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The formation spirit brought them into the room and performed a ceremony, praying in front of a few memorial tablets. They were now foreign disciples of the Twelve Palaces, and each person would be imparted an art and a skill. However, neither could be imparted to others; otherwise, it would trigger some sort of restriction and wipe out their souls.

Hu Niu didn't want it—she wouldn't possibly let others leave a restriction in her mind.

Ling Han could inherit Sagittarius Palace. His status would soon be high as he could almost be called one of the masters of the mystery realm—naturally, he wouldn't be offered an art or skill.

After everyone received the legacy, they left one by one.

"Alright, the test is all over, go wherever you need to. There's still ten days' time to cultivate here, and when the time comes, I'll send you all out," the formation spirit said.

Hearing this, everyone naturally dispersed, and as to whether they truly left, only they themselves would know.

...Since they had their eyes on Ling Han.

The formation spirit snorted. It didn't care about the others, but Ling Han was now the master of Sagittarius Palace, so how could it allow anyone to commit a crime in front of its eyes?

It grabbed onto Ling Han's shoulder, and xiu, both disappeared without a trace.

"Where's he!?" Those who were hidden in the dark charged out, but Ling Han and the formation spirit were nowhere to be found.

"Ling Han clearly already received the reward, so why is the formation spirit still with him?" someone said in ponder. 

"Could it be?"

"...Could it be?"

"…The stolen key from the Jiang Family is on him!" everyone cried out.

The Jiang Family had a key of the mystery realm, and originally planned to invite a groom through martial arts competition, taking in the strongest son-in-law and giving out a treasure. However, the key was robbed during the martial arts contest, and even a Spiritual Infant Tier elite stepping in couldn't retrieve it.

Everyone believed that Rong Huan Xuan stole the key, but now, the Thousand Corpse Sect disciple was obviously still at the bottom, not even finished with climbing the stone steps.

Could what Rong Huan Xuan said be true, that his key was truly robbed?

After entering the mystery realm, Rong Huan Xuan said that the key wasn't on him, but how could anyone believe that. However, now it looked like that guy might not have lied, and the key was actually obtained by Ling Han.

Instantly, everyone's gaze fell on Can Ye and Hu Niu.

"What do you guys want, don't even think about fight for food with Niu!" Hu NIu immediately said fiercely, hiding the dried meat behind her back.

"Take them down and use them to threaten Ling Han afterwards. Force him to hand over the treasures!" everyone said one after another. 

As Ling Han's figure flashed, he already arrived at a square. In the surroundings of the square were twelve majestic and imposing palaces, but each palace's door was tightly shut.

Before each palace was a monument; there was a white sheep, a golden cow, Pisces... all were different.

"Here, the Sagittarius Palace is there. You can enter through the palace door using the key," the formation spirit said, and then was slightly startled, revealing a strange expression as it said, "Someone is going to harm to your companions."

Ling Han frowned, and said, "Bring me back."

"No need, I'll protect them for you," the formation spirit said smilingly, and its figure flashed and disappeared at once.

With the formation spirit's protection, they should be absolutely safe; even if that super bug king came, it probably could still block it. 

Ling Han took key to the Sagittarius Palace's entrance. This key wasn't used to open the palace doors, but to let the palace doors become void, allowing him to pass through.

As expected, the palace was empty, almost without a thing.

It truly was emptied out!

Ling Han sighed. Which senior was so virtueless and left not even a bit for him? Should he dig up that person's ancestor's grave in the future? Full of evil intentions, he thought for a while, then set his gaze on a sculpture within the palace. It was a martial artist shooting an arrow at the sky, and though it was simply a sculpture, it stunned Ling Han greatly; it was as if it gently let its finger loose, the raging arrow would shoot down even the sun in the sky. 

"Mystical Power! This is an archery technique!"

Ling Han revealed an exhilarated look. "Wait, if this archery technique was coordinated with the Eye of Truth, what sort of effect would it have?"

His felt a rush of excitement. The two Mystical Powers layered on together was definitely not one plus one equaling two, but probably far surpassing that.

"Regardless of all this, I have to obtain this Mystical Power first!"

Ling Han came before the sculpture and pressed his hand onto it.

Instantly, his consciousness shined; an extremely powerful being stood in the starry skies and shot down stars in the skies, terrifyingly stunning.

Ling Han only felt like his head was about to split. This person's presence was too powerful; even if he only saw a few scenes of the person's display in former years, it made his head feel like it was about to explode. This was too great of an impact on his divine sense.

He forcibly endured, but blood still oozed out from his ears, nose, and mouth. This impact was too frightening.

"So that's how it is!" Ling Han muttered continuously.

Unlike the Eye of Truth, when he only received a broken eyeball and all had to be discovered on his own, an elite's image appeared to display the power for him, explaining things in great adetail.

"Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow!"

This was the Mystical Power's name. At its extreme, it could extract a star as an arrow, killing a true dragon!

"Uh, I acquired Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, and at its extreme I can possess the power of nine true dragons. Now, this is a dragon annihilation arrow. Is this implying I annihilate myself?" Ling Han laughed in spite of himself.

"Damn, it's obviously the Sagittarius Palace, yet it doesn't even leave me a bow?

But after crossing into the Flower Blossom Tier, I can use my body as a bow, and extract Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth as an arrow. Even without a treasured bow, it can still unleash extremely powerful might. Besides, I also cultivate body art concurrently, and on top of brute force, an arrow's might would definitely be astounding. This way, I'll have one more ranged attack method."

Ling Han sat cross-legged and focused on extracting the power of the legacy within the sculpture. He only had ten days or so, and after a month's time was up, he would also be thrown out of the mystery realm. So, he couldn't waste time, and if he didn't grasp this Mystical Power, he would have to come back in a hundred years.

He didn't rest and kept absorbing the legacy within the sculpture, doing everything possible to turn it into his own comprehension. Moreover, there certainly was a set of coordinates inside this sculpture, but it was meaningless now since that was in the Great Brahmas, which was probably an area in the god realm anyway.

While absorbing the legacy, the sculpture was as if fusing with him, replacing his spirit base and absorbing Spiritual Qi continuously; needless for him to convert it, it naturally converted into Origin Power to construct the spiritual pedestal.

The Spirit Qi here was so abundant here, so Ling Han's cultivation was literally moved up a step each day, surprisingly fast.

…This sculpture was actually Sagittarius Palace's most valuable treasure!

Days went by. Ling Han sat still like an old monk, completely losing sense of time.

Hu, his body trembled and appeared inside a valley, with the dazzling sun shining high above.

Ling Han was first startled and then returned to his senses; so, he'd already exited the mystery realm and returned to north region.

"Yan Tian Zhao!" His eyes shot a chilling glare—Yan Tian Zhao stood ten feet away from him.
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