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Ling Han was fearless. He didn't refute it, because when involving things like treasure, many people would rather believe it existed. Moreover, a man's words were good when death was near, so Yan Tian Zhao's words were quite persuasive.

His gaze swept by, and seeing Wen Yi Jian, he immediately waved and said, "Junior Brother Wen!"

Pu, quite a few people spurted out—why did Ling Han call Wen Yi Jian junior brother, the two were completely unrelated, right?

Wen Yi Jian was also slightly started, and said, "Not sure why Master Ling calls me junior brother?"

"You and I both acquired the legacy of the Twelve Palaces, of course we're fellow brothers!" Ling Han laughed loudly; he had to drag Wen Yi Jian down to share some of his burden. He obviously didn't fear these Flower Blossom Tier warriors, but if some Spiritual Infant Tier ones came, it would be hard to deal with.

Moreover, should the news spread, maybe Shattering Void Tier elites would cross over regions no matter the cost? Then even if he had the Black Tower's protection, would he hide in a shell for his entire life? 

Wen Yi Jian was one from east region and ran over to north region for gains, so he had to share some of the pressure for him; he couldn't always be the one to take the burden, right?

"Hehe, Master Ling sure loves telling jokes!" Wen Yi Jian guffawed, looking like arguing was beneath him, yet thought that if they were fellow brothers, he would be the senior one.

Ling Han snickered, and said, "Junior Brother Wen acquired the Scorpio Palace's legacy, do you dare make a heart's vow and bet to say that I'm wrong?"

A heart's vow was a vow to one's martial arts principles, and if this were faked, one wouldn't get struck by thunder, but it would heavily influence one's martial arts progression. It definitely couldn't be made recklessly.

In the depths of Wen Yi Jian's eyes was a shred of annoyance, but his expression was extremely calm as he said indifferently, "Why should I make a heart's vow, senseless!"

Ling Han said no more, simply sweeping pass everyone, and said, "Me and Junior Brother Wen are kings amongst martial artists and have both crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier. On top of this Flower Blossom Tier king tier puppet…"—he summoned the Rock Spirit—"if you want, come battle, let's see how many people will spill their blood across the skies and leave their lives here."

The corner of Wen Yi Jian's mouth twitched, why did Ling Han include him again? This person didn't have ears at all and didn't listen to him speak or something? 

He was even more shocked. Receiving great benefits at the Scorpio Palace, he finally crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier, but also acquired a mystic art which could hide his cultivation, which still looked like the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so how did Ling Han see through with a single glance?

What the hell of a mystic art was this!?

"Don't care so much, take the two of them down!" The Flower Blossom Tier cultivators exchanged their opinions—whether it was the legacy of the Twelve Palaces or the god's treasure-trove, both were of great significance. They would rather mistakenly kill and definitely not miss it.

"Not going to play with you north region lunatics!" Wen Yi Jian shot up abruptly, and the presence of the Flower Blossom Tier spread out without reservation. With a step down was a flash of divine light, which burst forth as he left soaring through the sky.

"Want to leave?" Immediately, dozens of attacks came flying. Even if Wen Yi Jian's battle prowess was exceptional, he'd just broken through after all—he couldn't possibly resist against such a bombardment of attacks, and was forced to land.

"Junior Brother Wen, let's fight shoulder-to-shoulder!" Ling Han laughed loudly.

Wen Yi Jian was almost had a wry nose from anger. He could have left quietly, getting rich secretly, but Ling Han actually exposed him. Now, he was caught in a dangerous situation, making him extremely gloomy. 

"Ling Han, when did I offend you, why do you have to mess with me like this?" he said coldly, not even calling him Master Ling.

Ling Han laughed, and said justifiably, "Junior Brother Wen, we're a family, of course we should pull together at a time like this. Don't worry, I'll protect you!"

'Protect your sister, I could've calmly left with a swagger.'

Wen Yi Jian grimaced as the situation in front of his eyes obviously wouldn't be as he wished. Fortunately, the Spiritual Infant Tier warriors earlier had already gone back, or else, if those elites intervened, he would only be able to submit.

Now, he could fight it out, and break through the tight encirclement.

"Ling Han, this debt, I'll definitely make you pay for it!" he swore as he stood together with Ling Han. The two in addition to the Rock Spirit formed a corner, back to back.

"Ha, that'll be in the future," Ling Han said unconcernedly.

Liu Yu Tong and the others were tactful and didn't go forward. If they went up now, not only would they not be able to help Ling Han, they'd instead become a burden, making them feel unpleasant inside. Despite their fast progression speed, even fighting into north region's prodigy roll, they still couldn't share part of Ling Han's worries and burdens.

"Come, come, come, who wants the treasure, jut attack." Ling Han laughed loudly. "But, you guys have to think clearly, I'm also a Heaven Grade alchemist. If you hurt single hair of mine, be careful lest the entire Alchemist Society will give you all a hard time!"

The faces of all the Flower Blossom Tiers elites twitched, thinking that Ling Han was exceedingly courageous, and at the same time a bit rascally.

Fighting against the masses alone, this was obviously exceedingly courageous. However, he also put out his identity of a Heaven Grade alchemist to threaten them, making them hold back when they attacked—wasn't this extremely rascally?

This wasn't a bit at all like an eighteen-year-old youngster, but rather mature and slick, just like an old fox.

"Take them down, do your best not to hurt them!" The Flower Blossom Tier warriors reached a consensus. A Heaven Grade alchemist's capacity was too heavy. Killing one secretly was all right, but killing Ling Han in public... that would definitely spread to the entire world. Whoever made the move would definitely be pushed out by the sect as a scapegoat to settle the fury of the world's alchemists. 

Oh, I didn't get the treasure, but I'd still have to give up my life for it—who would do such a thing?

Thus, everyone hoped that someone else would kill Ling Han accidentally, but they themselves definitely wouldn't do it.


Over twenty Flower Blossom Tier cultivators attacked together, their momentum vast and mighty.

Ling Han, Wen Yi Jian, and the Rock Spirit roared, swinging their swords and pulling their fists, charging up one after another.

Watching on the side, Hu Niu stamped her feet, but it was currently a chaotic fight, and any random gust of wind was at Flower Blossom Tier, filling the entire fray; no matter how fast she was, it was impossible to avoid the remaining shock waves of so many attacks—going in head on would only result in injury.

Her battle instincts were too scary, immediately figuring out such a conclusion, which was why she didn't charge up hot-headedly.

"Niu wants to become stronger! Niu wants to become stronger!" the little gril yelled loudly. Something inside her seemed to awaken, emitting a light hint of divine might; mortals couldn't possibly sense it as it shot to the heavens, even breaking through this world.

Ling Han now had the power of the eighth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, and on top of the former Heaven Tier's divine sense, he could still allocate heaven and earth's Spirit Qi. However, the amount was relatively smaller, so his actual cultivation was equivalent to the third layer of the Flower Blossom Tier.

In addition to the various arts he grasped, his battle prowess rocketed to ten stars.

Surpassing seven stars!

This was mainly because his power was forcibly boosted; otherwise, if he truly crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier, then even at first layer Flower Blossom Tier, his battle prowess could also reach ten stars.

However, it was also enough now!

Since nine of his enemies had just completed their breakthrough—such as Yu Kun Lun, Bai He Shun, and other old figures on the prodigy roll—how many stars of battle prowess could they possibly have at that moment?

Besides, Ao Feng and other even older figures of the prodigy roll had also broken through not long ago—about one or two years ago, and at most tent years, but what layer of the Flower Blossom Tier could they have reached in ten years?

The fight against the Golden Blood Demonic Ape back then, there were also over twenty Flower Blossom Tier warriors, even ones at the ninth layer, but weren't they still knocked about in all directions?
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