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By Ling Han's side was Wen Yi Jian and the Rock Spirit.

Wen Yi Jian was very very strong, and when he was still at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, he easily defeated Yang Jun Han. Now that he crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier, he also displayed an invincible bearing; he could at least fight ten by himself.

The Rock Spirit was even scarier, more kickass than king tier beasts in the same tier, because it was a spirit of the five elements, a higher-level lifeform! 

The three 'people' joining hands actually suppressed over twenty Flower Blossom Tier opponents.

"Great! Great!" Once the fight started, Wen Yi Jian forgot about everything, and swung his sword as if he was crazy, the sword's momentum terrifying. He opened up his left hand and formed a strange seal. "Since you guys want the mystic arts of the Twelve Palaces so desperately, then I'll let you guys experience it first-hand!" 

He fired out his left hand. Instantly, a massive dark scorpion appeared, snipping at people with its large pincers; at the same time, it raised its stinger, firing continuously.

This scorpion emitted a terrifying presence; even Ling Han somewhat palpitated with fear. 

Scorpio Palace's Mystical Power?

The three originally had the advantage, and in addition to Wen Yi Jian's sudden demonstration of power, they instantly suppressed everyone, making them scurry away while covering their heads. 

Yang Jun Hao and the others stared agape.

They were also this generation's prodigies? Look at Wen Yi Jian, who was only eighteen, but his battle prowess crushed a whole bunch of old prodigies. With this comparison, did they still have the face to call themselves prodigies?

"Ling Han probably forcibly increased his power with a medicinal pill. He definitely isn't at the Flower Blossom Tier."

"Yes, just like that Flower Blossom Tier guy said earlier, Ling Han's actual power is only at the second or the third layer of the Flower Blossom Tier."

"But it's truly freakish—it seems his current battle prowess is at least ten stars, right?

"Not only him—Wen Yi Jian is no less frightening than Ling Han."

The onlookers discussed animatedly, thinking that if Spiritual Infant Tier warriors didn't come, there truly weren't many Flower Blossom Tier ones that could suppress Ling Han and Wen Yi Jian. These were exceptional geniuses, strong to the point that surpassed the extent of understanding of normal people.

Ao Feng and the other Flower Blossom Tier warriors began to collapse.

They actually all carried the treasures granted by Spiritual Infant Tier seniors: some were Spirit Talismans and some were law decrees, but they used up most of them venturing inside the mystery realm earlier and only a few people had any remaining. 

Compelled by circumstances, they unleashed these treasures one after another.

They didn't want to carry the charge of murdering a Heaven Grade alchemist, but also didn't want to be crowned with the foul reputation of being defeated by two juniors; they had to take the two down.

Hong, a law decree rose up, immediately burning into ash in the sky, and then a lofty squared mountain appeared out of the blaze; it was all black and emitted a ceaseless power of the earth.

Wen Yi Jian's body instantly stopped, almost falling down to the ground.

The power of the Spiritual Infant Tier was too strong. Even if it was only an attack sealed inside a law decree, it was still extremely terrifying.

"A mere Spiritual Infant Tier law decree!" Wen Yi Jian searched with his hand and took out a conch. "Since you guys want to play, I'll play with you guys!" He blew the conch. 

"Wu!" The ancient sounds of bugle call echoed, calling upon heaven and earth.

Blue characters flew out of the horn, forming an unusual spirit; its upper body was man, and its lower body was a fish tail. It held a trident in hand and leashed out fiercely at the black mountain in the sky.


The black mountain instantly exploded; rubble shot out, frightening people out of their senses. Those were Spiritual Infant Tier attacks—even a fragment could instantly kill Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators.

Fortunately, under the merman's thrust, the black mountain lost its might, and the shards that flew out actually had no destructive power, making everyone alarmed in vain.

"That thing's so awesome!" Ling Han's gaze shone with curiosity as he said, "Junior Brother Wen, lend me it for a few days to play with?"

Wen Yi Jian rolled his eyes and hurriedly put away the conch. "In your dreams!"

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Junior Brother Wen keep it up, kill them all!"

Wen Yi Jian didn't utter a word. Only he knew that this conch was something he'd acquired by chance—it could only be used once a month, and if it was used again within thirty days, his life force would be the price for its activation; activating it once was ten years, twice was a hundred years... although he advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, he couldn't blow it that many times.

However, the other people didn't know it, and seeing their law decrees easily neutralized, what other ways were there to suppress these two youngsters?

"We're not fighting anymore!" they said one after another. If they kept fighting, they would only embarrass themselves. They had to leave quickly and request Spiritual Infant Tier elites to suppress these two juniors—you could fend off law decrees, but you'd have no way against the real deal, right?

"Not fighting?" Ling Han glanced at everyone. "You guys are the ones who picked the fight, and now you guys say to stop the fight... are you guys trying to make fun of me and Junior Brother Wen?"

'Sh!t, why did he include me again?'

Wen Yi Jian scorned inwardly, but he was also an extremely proud person; being attacked from all sides by these people, he was obviously annoyed as well, so he let Ling Han mess around.

"What does Master Ling want?" Ao Feng opened up.

Ling Han smiled coldly and said, "You guys attacked me, a Heaven Grade alchemist, for no reason, frightening me. This needs compensation! And my friends inside the mystery realm, you guys intimidated them and want to slip away just like that?"

Liu Yu Tong and the others were touched, so Ling Han knew!

Ao Feng and the other Flower Blossom Tier elites were extremely gloomy. They'd certainly wanted to take down Liu Yu Tong and the others to threaten Ling Han, but they were stopped by the formation spirit before doing so; now they had to pay compensation?

"Don't compensate, then we'll keep fighting!" Ling Han said, quickly adapting. "Sure, I can't keep you all here, but one or two is doable. I'll see who's an eyesore and says no to me first, and when the time comes, I'll make him stay, cutting off his head to use as a bowl for wine!"

This threat was very uncivilized yet also extremely real, making Ao Feng and the others speechless.

"How do we compensate?" Ao Feng said clenching his teeth.

"Wanting you cocky people to offer an apology is probably impossible, and also has no meaning. Who doesn't know that one might say sorry from one's mouth, but inwardly says…" Ling Han thought momentarily, and said, "Pay Origin Crystals, a thousand per person."

A thousand? Everyone sighed in relief, a thousand Origin Crystals was truly a mere trifle for Flower Blossom Tier warriors.

"A thousand three-star Origin Crystals per person!" Ling Han added.


Ao Feng and the others spurted out, why didn't you go rob that? Three-star Origin Crystals needed at least Flower Blossom Tier warriors to refine. Normally speaking, one month was necessary to refine a single piece, and you actually demanded a thousand right away?

"Think real carefully. Whoever rejects first, I'll make him stay!" Ling Han laughed mischievously.

These Flower Blossom Tier cultivators instantly lost their temper, and felt even more in a rush to return to request help from Spiritual Infant Tier seniors, not wanting to tangle with Ling Han; so, they threw out their spatial rings one by one.

Some people didn't have a thousand three-star Origin Crystals, so they used rare materials and spirit grass instead.
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