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Through the Black Tower, Ling Han observed and saw a skinny dark old man appear. He looked ordinary but emitted a baleful presence, frightening people out of their wits.

This was of course a Spiritual Infant Tier being, but what surprised Ling Han even more was that the old man had the presence of the dead.

Corpse Qi!

This old man was from the Thousand Corpse Sect.

After staying silent for so long, the Thousand Corpse Sect finally moved.

There wasn't just one, as another short and fat old man appeared, looking like a merchant. His eyes were squinted, but as his eyes opened and closed, a shocking ruthless spirit was emitted.

"Didn't hit," the skinny and dark old man said.

"That spatial Spirit Tool is truly out of the ordinary, being able to block your attack," the short and fat old man said.

"It certainly is remarkable!" the skinny and dark old man said. "However, if this thing could be obtained by our sect, then whom would our sect need to fear?"

"Haha, that's right!" The tubby old man also rubbed his palms, laughing loudly.

The problem was how would they get that treasure? They didn't even know where Ling Han was, so they couldn't even kill him.

"Nine Clouds, you've dealt with that kid, what weaknesses could we take advantage of?" the tubby old man said towards one side. 

Elder Nine Clouds surfaced and said respectfully, "Elder Tian Che, that kid's martial arts talent is surprising, and he has a keen divine sense. I've wanted to attack time and time again, but have returned empty-handed."

"Hmph, this is the north region where Spiritual Infant Tier warriors are kings. This old man won't believe that even a Flower Blossom Tier junior can't be dealt with!" Elder Tian Che was determined; a shockingly chilling glare emitted from his eyes.

"Guard here, and once he appears, immediately take his life!" the skinny and dark old man said.

"What?!" They were startled simultaneously as their gazes turned towards the valley's opening, seeing eight old men tread over slowly. Within a few steps, they appeared before them. 

"So it's Winter Moon Sect's fellow brothers." Elder Tian Che cupped his hands in obeisance.

"Hmph, who's calling you Winter Moon Sect's brothers?" Shi He Shun said coldly. "Since you've seen us, hurry up and get lost?"

"Get lost?" Elder Tian Che sneered. "Shi He shun, you do know what our sect is? The elder of our sect is an almighty Shattering Void Tier elite! Seven senior sect guardians are all at the Heaven Tier, thirty-three law kings are at the Deity Transformation Tier, and Spiritual Infant Tier experts like us are in the hundreds!"

Hearing his words, Shi He Shun and the other seven were stifled. 

This force was too powerful. Spiritual Infant Tier experts were actually in the hundreds. Placed in the north region, were all the Spiritual Infant Tier warriors added up even near this amount? The Thousand Corpse Sect proved to be an ancient large sect—even just rising from the ashes, it had reached such a scale.

"So what!" Ao Family's elder rolled his eyes. "North region's strongest elite is only the Spiritual Infant Tier, and Spiritual Infant Tier experts that cross over the region wall will have their cultivation, and even their life force, cut. Thousand Corpse Sect's base should be in middle state, so why don't you request a Deity Transformation Tier elite comes over?"

"Our sect will unite the vast lands sooner or later, and when the time comes, if you guys don't want to become corpse soldiers, you'll have to live at our mercy!" Elder Tian Che said loftily. "A mere region wall, you think our sect's elites can't break through it?"

Shi He Shun and the other seven were all shocked. Right, how did the region wall come about? At most, it was the handiwork of a Shattering Void Tier elite, and since that was so, how could it block another Shattering Void Tier elite?

"Those who comply with us will thrive, and those who resist us will perish!" the skinny and dark old man and Elder Tian Che shouted at the same time.

"Bullsh!t!" Ao Family's elder shouted angrily. "Evil never prevails over good. If your sect master dares to take rash actions, would middle state's Heaven's Sword Sect and Cloud Phoenix Sect not intervene to stop you guys? Stop with the nonsense, either get lost or die!"

The other seven Spiritual Infant Tier warriors also looked cold. They were truly so awe-inspiringly righteous, but the thing on Ling Han was too precious, and they couldn't not contest for it! If it were simply an ordinary figure, they'd probably break into a quarrel with the Thousand Corpse Sect.

…The Thousand Corpse Sect was certainly loathed by everyone, but the key was that two people here weren't rats; they were large old tigers, and striking them could harm one's own bones, so who would be willing to start a fight?

Elder Tian Che and the skinny and dark old man snorted, hallooing. As a ceaseless ear-piercing sounded, four caskets slid over from afar. Terrifying Corpse Qi filled the air, and could be felt from very far away. 

These two people planned to ambush Ling Han, so they obviously couldn't bring Corpse Soldiers, which would be too evident. 

Peng, peng, peng, peng, four corpse solders leapt out form the caskets. Their faces were clearly frightening, but a layer of light gold covered their bodies, having a sense of holiness that astonished people.

First tier Gold-Armored Corpse, equivalent to the Spiritual Infant Tier.

There certainly was a reason why the Thousand Corpse Sect was feared by people. Corpse Soldiers didn't fear death, ignored pain, and had astonishing defensive power. And the higher the tier Thousand Corpse Sect's disciples were at, the more corpse soldiers they could bring. There were clearly only two Spiritual Infant Tier elites here, but they possessed the battle prowess of six Spiritual Infant Tiers.

"And how about now?" Elder Tian Che said loftily.

Shi He Shun and the other seven frowned. Eight against six: they still had a firm advantage, but the problem was that even if they could win, they would have to pay a great price.

"Hmph, everyone's target is that kid, why not wait for him to appear and kill him together. When the time comes, everyone can seize the treasure!" Shi He Shun said.

"That's settled then!" The two Spiritual Infant Tier experts of the Thousand Corpse Sect weren't willing to start a fight; after all, they were at a disadvantage in numbers.

Once the two parties agreed, they withdrew their hostility, and waited quietly for Ling Han to appear.

Inside the Black Tower, Ling Han sighed. With the attack earlier, the speck that Black Tower turned into also moved with the wind, floating to a distant place; otherwise, if he threw out the god's skeletal remains, it would definitely be able to suppress the ten Spiritual Infant Tiers onto all fours.

However, would that be effective against the Corpse Soldiers?

Ling Han didn't know. Corpse Soldiers were already dead, equivalent to puppets. This thing's never been said to been able to be suppressed by any presence.

What to do, endure till they lose patience and disperse voluntarily? 

Ling Han immediately shook his head; these people might go search for Ling Dong Xing!

He decided to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier as soon as possible, and then beat these bastards with Black Tower's power boost.

He was extremely resolute and immediately set aside all thoughts, cultivating whole-heartedly. He was originally at the middle stage of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so after ten days of cultivation, he reached peak stage.

Inside his dantian, the spiritual ocean was vast and mighty. Two spiritual pedestals rose from within it, infinitely high and extremely magnificent.

"It'd be best to use a few months to perfect the tier and break through after there can be no more improvements. However, there isn't so much time now. I must immediately begin charging at the Flower Blossom Tier!" Ling Han said.

Hong, long, long, the bones in his body crackled, as if the chants of Dao. Liu Yu Tong and the others sat cross-legged nearby, as this was of great benefit to them as well.
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