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Crossing into the Flower Blossom Tier from the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was a qualitative change. On the spiritual pedestal, a martial arts' celestial flower would bloom, and one would transcend the mortal limit from then on.

Why could Flower Blossom Tier warriors allocate the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth to add to their attacks? It was because of the martial arts' celestial flower that could draw the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth, as if a spirit base. However, the spirit base absorbed Spirit Qi to convert it into one's own Origin Power, but the martial arts' celestial flower directly added to the attack.

But how did one produce a martial arts' celestial flower?

Plant the martial arts' celestial flower seed on the spiritual pedestal and wait for it to bud and grow into a celestial flower; one would then be a Flower Blossom Tier expert.

However, the first step wasn't to plant the seed, but to select the kind of a martial arts' seed.

'Planting one martial arts' seed, I can thereby blossom a celestial flower and cross into the Flower Blossom Tier. In the former life, I planted a spiritual seed of fire, and after the celestial flower blossomed, I could invoke the Fire Spiritual Qi within heaven and earth.

'However, it's said that some can plant down three martial arts' seeds, and blossom three celestial flowers in the end, being called Three Flowers Crown.

'I possess a Five Elements Spirit Base, why not try planting five seedlings?

'Martial arts' seeds can only be planted at peak stage of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so I must make a decision!

'...No need to consider. I walk the path of the strongest, so I'll plant five martial arts' seeds.'

Ling Han's expression was resolute as he began to extract from the Five Elements Chaos Lotus's source. This spirit base corresponded to the elements gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, so with these as seeds, the martial arts' celestial flower he blossomed could also possess five different elements.

At that time, he would be able to draw from five types of Spiritual Qi in an attack, and that attack power would obviously be formidable. 

However, stripping from the spirit base's source element was painful like being cut by a saber and made his expression twist involuntarily, revealing an intensely pained expression.

Liu Yu Tong and the other girls' heart ached, especially Yue Hong Chang's. Her son was flesh that fell from her own body, making her tears almost fall out. Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan grabbed onto her hands on each side, calming her slightly.

Extracting the source element of a spirit base: this process was extremely painful, but not dangerous. Ling Han did it once in his previous life, but he had a fire spirit base back then, and only needed to extract it once to finish; now, it was five times!

Fortunately, this process was finally completed anyway.

Having removed the source elements, the Five Elements Chaos Lotus seemed dispirited and inert, somewhat hurt at the core, but it only needed some time to rest and could still recuperate. Also, since Ling Han was also a Heaven Grade alchemist, would he still fear a damaged spirit base?

Ling Han began to plant the spirit seeds, but there were only five and they couldn't be broken up into parts. He considered it momentarily and decided to care for the earth spiritual ocean's spiritual pedestal; as for the other half… that would be for later.

Spiritual pedestals were the best soil for spirit seeds. After burying the spirit seed, to let the spirit seed bud and blossom a celestial flower, massive amounts of energy needed to be provided, as well as corresponding martial arts comprehension; these two things were the fertilizer to grow the spirit seed—neither could be missing.

Ling Han began to chug down spirit medicine and spiritual liquid. As for marital arts comprehension, this he wasn't missing; even if he planted five seeds this time, he was still much at ease, having enough comprehension to aid him back to the Heaven Tier.

When the martial arts' seed would bud, how long it would grow, and what celestial flower would bloom... these were all uncertain. Depending on whether there was enough "fertilizer," it would be possible to succeed in one to two days, but if there weren't enough fertilizer, it might be several years, several tens of years, or hundreds of years. 

…There wouldn't be over hundreds of years, since lifespan was a mere hundred years. If one didn't enter the Flower Blossom Tier, one would already be dead.

Ling Han of course had enough "fertilizer." Although there weren't medicinal pills that could make one directly cross into the Flower Blossom Tier, there were too many tonic things, and he didn't wish to cross into it directly. Advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier was to comprehend the dao of heaven and earth which was of great benefit, so why miss it?

He kept eating, and the five spirit seeds soon budded, breaking through the mud and swaying on the spiritual pedestal. The strange thing was that on top of the spiritual pedestal in the heaven spiritual ocean, five spirit seeds also budded!

What happened? He'd clearly only planted five spirit seeds!

…But, this was a good thing, wasn't it?

Ling Han didn't have time to care now, simply nurturing the five spirit seeds diligently. As they kept growing, the spirit seeds were covered with vein-like patterns, shining resplendently—this was Ling Han's comprehension of martial arts.

The spirit seeds grew very fast, and only after a day's effort grew into a firmament tree with a flower bud on top; the celestial flower's blossoming was imminent.

Once the celestial flower blossomed, Ling Han would officially advance into the Flower Blossom Tier. Now, well, he was the same as when he'd planted the seed, only at half-step Flower Blossom Tier.

Ling Han sat cross-legged. This was the most arduous step and needed the provision of terrifying amounts of energy. On the contrary, martial intent had already densely covered the celestial flower, divine patterns intertwining; it was enough.

Eat! Eat!

Ling Han devoured ravenously like his life depended on it. A dao fire rose within his body, burning his body and nourishing it cealessly with energy. 

'Damn, how come that much energy still isn't enough?' he cried out inwardly. When he'd broken through to the Flower Blossom Tier in the past, he used at most one hundredth of that energy, but now it was a hundred times more, as if filling in a bottomless pit with no sign of it being enough.

He came to a realization: this was because he cultivated Indestructible Heaven's Scroll. His physique's toughness was equivalent to rare metals' of the same tier, and the problem was with "same tier."

Since he wanted to advance into the Flower Blossom Tier, his physique obviously had to increase to the hardness of a sixth tier rare metal, but this couldn't possibly appear out of thin air; he obviously had to absorb sufficient amounts of energy to increase his physique.

Could this not require massive amounts of energy? Ling Han was now equivalent to a human-shaped Spirit Tool; an increase from fifth tier Spirt Tool to a sixth tier one, was this change not great?

Then continue eating!

Ling Han turned into Hu Niu, the chowhound. Liu Yu Tong and the others stared with eyes wide open—are you breaking through or turning into a hungry ghost's reincarnation? Even Hu Niu was somewhat shocked, muttering, "Seems to eat more than Niu, as expected of Niu's Ling Han!"

He ate for two days and two nights, finally filling this hole. Five flower buds trembled lightly, as they'd blossom at any time. On the heaven spiritual ocean's spiritual pedestal, the five celestial flowers were also the same.

It was like a mirror—the changes of the earth spiritual ocean's spiritual pedestal would be replicated on the heaven spiritual ocean's spiritual pedestal, appearing extremely miraculous. Thankfully that was so—Ling Han didn't have any spare spirit seeds to let two spiritual pedestals blossom celestial flowers simultaneously.

Slowly, the celestial flower blossomed!

Dang, dang, dang, the sound of dao resonated within the Black Tower, thought-provoking. Liu Yu Tong and the others, regardless of each person's cultivation, all entered into a state of enlightenment. 

Observing someone's breakthrough, especially to the Flower Blossom Tier, a great threshold of surpassing mortals, had many great benefits.

Of course, Ling Han was definitely the one with the greatest changes. On the earth spiritual ocean's spiritual pedestal, the five martial arts' celestial flowers blossomed one by one.

An azure flower represented wood; a red flower represented fire; a white flower represented gold; a black flower represented water, and a gold flower represented earth.

The flower of five elements, blossomed all together.

The Flower Blossom Tier!
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