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For others, this "heaven ascending ladder" was a great test, but for these two monsters, Ling Han and Hu Niu, it was only slightly strenuous, absolutely unable to push them beyond their limits.

Thus, Ling Han soon lost interest, and after climbing for one day, he stopped to cultivate Origin Power, then increased his brute force. Instead, cultivating the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body art was extremely painful as each posture wasn't something normal people could do, each time making him hack out blood. 

No wonder he had to eat tonic things, or else he would die hacking out blood every day like this, then to hell with cultivation.

Each time Ling Han finished cultivating and began eating meat with Hu Niu, he would see the White-Robed Sword King catch up. With each passing day, his expression didn't falter a single bit, and his gaze even became brighter.

Ling Han could see that something had been planted inside the heart of this swordsman, and once it budded, it would produce a surprising change.

This was Shen Zhong Cheng's opportunity.

After nine whole days, Ling Han and Hu Niu finally climbed to the end of the heaven-ascending ladder, and this place was actually a large stretch of land, indescribably strange. It was as if it was originally a complete piece of land that was forcibly broken off by a mighty being, a part placed on top and a part placed on bottom, forming a massive stairway.

Suddenly, an unusual surge transmitted from below and emitted an astounding might, the presence surge like the tide.

"What, someone had a breakthrough, and it's to the Flower Blossom Tier!" Ling Han was astounded.

In another short while, the surge rose again.

"A second person is breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier!" Ling Han was even more surprised.

From the Spiritual Pedestal Tier to the Flower Blossom Tier, this was a process of transcending mortals, and although Flower Blossom Tier beings were far from beings called gods, Flower Blossom Tier creatures could fly and survive just from absorbing Spiritual Qi without eating, something mortals could not compare with.

Thus, crossing this step was extremely arduous, and the commotion associated with it was also ridiculous large.

In half a day, Ling Han actually felt the surge of seven breakthroughs to the Flower Blossom Tier, and it definitely wasn't the same person charging seven times consecutively because of failure.

It should've been those prodigies who were stuck at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and were originally only a step away from the Flower Blossom Tier. Limited by the difficulty of crossing into the Flower Blossom Tier, they had been stalled in taking this step.

But here, they were forced to their limits and even surpassed them. This was a type of refinement of willpower that allowed people to enter the state of becoming one with heaven and earth extremely easily, completely seeing through oneself and comprehending instantly, then taking the key step.

No wonder so many people wanted to come in. Even if they couldn't obtain any treasures, this toughening experience alone was worth it.

Of course, the seven could breakthrough also because their accumulation at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was deep enough, or else those who just crossed into the ninth layer of the Pedestal Tier and wanted to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier through this walk would also succeed—that would just be a joke.

This was only supplementary, having a boosting effect. The key was still oneself.

Seven people wasn't the end. On the afternoon of the tenth day, another three people began breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier one after another. Obviously, these ten people couldn't make it here in the ten days, because breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier would require at least ten days' time.

When they completed the breakthrough, the limit of one month would come, and all would have to leave the mystery realm.

The White-Robed Sword King was the third to arrive, and when he crossed the last step, he sat down cross-legged; Spiritual Wi surged, and almost visibly poured into his body as if several shapeless hands were pulling the Spiritual Qi.

Looking closely, the Spiritual Qi turned into three fierce beasts, leaping at Shen Zhong Chen's body at three different angles.

"What, Three Beasts Phenomenon!" Ling Han was astounded. "The legend is actually real. So it turns out that completely surpassing oneself will certainly bring forth the reaction of a mysterious power in heaven and earth! It's said that the bigger the number of spiritual beasts one can draw forth, the bigger the number of small tiers one will break through at the end. Now, Shen Zhong Chen has really profited greatly."

Spiritual Qi came surging and continued to turn into the shape of beasts. Three beasts after another leapt towards Shen Zhong Chen and continuously increased his cultivation.

In the matter of half an hour, powerful energy burst out from Shen Zhong Cheng's body. He opened his eyes suddenly; his eyes were as bright as two small suns, but the radiance immediately faded, leaving his eyes still filled with intimidation and as if sharp swords.

The fifth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!

His cultivation grew drastically by three small tiers as expected.

Ling Han was awfully envious—why did he have to be so strong, strong to the point that the test here couldn't force him to his limits...

The fourth person to arrive was actually Can Ye!

His killing intent overflowed from his body. He held a saber in his right hand, and a terrifying ominous glare shot from his eyes, as fearless as if he wouldn't hesitate to strike with his saber to cut apart a Shattering Void Tier elite should one appear before him now!

This refinement of willpower finally unleashed his killing intent completely.

Can Ye also sat down immediately, and hong, Spiritual Qi swirled, also forming three foreign beasts that surged into his body.

'Sigh, are they all trying to anger me?'

Ling Han shook his head, but also revealed a smile. Through this tempering, Can Ye could really counted as treading the road of elites, and his achievements in the future would be unlimited! In Rain Country, he had had a feeling that Can Ye would become the second Setting Sun Saber Emperor in the future, but now this feeling turned into conviction.

As long as Can Ye could stay alive and keep battling on, he would become such an elite!

Ling Han stroked his chin—should he let Can Ye develop on his own? Following beside him and always receiving his protection, Can Ye would never become a true elite, but only a powerful subordinate.

People arrived in succession, but there were extremely few of them; moreover, Yu Kun Lun and figures near the top of the prodigy roll from the previous generation or the two generations before could not be seen, probably all being those ten charging to the Flower Blossom Tier.

Ling Han thought so shortly and threw that train of thought aside. He longed to pass the third stage and obtain the complete Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art. 

When this day ended, only fourteen people passed. Liu Yu Tong, and Yue Kai Yu still didn't come up; apparently, their willpower was not firm enough—or freakish, so to speak.

…Shen Zhong Chen spent over nine days to arrive, and even drew forth the Three Beasts Phenomenon; it was enough to see how challenging this was.

So, it was also quite normal for them not to have arrived. 

The formation spirit appeared, swept the fourteen people with its gaze, and said, "The third stage's test is pill refining skill. There is no definite standard, I'll make the judgment."

Instantly, thirteen of the fourteen people gave up.

Why? Sh!t, none of them were alchemists, so to hell with the test!

The formation spirit's expression was somewhat doubtful, staring at Ling Han as it said, "You're also an alchemist? You're actually the only alchemist here?"

"Truly not a coincidence!" Ling Han sighed intentionally.

The formation spirit thought shortly, and said, "Even if it's only you, if the level of the pill you refine is not up to par, you still won't get any good rewards."

Was it underestimating the Grandmaster of alchemy?
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