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Everyone dropped weakly onto the ground. The coercive power of the god's remains was too strong, and furthermore, this wasn't the divine temple which could suppress godly presence. It instantly swept towards the mountaintop and frightened the Spiritual Infant Tier elites as they shot up into the sky one after another, not daring to get close.

Whoever went up would be out of luck!

Ling Han smiled slightly and said, "See? Like I said, I don't like to kill, that's the most inferior way of doing things."

If Liu Yu Tong heard those words, she would definitely snicker because Ling Han very often liked to kill, even though he could clearly use his title to resolve things—he had to use his fists.

Now, no one could retort. Under the god's coercive might, no one could open their mouths.

Ling Han walked to Yue Hong Chang's side, helped her up, and said, "Mother, you've suffered a lot these years!"

Yue Hong Chang couldn't speak, simply blinking her eyes as tears fell down.

Ling Han helped her mother to the side to sit down, and spoke of a few things about his father, looking like he was going to engage in small talk here. This made the people of the Winter Moon Sect speechless; they were still lying on all fours!

However, other than sweating cold sweat, they could couldn't do anything else.

"Mother, I'll first send you away." Ling Han walked Yue Hong Chang to the back of a large rock and made Yue Hong Chang not resist his consciousness, storing her into the Black Tower.

The Winter Moon Sect would definitely not let the matter drop like this. There were still nine Spiritual Infant Tier elites, and though they didn't dare to approach now, once Ling Han put away the god's remains, they would definitely attack immediately.

Ling Han could hide into the Black Tower at any time, but with one more person, accidents would inevitably occur, and Yue Hong Chang definitely couldn't get into an accident. 

He walked backed, arriving before Ao Feng.

Ao Feng could only look up at the son of his enemy, and the psychological damage inside his heart was probably astonishingly large; there were definitely ten thousand grass mud horses galloping by.


Ling Han stepped on his face and crushed it forcefully, making Ao Feng groan in pain. He had no Rock Cliff Body, nor Iron Sheet Body, and without a Origin Power barrier, his body's defense was only slightly stronger than a normal person's.

"I should take your life, but as a son, I shouldn't deprive my father of his job. So, your life will be left for my father to personally take!" Ling Han kicked Ao Feng ferociously, crippling Ao Feng's spirit base.

That was how Ao Feng treated his father back then, and now Ling Han paid it back in full!

From now on, Ao Feng's cultivation would stagnate at the third layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, while Ling Dong Xing's tier would soon catch up.

…To repair a spirit base? No way, what grade of spirit pill was required to restore a spirit base crippled by Ling Han? At least Heaven Grade! Where would Ao Family find that? He should just quietly wait for death!

Ao Feng couldn't even yell out, simply groaning in pain.

He was the genius of the Winter Moon Sect, breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier before being fifty years in age, with a chance to cross into the Spiritual Infant Tier in the future; but now, his spirit base was destroyed, breaking off his path of advancement.

He was shocked, angered, and frightened, instantly fainting.

Scaring a Flower Blossom Tier warrior till they fainted, Ling Han probably created a first in history.

Ling Han smiled slightly, swept his gaze past Feng Yan, and walked over in in large strides. "Although I've never cared about you, since I've come, I might as well take care of you."

Seeing Feng Yan's lips tremble, trying hard to speak. Ling Han simply picked up Feng Yan and walked far from the god's skeletal remains. 

"Ling Han, you bully others by taking advantage of your connections, what hero you are!" Feng Yan scolded.

Ling Han was astonished and said, "Do my ears have a problem? You'd actually say something so substandard? When you were in Rain Country, didn't you take of advantage of having a Spiritual Infant Tier master to try to kill me in public? Taking a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree to assume unwarranted authority and acting extremely unbridled?" 

"It's all based on my own strength anyhow, how is this taking advantage of connections?"

"Feng Yan, you're truly fallen low!"

Those words made Feng Yan's face red all over. At that time, he certainly had been self-satisfied, not even caring about Rain Emperor. In the end, it was Rain Emperor, whom he ignored, that unleashed surprising strength that repelled the expert sent from the Winter Moon Sect.

If he'd straightened his attitude at the time, perhaps Rain Emperor wouldn't have intervened!

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in all things.

"Ling Han, you have the guts to give me three years' time? Wait till I advance into Flower Blossom Tier to battle again!" Feng Yan said so upright and unafraid. He possessed an ancient divine beast's bloodline and his cultivation progression speed was shockingly fast.

"Retard!" Ling Han shook his head. "Won't be long before your brother goes to middle state to play, why wait three years for you? By that time, the grass on your burial mound would have grown tall!" 

"You, you actually want to kill me? This is the Winter Moon Sect!" Feng Yan yelled furiously.

"You overestimate yourself. So what if I killed you? I promise nothing happens to me!" Ling Han pat Ling Han's face and said, "You have any last words? Seeing that we're both Rain Country's people, I'll do my best to complete it for you."

"You can't kill me! I'm the disciple of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite!" Feng Yan suddenly screamed at the top his lungs. "Master, save me! Save me!"

"Scream, yell till your throat breaks, no one will come save you," Ling Han said smilingly.

"Master Ling, would you give me some face, and let this small disciple go?" At this time, a voice sounded from afar—an indistinct white-browed old man could be seen standing in the air. He had a large stature and wore a white cotton-clothing, very much like a celestial.

Winter Moon Sect's Spiritual Infant Tier elite, Shi He Shun, who was also Feng Yan's master.

Ling Han said indifferently, "Why should I give you face, who the hell are you?"

Hiss, how could he dare to speak to a Spiritual Infant Tier elite like that?

Everyone was first startled, but thinking carefully, Ling Han truly had such right!

If it weren't the north region with different martial arts levels, in the middle state, a Spiritual Infant Tier could only be servile to Heaven Grade alchemists, so how could a Spiritual Infant Tier even have any "face"? However, this was north region after all, and Spiritual Infant Tier elites were above all else, invincible. Was it truly wise to rebut a mighty Spiritual Infant Tier like that?

Shi He Shun's face immedialtey twitched, and his sage-like presence immediately dispersed. He pointed threateningly at Ling Han and said, "Junior, you dare touch a single hair on this old man's disciple, and this old man will skin you alive!"

"Should I pretend to be scared to cooperate with you?" Ling Han sneered. "Sadly, though you lived quite long, you're not deserving of my respect, so take a hike. If you want to save him, come, I'll kill you too, old dog!"

Shi He Shun roared furiously at the sky, but with the god's skeletal remains' suppression, he didn't dare to approach at all; otherwise, he would definitely be like the other people, suppressed by that supreme presence and unable to move. 

Ling Han smiled at Feng Yan and said, "Look, even your master has no way; you'd better just accept your fate!"
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