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"Hurry up and start!" Ling Han was unable to wait, as if he already saw the last part of the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art waving at him.

"…Brat, you're too arrogant!" Even the formation spirit argued needlessly. 

Ling Han laughed loudly and entered the building ahead.

Xiu, his figure swayed and appeared in a medicinal room with walls in the surroundings, set with rows of shelves, on which were all sorts of medicinal ingredients, while the medicinal furnace was in the middle.

He sensed it momentarily—well, his divine sense was extracted again.

Ling Han couldn't help but exclaim what a pity it was. The medicinal ingredients here were at least of the ninth tier, and he wanted to bring out the medicinal pill after refining it. Never would he have thought that it was just a mental space, and all was just an illusion. 

"Here, you don't have to worry about the limit of the fire's temperature. What ingredients you want to refine will all be on the shelves, and if it's not there, tell me and I'll bring it for you." The formation spirit also appeared.

Ling Han couldn't help but ask, "What tier of medicinal pill do I have to refine to acquire the last part of the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art?"

The formation spirit just wanted to roll its eyes—you haven't even started refining and already set your eyes on the prize? You're that confident? It paused and said, "Based on your age, at least high-level Earth Grade to qualify, and it also depends on the quality of the pill formed."

"Why didn't you say earlier!" Shua shua shua, Ling Han already picked out medicine from the shelves, extraordinarily fast. "For insurance's sake, I'll refine low level Heaven Grade's 'Blue Rainbow Clear Soul Pill.'"

The corner of the formation spirit's mouth clearly twitched—Heaven Grade medicinal pill? You sure talk big.

However, Ling Han already started, both hands turning naturally and smoothly, selecting, cleaning, then refining, and at last opening the furnace to refine the pill. The entire process was done in one go, indescribably smooth and easy.

The formation spirit's mouth slowly opened up, and became a circle in the end, apparently overly shocked.

How could there be such a freak in this world?

Amazing talent in martial arts and outstanding performance in formations, and at last, even stunningly peerless in alchemy... such an all-round freak would really appear in this world?

Refining a Heaven Grade medicinal pill took a while because only after three days and three nights did Ling Han wrap up, feeling an intense weariness.

After all, it was a Heaven Grade medicinal pill, and his current divine sense's strength was too weak, unable to endure refining more than one furnace of pills.

The formation spirit didn't even look at the pill formed. This was all an illusion that changed within its formation. It looked at Ling Han's every step of pill reining and naturally knew whether the medicinal pill was successfully refined and how many stars it was.

"Take it, take it!" The formation spirit threw a ball of light. Needless to say, this was definitely the last portion of the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art.

Ling Han hurriedly caught the ball of light and pressed it on his forehead. As expected, the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art changed again, finally complete.

"Kid, you're qualified to become an internal disciple of the Twelve Palaces. So, under what palace do you want to become a disciple?" the formation spirit suddenly asked.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "Send my divine sense back to my body first. I'll show you something, but don't let anyone else know."

"Tsk, acting all mysterious." The formation spirited snorted, yet acted accordingly.

Ling Han's divine sense returned. He was still inside the building but no longer in the hermetic stone room. He also reestablished the connection with the Black Tower. He took out the key of the Sagittarius Palace, swaying it in his hand.

"Huh, you actually have the key to open the Sagittarius Palace?" the formation spirit cried out. "Why didn't you take it out earlier?"

"If I took it out earlier, how could I have obtained Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art?" Ling Han replied with a question.

"…Damn brat!" the formation spirit muttered, and suddenly laughed gloatingly. "To tell you an unfortunate news, its not the first time the Sagittarius Palace has been opened, so the treasures inside the palace have already been cleaned out, leaving only two things that can't be taken out."


"Haha!" The formation spirit laughed loudly. It had been annoyed at Ling Han for a long time, and now being able to disgust Ling Han once instantly made it feel really pleased. It paused, then went on, "However, the things of true value in the Sagittarius Palace are those two things that can't be taken away."

"What are they?" Ling Han asked just in case.

"A Mystical Power, and a set of coordinates," the formation spirit said.

A Mystical Power!

Ling Han was happy. This was a great thing, but what the heck was the coordinate? He asked, "Coordinates of what?"

"In former years, Heavenly River King once discovered an astounding god's depository, and just taking a few things allowed him to be all powerful in the Great Brahmas. These coordinates are the location of the god's depository," the formation spirit answered.

Ling Han suddenly realized that what Yan Tian Zhao wanted to take away was definitely those coordinates.

"These coordinates are only in the Sagittarius Palace?" Ling Han asked again.

"No, in all twelve palaces. Being able to inherit the legacy of the Twelve Palaces, one is naturally qualified to receive Heavenly River King's remaining treasures," the formation spirit said.

"Right, what sort of a place is the Great Brahmas?" Ling Han asked.

The formation spirit rolled its eyes, and said, "I'm only the core of this formation, not a know-it-all, so how should I know?"

'Damn, scoffed at by a formation spirit.'

Ling Han pondered, and said, "Is there anyone else who brought a key in this time?"

"What, you guessed even that?" The formation spirit was astounded. "Before you, there certainly was a kid who brought a key over in a rush, and didn't attend the tests earlier."

"Is he called Wen Yi Jian?" Ling Han felt apprehensive.

"That's right."

As expected, Wen Yi Jian didn't coincidentally encounter the opening of the Twelve Skies Mystery Realm, and probably paid close attention to north region's situation ever since he'd obtained the key.

"Which palace did he open?"

"Scorpio Palace."

Ling Han thought shortly, and said, "Since the Sagittarius Palace has already been opened, has that god's depository been taken away?"

"No." The formation spirit shook its head, returned Ling Han the key, and said, "This is not only the key to open the Sagittarius Palace, but also the authenticating object to enter the god's depository. There lie the restrictions set by Heavenly River King, and without a key, you can't enter at all. However, the key will disappear after one use. Since its appeared again, it means that previous possessor didn't enter the god's depository."

So that was how matters stood.

"After you leave here, I'll take you to Sagittarius Palace," the formation spirit continued.


Ling Han went out, and quite a few people's gazes immediately targeted him. Everyone knew that Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist, and he not only passed this stage, but also definitely acquired an extremely good record; he must've obtained surprising treasures.

Ao Feng and the other Flower Blossom Tier warriors revealed killing intent in their eyes. If not for fear of the formation spirit, they definitely would attack and seize it. 

"You, you, you, you, you." The formation spirit pointed at those that arrived within ten days. "You guys all qualify to become an external disciple of the Twelve Palaces. Those interested, follow me."

The thirteen people hurriedly followed—didn't they come in for opportunities?

Hu Niu didn't care much. She simply followed Ling Han.
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