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Yan Tian Zhao sneered, "Ling Han, I'll leave that thing in your hands and take it back in the future!"

"You still have a future?" Ling Han's killing intent erupted, charging right out. "You'll die today!"

"Haha, you're talking a fool's talk?" Yan Tian Zhao counterattacked, yet immediately let out a cry in surprise. "You actually reached the eighth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?" He snorted again—that was still infinitely far from the Flower Blossom Tier.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, the people that entered the mystery realm appeared one by one. Yu Kun Lun, Bai He Shun, and other well-known figures from on the "older" generation's prodigy roll all crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier. They spurred with long accumulation, finally crossing the most arduous step with the mystery realm's help.

Entering the Flower Blossom Tier meant transcending the mortal body, so every one of them was soared with confidence, an ineffable vigor.

They also looked at Ling Han. Previously, when the Jiang Family looked for a groom, they were all defeated by Ling Han and Yan Tian Zhao. Now that they crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier, it was another shuffle of the cards.

Especially Ling Han that hadn't crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier, having no qualifications to be placed on par with them at all. 

"Small Tower, give me a power boost!" Ling Han said inwardly. Although power boosting at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier would be the most profitable, he only had one thought now, and that was to kill Yan Tian Zhao, ending the karma that he sowed.

Hong, Ling Han's presence skyrocketed, instantly broke through to the Flower Blossom Tier, and then charged all the way up to the eighth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier.

"Hm?" All the Flower Blossom Tier elites casted a sidelong glance towards Ling Han; what happened, how was it possible that his tier instantly underwent such a terrifying change?

Especially Yu Kun Lun, who was originally filled with confidence, wanting to battle Ling Han to wash away the humiliation of him retreating without a fight—with this a rude awakening, the gloominess in his heart could be imagined.

Yan Tian Zhao's expression instinctively turned stern. Ling Han's battle prowess was too strong, and he'd experienced it before. Under the circumstances that he was ahead in tier, the two were tied, but now Ling Han's tier was advantageous, and not just by a bit—this fight was definitely going to be hard.

"Die!" Ling Han swung his sword, and hong, ten flashes of Sword Qi streaked.

Yan Tian Zhao struck back. His control of power reached the acme of perfection and could utilize one percent's power as ten percent's power; after all, he could be seen as a special type of god, and couldn't possibly be ordinary.

However, Ling Han was way too extraordinary. As the Demon Birth Sword came slashing, the power of it was frightening, and the dazzling sword light enveloped him completely. On top of the absolute advantage in power, he fell into a disadvantageous position.

"Haha, you only forcibly increased your power to the Flower Blossom Tier, and aren't truly at the Flower Blossom Tier!" Yan Tian Zhao was unquestionably sharp, immediately seeing through Ling Han's weak point.

What was the most powerful about the Flower Blossom Tier beings? They could invoke heaven and earth's Spiritual Qi in the surroundings to strengthen themselves and turn one fold's attack into tenfold, and even a hundred-fold! Ling Han only possessed the power of the eighth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, and couldn't utilize heaven and earth's Spiritual Qi.

This was the shortcoming of his tier.

However, the difference of each small tier in the Flower Blossom Tier was a great gap in power, so the eighth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier was enough to make up for ten times and even hundred times the amplification effect of heaven and earth's Spiritual Qi, allowing Ling Han to still have the advantage.

However, such an advantage wasn't as obvious as the eight layer against the first layer; it was at most the second layer against the first layer.

Yan Tian Zhao was fearless, exchanging blows with Ling Han. His grasp over power was too powerful, soon stabilizing the situation. However, with the sharpness of the Demon Birth Sword, he still didn't dare to parry it head on, remaining at a disadvantage. 

This already made the Flower Blossom Tier elites looking pained in the jaws. These two people's battle prowess was at least Flower Blossom Tier six stars, suppressing many veteran Flower Blossom Tier warriors. 

"Ling Han, you can't possibly kill me. Just stop and keep your life. When the time comes, I'll find you!" Yan Tian Zhao laughed loudly.

What he meant by time was naturally when he crossed into the Shattering Void Tier, having the qualification to shatter the void to become god. When he got the coordinates and returned to the Great Brahmas, he'd be able to open the god's treasure-trove discovered by Heavenly River King.

"There won't be a future, you must die today!" Ling Han said coldly. He had been accumulating strength, and now Mysterious Three Thousand was ready. With a sword thrust, it started turning into a thousand flashes of sword light.

Yan Tian Zhao's expression changed drastically. This strike was too powerful and he didn't dare to parry it head on, immediately turning away to run. Flower Blossom Tier creatures could fly, so he naturally flew into the sky and said, "Ling Han, just you wait!"

"No need to wait!" Ling Han sheathed his sword and made a posture of drawing a bow. There was clearly no bow in his hand, but an arrow appeared out of thin air, formed exactly by heaven and earth's Spiritual Qi. He activated the Eye of Truth and glanced at Yan Tian Zhao's weak point. 

Xiu, a chilling flash of light shot out, ridiculously fast.

"Ah!" Yan Tian Zhao screamed tragically. His left rib was shot. Green blood splattered, looking extremely strange. The left rib was his vulnerable spot, and was penetrated by the arrow formed by Spiritual Qi. It instantly made the Origin Power in his body pour out and his figure staggered, sliding down from the sky.

Ling Han chased wielding his sword, and when Yan Tian Zhao fell down, he unleashed another Mysterious Three Thousand.

Fear flickered in Yan Tian Zhao's eyes. At this moment, he truly felt that death was approaching. He didn't want to die, since he acquired a god's memory and had a ninety percent grasp of becoming a god in the future.

Moreover, he still hadn't executed many maneuvers, and if he fought a life-and-death battle with Ling Han, it was uncertain who would emerge as the victor.

But now, all was too late. A thousand sword lights came piercing. It was Ling Han's strongest killer move; Yan Tian Zhao's vulnerable spot was injured, and falling from the sky, he had no way to evade.

Under his survival instinct, he formed a seal with his hands and fired out a bunch of green nets, intertwining in front of him, stopping Ling Han as much as possible.

Pu, pu, pu, pu, sword lights were like rain, instantly tearing apart the green nets. At least five hundred sword lights poured down on Yan Tian Zhao's body as minced meat flew into the air continuously, turning him into a skeleton. 

Teng, teng, teng, Yan Tian Zhao stepped back as guts and other internal organs slid out. A sword mark also appeared on his head, showing a deep wound.

Everyone shook their heads. Yan Tian Zhao's head was already crushed and he was struggling at death's door; he would die at most in a few more breaths.

Yan Tian Zhao looked startlingly at Ling Han. His eyes already fell out, and now two black holes remained, particularly terrifying. He still couldn't believe that underestimating an enemy, or rather simply not wanting to fight with Ling Han head on, would actually doom him eternally.

When enemies met face-to-face on a narrow path, the courageous won—he even forgot such a simple thing!

"Hahahaha, Ling Han, now that I'm dead, don't think about getting off easily!" He focused his mind, and said loudly, "This man received Jiang Family's key and opened Sagittarius Palace, which is related to a god's treasure-trove, a hidden treasure even gods would be stirred by! And, he also has a treasure tool that can accommodate…"


Ling Han's sword pierced through, thoroughly ending his life. 

Nevertheless, the seed had been sowed. Ling Han's gaze swept by, and he saw that countless people looked at him with eyes burning with desire, wishing they could devour him alive.

God's treasure-trove!
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