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Chapter 52: Transcending Origin Pill
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Ling Han was overjoyed. This stalk of Earth Dragon Grass was at least over two hundred years old. It would not only become an ingredient for the Transcending Origin Pill, but also improve the effects of the completed pill. If this was how it was, then even if the other main ingredients he had on hand were a bit insufficient in age, this would compensate for it.


He carefully dug out the Earth Dragon Grass. As long as the main stem was undamaged, the medical effects of the Earth Dragon Grass would not decrease. Additionally, it could also be preserved for a very, very long time.


"Congratulations, you are one step closer to the day of Uncle Ling's recovery," Liu Yu Tong said. She now also knew about how Ling Dong Xing's Spirit Base had been crippled.


Ling Han's face was filled with joy. If everything proceeded as smoothly as things had this time, then within one, or maybe two, years he could heal Ling Dong Xing's Spirit Base and allow him to once again advance on the path of cultivation.


The two of them came out of the cavern. While Ling Han got ready to start concocting the alchemical pill, Liu Dong and his group were boiling the bones of the Red Scaled Dragon Snake. Aside from the inner core, the bones were the most valuable part of the great serpent.

"This can't be, this guy even knows how to concoct pills?" When they saw Ling Han take out a very small alchemy furnace, the faces of Liu Dong and his group began twitching uncontrollably.

"He's really a monster!"


"Yeah, his advancement in cultivation levels is inhumanly fast, and he's even managed to form four flashes of Sword Qi! But now, he can even concoct pills... I really don't know what else to say anymore."

"Forget it, let's not compare ourselves with a freak."

"We won't compare anymore! Never again!"

The five of them continuously shook their heads. Even Li Hao, who had managed to form a flash of Saber Qi, shook his head, looking like a rattle-drum. To compare yourself with a freak, wasn't that just seeking your own humiliation?

Ling Han's alchemy techniques were a blur to their eyes. Currently, his Origin Power was abundant, so he did not need to keep taking pills during the concocting process. Additionally, the eruption effects of his Five Elements Origin Nuclei were astonishing, allowing him to control the furnace's heat even more smoothly and easily than before.

After only one hour, he stopped his movements. The Transcending Origin Pill, done!

There were thirteen pills in total.


"This is the Transcending Origin Pill. Taking one would allow you to advance one layer," Ling Han said. He took eight pills for himself, and handed the remaining five over to Liu Dong and his group.


Theoretically, he only needed two pills to reach the peak period of the third layer of Element Gathering Tier, but the effects of this Transcending Origin Pill were tailored for "single nucleus" martial artists. Who knows if the Five Elements Origin Nuclei needed double or even more than that the amount? Thus, to avoid complications, he kept an additional six pills.


Liu Dong and his group did not express any disagreement about Ling Han taking the lion's share of the rewards.


Are you kidding? How much work had they actually done for this reward? They had only been responsible for capturing a Bright Wool Sheep! Such an easy task, who on earth would fail at it? They knew very well that Ling Han had gifted them each with a Transcending Origin Pill because they had pointed out the location of the cavern to him. This was Ling Han's token of appreciation for their aid.


Otherwise, who would be so generous to do such a thing? They didn't have such a close relationship after all.

One pill would allow the one who consumed it to advance one layer.... if this pill was sold, what kind of astronomical price would it be worth?


Ling Han, Liu Dong, Li Hao and Zhu Xue Yi immediately took their respective pills and proceeded to digest the effects while Liu Yu Tong was responsible for standing guard over them. Chen Peng Ju and Zhou Chang could only watch enviously from the side. Thankfully, the Transcending Origin Pill wouldn't suddenly grow wings and fly away, so when they have broken through to Element Gathering Tier, they'd also be able to use it.


Ling Han sat down beside some bushes at one side. After he had consumed a Transcending Origin Pill, the Spiritual Qi from all around him surged towards him. His Five Elements Mix Chaos Lotus fluttered slightly and began to absorb the Spiritual Qi like mad. His cultivation level immediately began to shoot up.


He had already reached the peak period of the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, and under the large volume of concentrated Spiritual Qi, he immediately began to solidify the second origin nucleus.


Five pinpricks of light appeared from nothing, and slowly transformed into five rotating nuclei. Then, their speed of rotation gradually increased, and they quickly increased in size. It was also during this process that the space within his Dantian also started expanding in order to accommodate even more Origin Power.

The size of the space within a martial artist's Dantian decided the amount of Origin Power a martial artist could store, thus it was very important. For Ling Han, its importance had increased by a few times because he possessed the Five Element Origin Nuclei, which granted him with power that exceeded his own actual cultivation level. However, the toll it took on his ability to store Origin Power was also naturally overwhelming.


He required a space within his Dantian that was at least a few times larger than other martial artists' of the same cultivation level. Otherwise, he'd only be a one-trick pony, only able to display his overwhelming prowess once and very quickly becoming exhausted.


Of course, as long as he managed to obtain first place in the Da Yuan Tournament and get his hands on the Dark Moon Grass, he'd be able to concoct the Spatial Pill. This was something even powerful warriors of Heaven Tier would be jealous over. To him, who was only in Element Gathering Tier, how many times would the Spatial Pill expand the space in his Dantian?


The problem of limited Origin Power storage would thus be solved.


The greatness of the Immortal Grade Spirit Base was fully evident here as the Spiritual Qi absorbed by his Five Elements Mix Chaos Lotus was indescribably plentiful; the Transcending Origin Pill stimulated the speedy growth of his origin nuclei, allowing his cultivation level to increase like crazy.


Second layer of Element Gathering Tier--early, middle, late, peak period.


The speed of his advancement was hair-raising!


Ling Han nodded to himself. Although his Origin Nuclei was equivalent to five times of a normal person's Origin Nucleus, it did not expend additional medicinal effects. When he thought about it, it was natural. Although his Origin Nuclei was equivalent to five times a normal person's Origin Nucleus, he still had the Immortal Grade Spirit Base, so how fast would he be at absorbing Spiritual Qi?

Immortal Grade Spirit Base was originally synonymous with rapid cultivation rate, so how could it be possible he'd be held back by it?


At this moment, the medicinal effects of the first Transcending Origin Pill were completely used up.

Ling Han opened his eyes and instantly felt a raging hunger. It seemed he had unknowingly been cultivating for a whole day and night.


On another side, Liu Dong and the other two were also almost done with their cultivation. Their faces all revealed exhilaration though they had each advanced to different stages.


Liu Dong and Zhu Xue Yi had reached the peak period of the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, whereas Li Hao had reached the early period of the second layer. Their innate abilities differed, so there was also a difference in the results of absorbing the medicinal effects of the Transcending Origin Pill.

Ling Han was slightly optimistic about Li Hao. To be able to form Saber Qi at this age was proof of his great potential, and facts have also proved that he was talented. Ling Han decided to spare some time and effort to nurture this man.


Perhaps, there would appear a Saber King in future because of his decision!


At this time, the bones of the Red Scaled Dragon Snake were also done, and the essence of the bones had mixed with the soup. It was gold in color and produced a strange aroma.


"This is extremely nutritious! Come, come, come, let's all have ourselves a grand feast!" Ling Han gathered the others and started to distribute the soup amongst themselves. They had also grilled the snake flesh, and though its effects were far beneath those of the snake bones, it would at least fill their stomachs.


The seven of them started to eat without reserve.


Although the Red Scaled Dragon Snake did not have a high grade, but still, kings of demonic beasts were not commonly sold in the marketplace. Even Liu Yu Tong had only eaten such a delicacy twice. Even she, a princess of a Great Clan, was so, thus Liu Dong and his group were even more eager for such a rare meal.


Not long after, they had drunk the whole pot of soup until nothing was left. They all felt that their stomachs were extremely full and bloated--as if even one more bite and they would burst.


This was natural. The bone marrow of the Red Scaled Dragon Snake was equivalent to an extremely nutritious medicine. They felt this way because they have had too much nutrition.


The seven of them quickly sat down in cross-legged positions and started to digest this extremely nutritious food.


This could not help them advance their cultivation level, but would still help them strengthen their physiques. It was still extremely beneficial for them.


Ling Han circulated the Indestructible Heaven Scroll to absorb the medicinal effects of all he had consumed into every part of his body. A golden light actually started to flicker from his body. However, this glow was very faint, and if you didn't pay attention, you'd miss it completely.


'It's great!' He thought in his heart. The Indestructible Heaven Scroll could help him completely absorb all the benefits of what he had consumed, without wasting a single drop!


It was common sense that the food one consumes could not possibly be absorbed completely by one's body, especially for this kind of extremely nutritious food. That was because if the medicinal effects were too strong, they could not be digested within a short period of time. However, after one or two days, due to the natural processes of the body, the nutrition would be naturally removed from one's body. How great of a waste was that?


"After I have finished digesting it, I'll definitely be able to cultivate the body of the Dead Tree from the Dead Tree Tier!"
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