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The mother and son spoke for a long, long time. It was basically Yue Hong Chang asking how he spent the many years.

Ling Han naturally reported the good and not the bad, and when she found out that her son had become a Heaven Grade alchemist, Yue Hong Chang was shocked speechless. No wonder Ao Feng and the others called Ling Han Master Ling, turns out her so was quite accomplished.

After chatting for half a day, Ling Han said, "Mother, let me introduce you to some people."

He brought Yue Hong Chang over to see Liu Yu Tong and the others.

"It's our honor to see Mistress!" Can Ye, Zhu Wu Jiu, and Guang Yuan paid respects kneeling on one knee, while the three girls sweetly called her aunty. Hu Niu was somewhat muddled, biting on a finger.

Yue Hong Chang was instantly unable to conceal her happiness. These three girls were all so charming, especially Zhu Xuan Er who was so beautiful that even she would be touched. Her son was truly fortunate to find such beautiful wives.

The three girls obviously ingratiated themselves intentionally. This was their future mother-in-law—even if Ling Han wasn't interested in them, as long as they captured the heart of the mother-in-law, would they still fear not being able to become Ling Han's wife?

"Son, is this your daughter?" Seeing Hu Niu, Yue Hong Chan was involuntarily somewhat dumbfounded. Her son was only so mature, and he already has such a large daughter?

Hu Niu stuck her hands on her hips and said in all seriousness, "Definitely not, Niu is Ling Han's wife!" 

Yue Hong Chan was speechless. This girl was only so old, and she said she wanted to be her son's wife—how long would her son have to wait? How long would she also have to wait before holding a grandson in her arms?

However, this little girl was also really charming, delicate and beautiful, and after she grew up, her looks probably wouldn't be inferior to Zhu Xuan Er's.

Hehe, take the adults and the keep the small one, all would be Ling Family's people in the future!

If Ling Dong Xing dared to be so fickle, Yue Hong Chang would definitely turn into a lioness, but it would be different for her son. The more wives the better, and best that all of them had big butts and could give birth to more grandsons and granddaughters for her.

At this time, Ling Han had no room to interrupt. Yue Hong Chan took the absolute initiative as she pulled on the Liu Yu Tong and the other two girls, chattering away like they were already a family. Hu Niu was unadapted to such an atmosphere and began to eat again, not fearing that being able to eat so much would scare the future mother-in-law.

"Can Ye, your path of martial arts is not by my side." Ling Han called Can Ye over. "Following me, you can only become an expert in the future, but not a master of a generation."

He paused shortly, then went on, "I hope you can become a great master in the way of the saber, the emperor of sabers!"

Can Ye's breathing instantly sped up; he'd never thought Ling Han had such high expectations for him. He put up no pretenses, half kneeling as he said, "Master Han, I definitely won't disappoint your expectations!"

Ling Han nodded and said, "I'll give you enough resources, but at most to send you to the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. The following road you'll have to walk on your own! However, the path you take on your own is the true martial arts that belongs to you."

"I understand!" Can Ye nodded.

Ling Han pondered and said, "You can first go to middle state. I'll be going there next, but not under the identity of Ling Han."

Can Ye understood; everyone knew that Ling Han acquired the Twelve Palaces' legacy, and even knew the location of a god's treasure-trove. If Ling Han still casually ran to the middle state, he'd be broken into pieces by Shattering Void Tier elites immediately. 

"I'll still be called Han Lin. You can take note, but don't inquire intentionally," Ling Han followed.

"Yes." Can Ye nodded repeatedly.

Ling Han threw Can Ye several spatial rings filled with all sorts of medicinal ingredients and other ingredients from within the Black Tower. This needed several spatial rings to pack, so it could be imagined how many things were inside.

Can Ye was not at all reserved. He kept his appreciation in his heart; if Ling Han needed anything in the future, he would be Ling Han's saber, slashing towards any enemy.

"Go!" Ling Han let Can Ye out of the Black Tower—the surging river water naturally couldn't do anything to a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior. 

The Black Tower drifted with the waves, and after ten days, Ling Han finally came out of the Black Tower. At this moment, he was already far from the Winter Moon Sect's territory. Having not found Ling Han in those many days, those Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators completely lost track of him.

However, these people were very likely to ambush him at the Fallen Moon Gorge, the land that had to be passed to enter the desolate north.

Spiritual Infant Tier experts ambushing a Spiritual Pedestal Tier one... saying this was extremely laughable, but Ling Han had a god's skeletal remains that even Spiritual Infant Tiers dared not approach; so, obviously, they could only ambush him, not daring to let Ling Han summon the god's corpse.

Ling Han shook his head inwardly. The two god corpses weren't preserved properly and were sucked of their godly essence, so the God Tier's oppressive might was actually continuously fading; it was probably not long before they completely turned to normal bones.

However, he didn't care. Suppressing others with gods' bones was no help at all to his path of martial arts, and if it hadn't been for saving his mother this time, he actually wouldn't have wanted to use it.

There were too many resources in the Black Tower, such as king tier beast's meat, high-tier Origin Crystals, various medicinal ingredients, and spiritual liquid. With these things added together, Ling Han's cultivation advanced to late stage of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier in a dozen days, arriving not far from the Flower Blossom Tier.

His brute force finally advanced into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier as well, but the improvement rate began to slow down; after all, it caught up to Ling Han's tier, unlike before where it improved at an explosive speed.

Everyone's improvements were evident. Yue Hong Chang who was originally at the third layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier improved to the fourth layer in roughly half a month's time; it was clear how much benefit she received from the Black Tower.

"In half a month, I'll can charge at the Flower Blossom Tier," Ling Han muttered. "If those old bastards still dare to bully me, I'll use Black Tower's power boost again to crush and kill each and every one of them, making them drop the idea forever!"

Advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier meant that he would finally take a true step in martial arts and break away from the identity of a mortal, possessing two hundred years more lifespan and being able to fly in flesh.

After another day, the majestic Fallen Moon Gorge appeared before him. It was as if a mark cut by a divine saber and could almost be claimed a wonder.

He walked over in large strides. He had to go to the Star Brilliance Palace Hall because he'd once promised to let Long Yong Chang and the others observe him refining Restore Spirit Pill; in the end, he had Liu Ji Tong directly send the medicinal pill to Rain Country.

However, there were many medium level Earth Grade medicinal pills he could refine, so he'd just change one to refine.

Xiu, an attack stormed over, as fast as lightning!

Ling Han's instincts were faster than his consciousness, entering right into the Black Tower. This attack was too terrifying, reaching the level of the Spiritual Infant Tier. Not to mention that he didn't even have the time to activate the Thunder Battle Armor, even if could, it wouldn't be able to block a Spiritual Infant Tier's heavy attack; the gap was truly too great. 

Hong, the place he was originally at instantly became a deep pit as a giant mushroom cloud soared into the sky. The destructive power of the Spiritual Infant Tier was too terrifying.

This was aiming for his life!
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