not to mention whether he was only at the Spiritual Infant or the Flower Blossom Tier, the corpses would still charge up even if he were at the Shattering Void or Heaven Tier. 

in a little over ten minutes, the four Gold-Armored Corpses were all annihilated by Ling Han. 

After Ling Han caught his breath, he stored the two God Tier corpses into the Black Tower. The God Tier oppression decreased a little every time it was used, and whether it could suppress Spiritual Infant Tier elites next time was uncertain.

He summoned everyone out from the Black Tower and walked towards the Fallen Moon Gorge.

Yue Hong Chang couldn't help but be excited. Back then, when she and Ling Dong Xing came here, they were caught up with by Ao Feng. Then, she was separated with her husband and son; in a flash, eighteen years had gone by.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan hurriedly supported her from the left and right, as if treating her like a normal seventy- to eighty-year-old lady; seeing this, Ling Han shook his head.

Ling Han swept the battlefield and stored the spatial rings of the seven Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators into the Black Tower. Inside the rings were mostly Origin Crystals—some were four stars. There were also some arts and skills, but none of them qualified for Ling Han to skim through them. 

The best was medium level Earth Grade trash!

They entered the Fallen Moon Gorge and arrived at the Star Brilliance Palace Hall.

Informed that a Heaven Grade alchemist arrived, all alchemists came greeting on their knees. Even Yong Long Zhang and the other two Earth Grade alchemists were no exception, extremely devout as they lay prostrated on the ground.

Ling Han helped up the three old men one by one and said with a smile, "I already refined the Restore Spirit Pill, but I'll refine another medium level Earth Grade medicinal pill later. All of you come observe."

"Thank you, Master Ling!" The three old men were extremely touched. Having become a Heaven Tier alchemist, Ling Han didn't need to care about how they felt, but he still did, making them feel extremely touched and warm inside the hearts. 

Ling Han only stayed at the Star Brilliance Palace Hall for a day. After he finished refining the pill, he set out for Rain Country. He was in a hurry to let his parents reunite, and wanted even more to see how Ling Dong Xing's current situation was.

In order to hasten on the journey, he stored everyone inside the Black Tower and used the Demon Fairy Step, dashing towards Da Yuan City.

After only three days, he arrived at Da Yuan City.

He summoned everyone from the Black Tower again; Ling Han first went to see Da Yuan King.

"Master Ling!" Seeing Ling Han, Da Yuan King hurriedly cupped his hands in obeisance. This was a high level Black Grade alchemist, whose status was higher than his… he clearly didn't know that Ling Han not only became a Heaven Grade alchemist, but also far surpassed him in martial arts, advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier!

Ling Han naturally didn't bring out his identity to pressure him. In reality, the status of a high level Black Grade alchemist was great enough here. If he truly said he were a Heaven Grade alchemist and a Flower Blossom Tier elite, Da Yuan King would properly slump onto the ground in fear.

He laughed and said, "Da Yuan King, haven't seen you for a year. How's everything?"

"Thanks to Master, all is well!" Da Yuan King said with a smile. No kidding, the new Rain Emperor cared greatly for the Ling Family, and even brought Da Yuan King Manor's status up with them.

Ling Han nodded and said, "How's my father?"

"A few days ago, several foreigners came to investigate the whereabouts of your father, so I acted on my own and moved your father and the Ling Family to a new place," Da Yuan King replied.

"Very good!" Ling Han pat him on the shoulder, then reached out and spread his hands over the table as several bottles of medicinal pills instantly appeared. "Da Yuan King, I'm in a rush to see my father. Accept these things, I'll be going now."
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