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Seeing Ling Han rake in wealth crazily, Wen Yi Jian couldn't help but utter, "I don't get a share?"

"Junior Brother Wen, you come from a large sect in the east region, how could you possibly want such small things." Ling Han's hands moved nonstop, and soon over twenty spatial rings were shoved into his pocket. 

Damn, three-star Origin Crystals, who said he wasn't interested? However, being branded by Ling Han as such, he couldn't grab ahold of this matter anymore, and said seriously, "Since you also received those coordinates, we're destined to be rivals in the future!"

"Maybe not, maybe we can take the treasure together!" Ling Han said smilingly.

"You think that's possible?" Wen Yi Jian sneered; a god's treasure-trove, who didn't want it all for themselves?

"Why not?"

Seeing Ling Han full of smiles, Wen Yi Jian instantly felt puzzled, shaking his head as he said, "You're truly a strange person."

"You're also very strong, hope that you'll qualify to challenge me in the future!" Ling Han said.

Wen Yi Jian rolled his eyes again and said, "I'm genuinely in the Flower Blossom Tier, and you advanced relying on medical pills. If anyone is to propose a challenge, you're the one to challenge me! Whatever, I won't talk nonsense with you, or else its very likely I'll die from being angered by you!"

He turned to leave, waving his hand as he said, "Next time we meet, I'll definitely kill you with all I've got!"

How come he reacted the same as Yao Hui Yue? 

"Junior Brother Wen, wait!" Ling Han suddenly shouted.

Wen Yi Jian halted, then turned around with a doubtful expression.

"You really can't lend that conch to play with for a few days?" Ling Han said smilingly. 

Wen Yi Jian almost spurted out blood, clenching his teeth as a "get lost" leapt out from his mouth. He immediately flew up and left in a hurry. It was unknown whether he'd return to the east region or find an uninhabited place to hide.

After all, the news that he acquired Scorpio Palace's legacy would soon spread throughout the east region, and maybe his master would also be very interested in this legacy.

Ling Han laughed, snapped his fingers at Liu Yu Tong and the others, and said, "Let's go too."

"Master Han, where to?" Liu Yu Tong couldn't help but ask.

"Of course, back to Extreme Yang City."

"However, your acquirement of the Twelve Palace's legacy will soon spread throughout the world, and by then, everyone will come find you!" everyone said at once.

According to the legend, after acquiring the Twelve Palace's legacy, one would have the chance to cross into Shattering Void Tier—this temptation alone was irresistible! Moreover, Ling Han and Wen Yi Jian also knew the whereabouts of the god's treasure-trove, which was even more unbelievable.

Even the mighty Shattering Void Tier elites in the middle state would be moved!

Ling Han nodded and said, "It certainly is somewhat troublesome, I'm afraid that even my title of Heaven Grade alchemist won't help. However, I'll still make a trip to Extreme Yang City!"

His mother was received there, so could he just make himself scarce like that?

Liu Yu Tong and the others were worried, but thinking about how Ling Han had the Black Tower, self-preservation shouldn't be a problem. Only Yue Kai Yu, who was kept in the dark, became rather anxious for Ling Han. However, the mystery realm closed, and Yue Kai Yu had to return to the Winter Moon Sect. He bid farewell with Ling Han, saying that he would do his best to persuade the elders within the sect to provide protection for Ling Han.

Chi Hua Lan, Lin Xiang Qin, Sheng Zhong Chen, and the others walked over one after another to say a few words with Ling Han as goodbye. The prodigy battle was already over, and the mystery realm contention come to an end; it was unknown how many years later the next time these youngsters would meet.

Ling Han hastened his pace and led people out of the mountain valley as Black Tower's power boost would soon end.

Coming out of the mountain valley, he stored everyone inside the Black Tower, and went inside as well. Only after applying a disguise did he come out and went to a small town, hired a carriage, and returned leisurely to Extreme Yang City.

After settling in the carriage, Ling Han had the coachmen not bother him, and also not call him for the three meals of a day, and then went into the Black Tower.

During this trip, everyone profited quite a bit.

Zhu Wu Jiu and Guang Yuan kept tempering themselves at the city gate of the first stage, pushing themselves to the limits and then taking in worldly treasures to cultivate; with the Spiritual Qi-rich environment within the mystery realm, their improvements were like a shot.

Zhu Wu Jiu was already at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and could charge at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier anytime, whereas Guang Yuan was at the sixth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; such progression speed was something they would've never imagined back in Rain Country.

Can Ye and Liu Yu Tong sharpened their willpower on the floating stone stage. Although their cultivation improvement wasn't as evident as Zhu Wu Jiu's and Guang Yuan's, the benefits of tenacious willpower would be reflected slowly in the future, especially when charging at the threshold of the Flower Blossom Tier.

After the carriage traveled for two days, Liu Yu Tong, Zhu Wu Jiu, and Can Ye announced their breakthroughs simultaneously. They crossed into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and this was only two to three months after they'd broken through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Reflecting back on it, even they couldn't themselves couldn't believe it. 

Zhu Xuan Er's divine sense's injury was much better. This was mainly because she personally had great martial arts talent, and in resisting the martial intent of a Flower Blossom Tier elite, her divine sense received great tempering. After her injury healed, she would definitely welcome a stage of explosive growth, and her cultivation would skyrocket rapidly.

Ling Han called her to the side and threw her a pill bottle.

"Master Han, Xuan Er's injuries are almost all healed, I don't need to take any more medicine," this exceptional beauty said, exuding tenderness and love. Since Ling Han uncovered her veil, she no longer wore it, and her stunning appearance even entranced Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "This isn't for you to eat, but for your master."

Zhu Xuan Er was first startled, followed by her showing an excited expression as she said quaveringly, "Could this, could this…"

"Hidden Tiger Heavenly Luck Pill." Ling Han nodded. "I received it passing through the second stage, and thankfully, you blocked a sword attack. Otherwise, if I died, I wouldn't have received this reward, so it's a gift—"

He hadn't finished his words, and Zhu Xuan Er already leaped over, hugging him tightly.

Great, was this foolish girl addicted to hugging him?

However, not to mention her exceptional beauty and perfect physique, being hugged by her, their bodies stuck to each other without reservation. A faint body fragrance spread, which made Ling Han's heart involuntarily flutter somewhat as he was lost in fanciful thoughts.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Zhu Xuan Er said emotionally. Finding a spiritual medicine for her respected teacher was her greatest wish.

Ling Han was awkward for a short while before patting her on the shoulder and saying, "A piece of cake. When your injuries are healed, hurry back to the Half Moon Sect."

"Yes!" Zhu Xuan Er said softly and nodded, extremely gentle.

"Alright, you can let go of me now, or I can't promise what might happen next," Ling Han joked.

"Whatever Master Han wants to do to Xuan Er, Xuan Er would be willing!" Who knew such a reply, soft like a mosquito's buzz, would sneak out from his embrace, but with Ling Han's hearing ability, how was it possible for him not to have heard clearly?

Were there words more seductive than those in this world?

Ling Han's blood all over his body boiled, having the urge to press down the exceptional beauty within his embrace.

Who didn't like beauties, especially such a remarkable beauty? He didn't force her, and didn't lure her with promises, so he didn't need to hold back and pretend to be a gentleman since she was willing, right?

However, without any reason, a silhouette suddenly flashed by Ling Han's mind, making his wonderful thoughts instantly vanish completely.

It was actually Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden!
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