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Chapter 492 Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art [1]

"Lord Formation Spirit, is that possible?" Cao Tian Yi said coldly. He was the prodigy roll's number one two generations ago, and with one foot into Flower Blossom Tier, his strength was formidable, and he was also quite conceited.

The formation spirit glanced at him and said balefully, "You're doubting this lord?"

"Doesn't Lord Formation Spirit think it suspicious?" Cao Tian Yi snorted.

"This lord's authority doesn't not allow for defiance!" the formation spirit said coldly and waved its hand towards Cao Tian Yi. Instantly, a massive white tiger appeared from thin air, pouncing towards Cao Tian Yi.

Once the white tiger came out, everyone felt an endless chill, afraid to face it from the depths of their souls; it was too strong, strong to an unfathomable degree.

Cao Tian Yi was also greatly surprised, never expecting the formation spirit would attack him, nor did he even think that this attack would be so terrifying. He no longer had any doubts, taking out a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree and throwing it at the white tiger.

Hong, the law decree burned and turned into an ice vulture, flapping its wings at the white tiger and swirling up a piercingly cold wind.

However, the white tiger simply opened its mouth and devoured the entire ice vulture, and with another bite, Cao Tian Yi also disappeared in its mouth.


Everyone lost their voice all together. That was a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree, but the white tiger devoured the attack in one bite—how terrifying was its strength? No wonder everyone wanted to obtain this place's legacy. The formation spirit alone was this strong, and if one obtained the true legacy, how strong could one become?

The formation spirit retracted the white tiger, and said indifferently towards everyone, "Is there anyone that still doubts this lord?"

Everyone hurriedly shook their heads together. Even if the formation spirit had intentionally covered it up, who dared to have any objections? In this world, whoever was the strongest had the final say. Complaining was the behavior of the weak.

The formation spirit couldn't be bothered to say what the top two's records were and simply looked at Hu Niu a few times. The three inside were somewhat freakish, all of them full of tricks, but were in the range of being understandable.

Only this little girl couldn't have her divine sense extracted; that was definitely the strangest thing, the first such case in history.

In the mental space, Ling Han and the others knew that they entered top three and were full of expectations.

What rewards could they receive?

"Rong Huan Xuan, you're third place in this time's exam. Here are three mystic arts, you can choose one." The formation spirit first appeared on Rong Huan Xuan's side.


Rong Huan Xuan instantly spurted out.

He was originally filled with confidence that he would definitely get first place. Crossing into the Flower Blossom Tier from the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, wasn't that kickass? Was there anyone in the world who could compare? However, he was actually third?

'Sh!t! That's impossible!'

"Is there a mistake, I'm only third?" said Rong Huan Xuan, displeased but more so in disbelief.

The formation spirit's anger still hadn't subsided, and seeing Rong Huan Xuan challenging it, it instantly erupted with fury, charging up to give him a vicious beating. After knocking Rong Huan Xuan out, it randomly threw a ball of light onto Rong Huan Xuan's head, with it sinking right in.

"Get out!" It kicked Rong Huan Xuan, whose divine sense immediately returned, being jolted out of the room.

"Ah!" Rong Huan Xuan rolled all over the ground. As his divine sense returned, he felt pain all over his body, as if he'd truly been given a sound thrashing. However, he immediately discovered that everyone stared at him fiendishly, and hurriedly jumped into Three Lives Corpse Casket.

As arrogant as he was, he didn't dare provoke the fifteen Flower Blossom Tier warriors at the scene.

"No!" He very soon let out a tragic shout, because he'd actually received the secrets on how to refine a medicinal pill!


He wasn't an alchemist, so why the heck give him a medicinal pills secrets?

It was his fault for offending the formation spirit, and there was absolutely nothing to argue about.

The formation spirit appeared once again, but in Yan Tian Zhao's space.

"Yan Tian Zhao, you're second place in this time's test. Here are three types of medicinal pills, you can choose one," it said almost the same thing. However, the rewards changed.

"What!?" Yan Tian Zhao stood up in shock. He defeated an opponent of the Flower Blossom Tier at twenty stars battle prowess; with the tier of a Spiritual Pedestal Tier, this was an irreplicable miracle. He possessed a god's memories, and battling with the divine sense, he was ridiculously strong?

However, this didn't even get him first place, so how could he believe it?

"What, you also doubt this lord?" the formation said fiercely. It wanted to beat someone again.

"I wouldn't dare!" Yan Tian Zhao was more sensible. He naturally knew what powers this formation spirit possessed. Even in former years when he had been in his prime, he might not dare to provoke it, let alone now that he only had a part of a memory.

"Very good that you wouldn't dare, here, pick quickly!" the formation spirit said coldly. There were three balls of light in its hands, each wrapping a medicinal pill.

Soon, the formation spirit came to where Ling Han was.

"Ling Han, you're first in this time's test. Here are three mystic arts, you can choose one," it said. The rewards changed again.

Ling Han revealed a smile and instead asked, "The second and third, what were their records?"

"The two were both at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, beating Flower Blossom Tier five stars and twenty stars, respectively," the formation spirit said dully.

Ling Han couldn't help but be astounded—how could someone be so strong? No, they probably were the same as him, using a loophole.

"Choose quickly!" The formation spirit was somewhat impatient.

Ling Han looked at the three balls of light in its hands and said, "What are these mystic arts?"

"Place the light balls on your forehead to see the outline of the mystic arts. If it weren't for the countless stars that you surpassed, you wouldn't be qualified to pick any of these three mystic arts," the formation spirit said.

Ling Han did as he was told, and instantly revealed a surprised look.

These three mystic arts were all gems!

"Great Illusion Heavenly Spirit Formation," "One Hundred Eight Doctrines of Alchemy," and "Nine Dragons Tyrant Art," corresponding to formations, alchemy, and martial arts.

Ling Han looked at the introduction—these were all god tier!

He only hesitated slightly before making a choice, picking the "Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art."

He had just dabbled in formations, it was only supplementary and couldn't upstage martial arts. As for alchemy, he still had a long time before shattering the void and becoming a god, so what meaning did a god tier pill recipe have?

Thus, he chose the martial arts mystic arts.

The Nine Dragon Tyrant Body Art was a physical art, and at its pinnacle, one could become god in flesh, possessing the power of nine true dragons!

A true dragon, one of the strongest amongst mythical beasts, possessing the physical strength of nine true dragons... how terrifying would that be? However, this Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art wasn't complete, with only one-third of it, and when cultivated to the extreme, one could only possess the power of three true dragons.

"How stingy, how come it's only one-third?" Ling Han protested.

"There are two more rounds of tests afterwards, and if you can get first in both, you'll have the chance to complete it," the formation spirit said indifferently, snatched the ball of light and pressed it at Ling Han. Instantly, flashes of golden characters flowed into Ling Han's Body, fusing with him.

"Get lost!" The formation also kicked Ling Han out.

Ling Han had no reaction. His divine sense was full of the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, turning into his memories, but those cryptic characters were extremely hard to understand—even he felt a bit toilsome.

493: Azure Flame Vulture

Pa, Ling Han's divine sense returned, thrown out.

Everyone looked at Ling Han; this guy was the last to come out, so could he be first place in this time's exam?

The third place had five stars Flower Blossom Tier battle prowess, so how strong was this guy's battle prowess? But how could a mere Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior surpass the boundary of mortals?

"Master Ling, what treasures did you acquire?" a Flower Blossom Tier elite said.

This was supposed to be one's secret that one shouldn't ever ask, but taking advantage of his higher tier, he could act unrestrained. Moreover, this was still because he worried about Ling Han's Heaven Grade alchemist identity, or else he'd just rob him.

Ling Han glared at him and said, "The hell does that have to do with you?"

That Flower Blossom Tier elite choked on his saliva. His expression changed drastically; he was about to flip about. However, Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist; considering status, Ling Han's was way higher than his—so what if Ling Han rained down curses on him on spot?

One not being afraid of a Heaven Grade alchemist was one matter but acting violently towards one was another matter.

His gaze was chilling, filled with killing intent. As long as Ling Han was left out or when no other Flower Blossom Tier warriors were beside him, he would seize the treasures and kill all witnesses.

So what if Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist—now that he entered the mystery realm, his survival was naturally his own responsibly!

Ling Han took in his killing intent, revealing a cold smile. With two great spirits of the five elements, what fear of a Flower Blossom Tier opponent did he need to have? If he had Yue Kai Yu spend another law decree, then it was even possible to kill the guy!

Some were joyous, and some were hateful; Rong Huan Xuan was slightly gloomier because he offended the formation spirit and had no choice to pick at all, receiving alchemy techniques. Although written on it were all Heaven Grade medicinal recipes, of what use it was to him?

Yan Tian Zhao was much luckier. He received a precious medicinal pill, enough to let him break through into the Flower Blossom Tier. Thus, he kept his eyes on Ling Han, believing that the mystic art that Ling Han received was definitely more precious.

Flower Blossom Tier elites all looked Ling Han, Yan Tian Zhao, and Rong Huan Xuan. They wanted the treasures on them, and even more so wanted to know the secret of how the three of them could battle Flower Blossom Tier opponents while at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

With the formation spirit pressing them, they set out towards a field of mountains and plains where terrifying beasts ran wild. Only after passing through could they arrive at the second test's location. The rules were similar; three people could receive rewards, but the test was definitely not about tier surpassing battle prowess, or it would have no meaning.

The six of them set out. Liu Yu Tong and the others were all curious and wanted to know what treasures Ling Han received. Ling Han told them about Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, making everyone greatly envious—the name alone sounded quite formidable.

"Hu Niu, how come you didn't make it into the top three?" Ling Han felt it very strange. With Hu Niu's battle prowess fully unleashed, it was very possible to bite a Flower Blossom Tier twenty stars to death.

"Niu doesn't know either, can't enter," Hu Niu replied.

After Ling Han asked clearly, he couldn't help but be astounded—Hu Niu actually didn't participate in the test. Not that she didn't enter that house, but the formation spirit had no way of extracting her divine sense, so there was naturally no way to carry out the test.

Hiss, even a god tier formation couldn't extract Hu Niu's soul—the little girl's soul was actually that stable!

No wonder even Primal Chaos Source Rock couldn't affect her.

"Young Master Han, our path won't be peaceful, right?" Can Ye asked.

"Of course not!" Ling Han said smilingly, paused, then said, "Strange, why don't I see Wen Yi Jian?"

"Maybe he got caught up somewhere."

"Or encountered a ferocious beast and died!" Yue Kai Yu said filled with evil intentions. That man was handsome to the point of making people envious.

Ling Han laughed loudly, shook his head, and said, "Wen Yi Jian's not one to be short-lived. This person is very likely to stir up a storm in the future! He didn't come in time probably because he received other prospects— what!?"

He was suddenly started; why did Wen Yi Jian come to north region by himself, could it really be to admire Zhu Xuan Er's beauty? A genius like Wen Yi Jian definitely wouldn't specially travel ten thousand miles just because he heard of a woman's beauty.

Now was it so coincidental that he just happened to encounter the opening of Twelve Heaven Mystery Realm?

A thought suddenly occurred to him, a bold guess—Wen Yi Jian could possibly have acquired a key!

With such allure, Wen Yi Jian crossed over regions and even came alone because was feared that he'd let the cat out of the bag, having opportunities stolen; after all, he was only at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Of course, this was only a guess, but Ling Han was quite certain that this was the case.

Leaving the city area, a field of mountains and forests were up ahead. Hundred feet tall trees could be seen everywhere, and they were multicolored and bright, as if a bouquet of flowers in full bloom.

However, the mountains and forests were definitely not safe.

Just like how one could only accept the first test after passing through the city gates, and maybe the rewards would be the same, to take the second test and obtain a second reward, one also had to prove one's strength, and even luck.

…There were Spiritual Infant Tier beasts here, and if they bumped into one, they definitely would be doomed.

"Careful, we might not just encounter the beasts here, but also Flower Blossom Tier bandits," Ling Han said.

Everyone nodded, cautious and solemn. Especially Yue Kai Yu, he directly held a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree in hand and looked like he'd throw it if anyone dared come over, having the ferocity of a hotheaded fellow.

The people split up long before entering the forest. This was inside a mystery realm, who would believe anyone easily unless the other was an intimate friend? What if they were stabbed from behind the back—who would they cry their grievances to?

"Gua, gua, gua..." Bird cries were endless in the forest. Massive birds could be seen gliding across the sky from time to time. Their wings spanned over a hundred feet, with feathers like swords. Some didn't have any feathers at all, but instead long black scales that emitted the presence of cold iron.

They saw a giant azure vulture snatch a bull, as if lifting a chicklet.

Iron Scale Red Back Bull! When everyone saw clearly, they all gasped in astonishment, because the Iron Scale Red Back Bull was a Spiritual Infant Tier being—but now, the azure vulture took it down easily, so what level was that azure vulture?

Ling Han's gaze tensed, this azure vulture was a Deity Transformation Tier beast called Azure Flame Vulture. It could spew out azure flames, and even melt eighth tier rare metals.

Right, it was a king among beasts; normal Deity Transformation Tier beasts definitely didn't have such terrifying power.

If this Azure Flame Vulture were to launch an attack at them, then he would definitely store everyone into the Black Tower; but as to when Yue Kai Yu and Zhu Xuan Er would be let out, that was unsure.

…Yue Kai Yu was too big-mouthed, and Zhu Xuan Er hadn't received his trust yet, so these two people definitely couldn't know the secrets of the Black Tower.

Fortunately, the Azure Flame Vulture only swept them with a cold glance, then flew away as if it felt that these puny reptiles were beneath its attention.

494: Stealing Eggs

The six of them didn't dare to be careless. It was too dangerous here as any random powerful beast could kill them a hundred times. But thinking of the opportunities they could get, no one turned tail.

Moreover, this was also a rare occasion to toughen themselves. Hovering between life and death could greatly increase a martial artist's cultivation progression.

Their luck wasn't bad and they encountered no powerful beasts until half a day later, when a beast dashed out. It was near ten feet tall and its hair was dark and shining. It had four long thick legs with a three-feet-long tail like a long mace.

However, it had the head of a snake, and flicked its red tongue that was a about a foot long. The tongue was split at the tip like a halberd.

"Flower Blossom Tier!" Everyone drew a cold breath. This place was too unfriendly as a random beast that popped out was at the Flower Blossom Tier, leaving absolutely no way for people to survive.

Without a word, Ling Han summoned the Rock Spirit. This beast wasn't a test for them, it was here to take their lives.

"Ang!" The Rock Spirit roared at the snake-headed beast; the former was obviously fearless.

The snake-headed beast revealed a hint of fear. It wasn't a king among beasts, so even though its tier was clearly higher than the Rock Spirit's, it appeared hesitant, not daring to attack rashly.

"Wa, a giant rock!" Hu Niu's eyes lit up. It was her first time seeing the Rock Spirit. Immediately jumping onto the Rock Spirit's head, she pointed at the snake-headed beast and said, "Quick, quick, quick, Niu wants to eat meat. Take down this big monster!"

The Rock Spirit was enraged. Other than Ling Han, it looked down upon everyone—who could ride on its head? The spirits of the five elements had the pride of a being a spirit of the five elements; at that time, when Ling Han messed it up so badly, it still didn't yield. Small Tower had to move out to scare it into submission, so what was a small little girl?

It was about to vent its anger, but then was suddenly startled as it felt a terrifying presence from Hu Niu. It instantly became as obedient as a dog, roaring loudly as it charged at the snake-headed beast.

"Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit!" Hu NIu clapped and laughed as she commanded it.

Ling Han felt it strange. The Rock Spirit actually listened to Hu Niu... was its brain really stuffed with rocks?

The snake-headed beast fought with the Rock Spirit a few rounds and started to escape. It already experienced its immense power and terrifying recovery ability; it was absolutely no match for it at all, so it could only escape.

"Don't let it run, chase it!" Hu Niu issued orders and controlled the Rock Spirit on the chase.

However, in a short while, the Rock Spirit brought Hu Niu back. The little girl was sulky. Scolding the Rock Spirit, she said, "How useless, letting Niu's meat fly. If you weren't full of rocks, Niu would eat you!"

The Rock Spirit offered no excuses, only nodding obediently, currying favor with her like a sycophant.

Was this still the blockhead yet rough Rock Spirit?

"Such a powerful puppet!" Zhu Xuan Er who didn't know the truth exclaimed—this was a Flower Blossom Tier puppet! She looked at Ling Han and exclaimed spontaneously in admiration, "Young Master Han proves to be a genius, a king in alchemy, and boasting surprising mastery in formations as well. Xuar Er is absolutely impressed!"

Her bearing was intoxicating; even with Ling Han's self-cultivation, he couldn't help but be moved, feeling real good inside.

Hu Niu was discontented and said, "Big rock, smack this ugly woman flat!"

The Rock Spirit instantly revealed an ominous look, staring at Zhu Xuan Er.

Ling Han hurriedly stopped it and said, "Don't be mischievous!"

Hu Niu started playing with her fingers and muttered, "Niu's not being mischievous, Niu's serious." Zhu Xuan Er shivered in fright, never thinking such a little girl would be so jealous.

The Rock Spirit still listened more to Ling Han. After all, Ling Han was the master. Ling Han thought briefly that he might as well not store this guy in the Black Tower; this place was truly dangerous, and maybe a Spiritual Infant Tier beast would really jump out, so it was better to let the Rock Spirit guard on the outside.

They walked for a while, and a firmament tree appeared before them. Its roots were so thick that a hundred people could wrap their arms around it, and its height reached several hundred feet. However, the strange thing was that it almost didn't have any branches—it was simply just a bare trunk, as if a pillar. It seldomly had a few branches that stretched out, but they were thin and short like fur, too inconspicuous.

At the treetop spread a giant crown, but examining closely, it wasn't a crown—it was clearly a bird's nest!

Oh my, what a large nest!

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth. After one look, he looked pleasantly surprised, and said, "There's an egg inside the bird's nest, and by the patterns on the egg shell, it should've been delivered by the Azure Flame Vulture. And, the Azure Flame Vulture isn't here!"

Yue Kai Yu opened his mouth widely and said, "Young Master Han, you can't be having thoughts about that egg, right?" He was truly startled, the Azure Flame Vulture was at the Deity Transformation Tier and no one in the north region would be its rival, but Ling Han actually dared to steal its progeny.

Ling Han cracked a smile and said, "Why not?" Then, he elaborated with conviction, "Here, the Azure Flame Vulture can only be trapped in such a small place, but following us outside, it can truly fly freely. I'm doing a good thing!"

Zhu Xuan Er sighed and said, "Being a thief so openly and righteously, it's the first time Xuan Er's encountered someone like that!"

"Me too!"

"I second that!"

Liu Yu Tong and Can Ye chimed in one after another.

Hu Niu clapped as she said, "Niu supports Ling Han, scoop out the egg and boil it to eat!" Sou, she was truly one to get things done, immediately climbing along the trunk, agile like monkey.

Her speed was not a single bit slower than when the Rock Spirit rose into the sky, and seeing this, Ling Han no longer let the Rock Spirit fly him towards the treetop.

In a short while, Hu Niu climbed down with a single hand. With the other hand, she hugged an egg no smaller than she was, making the others who looked on really worried that she might fall down with the egg.

Though she easily stole the egg, the Azure Flame Vulture's presence remained in the nest. It was a great deterrence for any beast and martial artist, guaranteeing that even Spiritual Infant Tier beings wouldn't dare come close; otherwise, their limbs would go soft, and lose the even the power to move. But against a freak like Hu Niu, it was of no use at all.

Hu Niu soon landed, hugging the egg happily, and said, "Steamed or fired?"

"Neither!" Ling Han snatched it. "Got to raise it, don't you have any thoughts about it!"

"Wuwuwu, Niu wants to eat!" Niu pouted, expressing her discontent.

Ling han ignored her, and put the bird egg right into the Black Tower. Yue Kai Yu and Zhu Xuan Er didn't dwell on it—could a living thing be stored into a spatial ring? Wouldn't a live thing become dead?

"Let's run!" The six of them hurriedly left. If the Azure Flame Vulture came back now, things would be grave.

The six of them walked real far, and suddenly an earthshaking cry sounded. The sound waves were like sharp swords, shua, shua, shua, as the surrounding trees were sliced into pieces. Although they defended with full strength, Can Ye and Li Yu Tong were still slashed all over their bodies because the two's tier was slightly lower.

"The Azure Flame Vulture is back!"


The six of them hurriedly sped up, while Ling Han thought to himself that if the Azure Flame Vulture discovered their tracks, he would immediately put everyone into the Black Tower.


At this moment, a flash of sword light suddenly shot out from the side, bright and dazzling, piercing right under Ling Han's rib.
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