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"No! No!" Feng Yan yelled. He didn't want to die, he couldn't die now!

He possessed a divine beast's bloodline and had a chance to become a Shattering Void Tier elite in the future. Moreover, he hadn't taken revenge for his brother's death and the hatred of losing his leg, yet he was actually going to die in the hands of his enemy? 

Not resigned, he was not resigned!

"That's right, just this resentfulness!" Ling Han said. "When you killed and hurt people brazenly, did you ever think of how the people you bullied felt? So, do as you would be done by. There will always be someone who can punish you!

"And you're very unfortunate to have met me!

"Be a good man in the next life… whatever, just by your actions in this life, you still want to be a man? Better off as a pig and eaten to pay for your sins!"

Ling Han stomped hard and Feng Yan's entire head instantly sunk into the mud; his limbs twitched for a while, and soon drooped down.

He was obviously thoroughly dead.

"Ling Han! Ling Han! Ling Han!" Shi He Shun roared angrily at the sky, bristling with anger. He was truly furious to the extreme. 

"Bring it on if you have the guts, this lord will battle three hundred rounds with you!" Ling Han challenged.

Shi He Shun couldn't possibly dare to accept the challenge. Running over, he would only be suppressed by the god's skeletal remains.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "If you guys don't come here, this lord will leave! Besides, you guys better think it through: if you want to chase after this lord, maybe you'll give away your life."

He walked over and waved his hand, storing the god's skeletal remains in the Black Tower, but a ruthless mental shock immediately charged right at his consciousness, almost making him hack out blood.

…He could move freely under the godly presence but touching the god's skeletal remains was another matter.

Ling Han resisted with great difficulty, not letting anyone see an inkling of it.

"If you want to chase this lord, bring it on!" He looked again at Ao Feng, who had woken up. "Don't you die, your life will be left for my father to reap. Or else, my father will be left with regret." 

Ao Feng simply wanted to raise his middle finger at Ling Han, but cold sweat was all over his body; he was completely out of strength, so he couldn't possibly raise his hand.

Ling Han descended the mountain in large strides. In the sky, nine divine senses constantly locked onto him—eight were filled with killing intent, while one had a hint of friendliness.

That was definitely Yue Family's elder!

In fact, the more valiant he was, the happier Yue Family's elder would be; he was the descendant of the family, although not surnamed Yue. 

However, the other eight Spiritual Infant Tiers never attacked, probably having qualms about the god's skeletal remains. Perhaps they were waiting for Ling Han to be inattentive and careless to launch a sudden surprise attack, killing him.

Besides, it would be an extremely problematic matter if a Heaven Grade alchemist died at the Winter Moon Sect, so they obviously wanted to wait for him to be slightly further to attack.

"Ling Han! Ling Han!" Yue Kai Yu quickly rushed over. After leaving the mystery realm, he went straight back to the Winter Moon Sect, so he obviously arrived several days earlier than Ling Han.

"Brother Yue!" Ling Han laughed.

"Master Han… pah!" Yue Kai Yu rushed over, and snatched Ling Han by the chest, picking him up. "You bastard, you obviously knew I'm your older cousin, yet you still made me call you Master Han, Master Han! Let my aunt out to judge what's right and wrong!"

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "Say, cousin, do you still remember that we made a bet and you still owe me something?"

"When did we make such a bet?" Yue Kai Yu was at a loss.

Ling Han casually tossed an identity token at Yue Kai Yu.

"Han Lin!" Yue Kai received the identity token and finally realized that Han Lin was precisely Ling Han! When they entered Duan Zheng Zhi's old hideout, Ling Han once made a bet with him whether Ling Han could extinguish that many corpse soldiers in a limited time, and obviously he lost.

So, this guy had already anticipated it!

"You're too crafty!" Yue Kai criticized. He finally understood why "Han Lin" would gift him Restore Spirit Pill so generously, almost like a dolt. After all the answers were revealed, he was too embarrassed to criticize Ling Han.

It couldn't be helped that he'd accepted those gifts and was now partial, no? 

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "I'll come see you in the future. As for now, you head back first. I'm afraid the old bastards will suddenly attack and drag you in."

"Can you block it?" Yue Kai Yu said seriously.

"No problem," Ling Han said full of confidence.

Yue Kai Yu nodded, he fought alongside Ling Han in the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realm and was very confident in Ling Han. Since Ling Han said it was no problem, then there definitely wouldn't be a problem.

"Alright, remember to come visit me with my aunt and uncle!" he reminded again.

"Got it, got it, why're you so much like an old woman." Ling Han waved his hand to dismiss him.

"You're the old woman!" Yue Kai Yu retorted, turning to leave as he kept waving at Ling Han.

Ling Han also waved his hand, and then turned to leave, advancing in large strides.

His mental spirit was raised to the limit, and once he felt the slightest rustle of leaves, he would immediately enter the Black Tower; he wasn't afraid of what anyone thought now—since the news of the god's treasure-trove got out anyway, even Shattering Void Tier elites could possibly attack him; there truly wasn't anything to be afraid of.

Considering, wasn't there someone who opened the Sagittarius Palace previously? Why did the key circulate into the Jiang family's hands? Obviously, that person was slaughtered.

After half a day, he was far from the Winter Moon Sect; presumably the eight people who followed behind should attack soon.

Ling Han smiled and jumped up abruptly into a large surging river. Pu tong, water splashed everywhere, but he didn't float up, entering directly into the Black Tower.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, nine figures descended from the sky. Each person revealed an astounded look because they no longer felt Ling Han's presence. However, an old man revealed a hint of a joyful smile in his astonishment.

That was obviously Yue Family's elder.

"How could he possibly disappear?" Shi He Shun yelled furiously.

"This boy must have some special method that can shield his presence and tracks," Ao Family's elder conjectured, his gaze extremely baleful. His descendant, Ao Feng, who was most likely to advance into Spiritual Infant Tier had his spirit base crippled!

"Chase separately!"

The nine people immediately moved separately. Yue Family's elder obviously had other plans; if he encountered Ling Han, not only would he not seize Ling Han, but also think of a way to bring him away.

However, they didn't know that the Black Tower turned into a speck that flowed with the surging stream and was rapidly rushing into the distance. This river would finally return to the sea, the exit of the desolate north.

Ling Han didn't care so much. He entered the Black Tower and reunited with his mother.

"Son!" After seeing Ling Han, Yue Hong Chang who'd stopped her tears, instantly cried in streams again, hugging Ling Han, unwilling to let go. She'd already waited eighteen years by now and had assumed there would be no chance in this life for a reunion, but heaven was not cold to her, and finally, she saw her son again.

Ling Han was also stirred up with emotion; he finally had a father and mother in this life.ED/N: An allusion to samsara
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