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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 507 Dealing a Trump Card

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"Ling Han!" Many Flower Blossom Tier warriors roared angrily. This youngster was too young, making it hard for them to have the respect for him as a Heaven Grade alchemist.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and simply pretended not to have heard them.

The golem was extremely gloomy. The rock pillars were truly unpalatable; it turned its head frequently towards Ling Han, hoping to receive master's kind permission to no longer munch on these rocks.

"Alright, you want to see Yue Hong Chang, then I'll let you see her!" Ao Feng spoke up. He was a Spiritual Infant Tier warrior's descendant, so his words were naturally more effective than normal Flower Blossom Tier cultivators'; waving his hand, someone immediately left.

Ling Han frowned. Ao Feng's anger wasn't that intense, and even had the trace of a lofty smirk deep within his eyes; could it be that he'd already guessed his relationship with Yue Hong Chang?

This wasn't impossible. After all, a Heaven Grade alchemist demanded a person that they'd never seen without any reason—was this not worthy to think about deeply? Thinking about the two people's ages and how Winter Moon Sect jut recruited a new bunch of disciples from Rain Country, could he not have scouted out some information on Ling Han?

Now he pretended to be affected just to probe him?

Ling Han sneered. He ran over naturally not due to a temporary impulse, he also had a trump card!

Shortly, two Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators walked over with a woman in detention. That woman was only forty years old, with a dejected look on her face, yet it didn't hide her beauty. Examining closely, she looked somewhat similar to Ling Han.

This was definitely Yue Hong Chang!

Ling Han didn't even need to ask, feeling a connection in bloodline, which made him certain that this was his birth mother.

"Master Ling, now that the person's been brought here, what do you have to say?" Ao Feng said indifferently, seeming to have everything in his grasp.

Ling Han stood with his hands behind his back and said, "Let her go!"

"Junior Sister Hong Yue Chang, doesn't this youngster look familiar?" Ao Feng spoke instead to Yue Hong Chang.

Ever since Yue Hong Chang saw Ling Han, her gaze was fixed on him, with disbelief and agitation between her expressions; her body even began to tremble. She didn't pay attention to Ao Feng, simply looking at Ling Han absorbedly, as if she'd never see enough.

"Master Ling, it's said that you come from Rain Country in the Nine Nations of the Desolate North, in a small town ruled by Large Origin City. Your father's name is Ling what again?" Ao Feng got the cold shoulder, but didn't seem to mind, asking Ling Han again. 

Hearing this, Yue Hong Chang's expression was even more emotional, but she immediately returned to being indifferent and said, "I don't recognize this youngster, bring me back!"

"Junior Sister Hong Chang, so cold after seeing your son separated for eighteen years?" Ao Feng smiled grimly as he finally threw out the heavy bomb.

Hong, hearing those words, the people of the Winter Moon Sect were stirred up. So it turned out that Ling Han's mother was actually a disciple of the Winter Moon Sect! Moreover, her identity was not simple. No wonder Ling Han would demand someone for no reason—there was a reason to after all.

"I don't know what nonsense you're talking about." Yue Hong Chang looked calm and collected.

Ling Han, however, revealed a smile, and said, "Mother, no need to hide, today I'm here to bring you back to reunite with father!"

Instantly, the entire mountain was in an uproar. Guessing was one thing but confirming was another. A dignified Heaven Grade alchemist actually had such a deep relationship with the Winter Moon Sect!

However, the relationship between the two parties didn't look peaceful in any way.

As Ling Han called his mother, Yue Hong Chang instantly burst into tears. She resisted acknowledging her son—wasn't it because she didn't want to let the Winter Moon Sect use her to coerce her son by holding her hostage? However, she never would've thought that her son would acknowledge her in public!

Without seeing her son for eighteen years, her emotions completely lost control once she heard Ling Han call her mother. She cried bitterly, and if she weren't restrained, she truly wanted to take Ling Han into her embrace and look at him as much as she wanted. 

Eighteen years, an entire eighteen years!

"Hahahaha!" Ao Feng laughed loudly yet extremely balefully. He never would've thought that the little pest he'd spared out of sudden soft-heartedness back then actually became a Heaven Grade alchemist, a figure that was on par with sect masters! 

Now, it was very difficult to kill Ling Han, especially with Ling Han having the Twelve Palace's legacy, which was even related to a god's treasure-trove. If the Winter Moon Sect directly killed him and snatched the treasure, the entire north region's forces would attack the Winter Moon Sect together in the name of taking revenge for a Heaven Grade alchemist.

However, there wouldn't be a problem if Ling Han stayed at the Winter Moon Sect. As long as Ling Hand admitted that he was willing to stay here, who could meddle in their business? To make Ling Han stay "willingly" was easy—as long as there was Yue Hong Chang.

Coerce him with Yue Hong Chang's life, and he wouldn't be afraid that Ling Han would be disobedient.

However, no matter what, Ao Feng couldn't seem to be happy. This little pest was a stain in his life. The woman who was supposed to be his wife gave birth to another man's son, and seeing Ling Han made him feel like he'd been cheated on.

Unfortunately, killing Ling Han or not wasn't something he could decide. This was a decision of Winter Moon Sect's higher-ups, reflecting the will of the nine old monsters at the Spiritual Infant Tier.

"Master Ling, since you've acknowledged your blood, stay in the sect in the future. Moreover, I'll invite your father over, and let your family reunite," Ao Feng said balefully. Would he really be so kind to let the son of a personal enemy stand there and bring over the man who made him a cuckold to wander before his eyes all day?

One was enough as a hostage, and the other would be killed pour encourager les autres.

"Master Ling, since we're so sincere, shouldn't you also show sincerity to some extent?" Ao Feng said smilingly. "It's said that you obtained many treasures inside the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realm, take it all out and let us see!"

Ling Han also smiled, but was also very cold. "Do your ears have problems? I said, today I'm here to take someone away!"

"If Master Ling wants to leave, then please!" another Flower Blossom Tier elite said—he was called Li Pei Yuan, and the Li Family also had a mighty Spiritual Infant Tier. "However, Junior Sister Hong Chang is a person of the Winter Moon Sect, so she'll naturally stay in the sect."

Ling Han looked at the dozen Flower Blossom Tier elites before him and said, "What if I forcibly take someone away?"

"Hahahaha!" Everyone laughed loudly. Ao Feng went on, "Master Ling, your accomplishments in alchemy are certainly unmatched, but your still just a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior. Moreover, though you have medicinal pills to get stronger by one large tier, this sect has not just Flower Blossom Tier elites!"

In reality, Ling Han had already used the Black Tower's power boost at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and now couldn't possibly possess battle prowess of the Flower Blossom Tier; but of course, he wouldn't say so.

"Killing's what uncivilized men do," Ling Han said disdainfully, and then waved his right hand as a corpse instantly appeared at the main gate. Hong, a terrifying presence sweptED/N: A sarcastic "to encourage others"
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