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The formation spirit disappeared again once it finished talking.

Everyone looked at each other as they walked towards the house with a pitch-black door. Nothing inside could be seen.

"Let's go." Ling Han and the others also walked over. The house seemed like a bottomless pit, no matter how many people went in, it never got crowded.

Xiu, the instant Ling Han entered, he discovered that he appeared in a sealed circular stone room. The place was large, hundred feet in diameter and hundred feet in height.

Recalling what the formation spirit said, Ling Han hurriedly probed and discovered that he certainly lost connection with the Black Tower.

His divine sense was extracted out.


He was extremely shocked; people that lost their divine sense were equivalent to an empty shell, and if his divine sense was forever trapped in here, then his body would starve to death!

Even if Flower Blossom Tier beings transcended mortals and only needed to absorb spiritual Qi to live, they would still die slowly from age.

If the formation spirit wanted to erase them, then it would truly be a matter of a single thought… since it could extract their divine sense, then wiping them out would be just as easy.

As expected of a god tier formation, he didn't even know how his divine sense was extracted.

Weng, the young child appeared and said, "Pick your opponent, what tier and what stars of battle prowess?"

Ling Han pondered, and then said, "I'll have the Spiritual Pedestal Tier Twenty Stars first."

"You're at the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so surpassing eighteen stars?" The formation spirit was quite human-like as it revealed a shocked expression. "Not bad, if you can truly pass such a test, then placed in the Great Brahma, this would be fairly impressive strength."

Ling Han was even more astounded that surpassing eighteen stars was only fairly impressive? The Great Brahma? Was this a place in the god realm?

"What weapon do you use?" the formation spirit asked again.

"Sword!" Ling Han said.

Xiu, a long sword appeared out of thin air and was stuck next to Ling Han's leg.

Ling Han still wanted to inquire the formation spirit about the Great Brahma, but before he asked, the formation spirit had already disappeared; what took its place was an expressionless swordsman of medium stature.

It was strong!

Ling Han couldn't help but tremble from within. This was a true swordsman with shocking sword intent that was emitted from all over its body, and with only one glance, his soul seemed as if it were being torn apart.

His battle intent was burning, and with a sword in hand, he said, "Then let's battle!"

The swordsman lowered its knees slightly, and then shot out abruptly. Its speed was ridiculously fast; shua, its long sword was unsheathed, bringing with it a shocking sword light that was piercingly cold.

Ling Han was fearless, greeting it with his sword.

Ding, ding, ding, the two battled fiercely. This was clearly only a divine sense space, but it was extremely real. The sparks that burst out from the clashing didn't look fake at all.

The swordsman swung its word, and instantly ten flashes of sword Qi waved, sweeping towards Ling Han .

"Not bad, ten flashes of Sword Qi. Now I've really met a rival!" Ling Han laughed loudly and swung his sword as well, slashing out ten flashes of Sword Qi.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, the Sword Qi clashed and annihilated each other.

Ling Han was astounded that the opponent's Sword Qi's quality was actually no less than his; this was rare. His became overjoyed and said, "Take this strike of mine!" He began to maneuver the Mysterious Three Thousand.

However, before the sword's might was formed, he was forced to stop because the swordsman had surprisingly sensitivity in battle—he immediately fired a slash and stopped Ling Han's strength accumulation.

"Interesting! Interesting!" Ling Han laughed loudly. "You're the only opponent in the same tier that has made me stop my strike!"

The swordsman only had the instinct to battle, continuing to strike in a flurry.

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth and carried out Hundred Changes Thousand Illusions movement art, treading in small steps under the opponent's sword influence. He was still accumulating strength to fire out Mysterious Three Thousand to end the battle right away.

The swordsman's attacks were fiercer and fiercer, and suddenly its long sword paused slightly, and as it swung downwards, illusions of ten large mountains rolled towards Ling Han.

Ka, ka, ka, ka, Ling Han's body immediately let out rattle as if his bones were breaking, but Ling Han was not in the least concerned. He cultivated Iron Sheet Body, and his body was equivalent to rare metal of the same tier; to overwhelm his body, it had to be at least a Flower Blossom Tier attack.

In this mental space, the formation spirit also accurately replicated his body's toughness, and other than the Black Tower, the Demon Birth Sword, and other weapons which weren't brought in here, other aspects were almost no different from his real body.

Ling Han laughed loudly, striking. Xiu, xiu, xiu, thousands of sword lights instantly emerged, slashing fiercely at the swordsman.

These sword lights were too concentrated, and unless that swordsman also possessed the Eye of Truth and understood Mysterious Three Thousand no less than Ling Han, it wouldn't be able to charge out from these sword lights like how Ling Han once did, charging out from Yao Hui Yue's sword might.

However, that swordsman obviously wasn't equipped with the two, so it was hit. Pu, pu, pu! It was also very valiant—as it maneuvered its long sword, over five hundred lights of Sword Qi were actually struck down, but the following ones engulfed it.

After all the sword lights disappeared, that swordsman also vanished like mist or smoke.

This was originally a mental space, and that swordsman wasn't a real entity.

"Very good, you pass." The formation spirit appeared once again. "You have two more chances to pick opponents."

Ling Han instead asked, "Can my results rank first?"

"Limited by the rules, I can't answer you." The formation spirit shook its head, following a prescribed pattern.

"Can you talk about the Great Brahma?" Ling Han changed a question—this was actually what he wanted to ask.

"Limited by the rules, I can't answer you," the formation spirit said the same thing.

Ling Han couldn't help but sigh. He pondered, then said, "Make another Spiritual Pedestal Tier with twenty-five stars battle prowess."

"As you wish." The formation spirit disappeared, and another swordsman appeared, more terrifying than the previous one. Each of its hairs moved without a breeze, cutting the air and forming a vortex.

Ling Han was shocked; in the vast lands, twenty stars was the limit of a tier's battle prowess, and higher would be crossing into a large tier. However, since the gap between the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and the Flower Blossom Tier was too great, it was impossible to battle a Flower Blossom Tier no matter how strong a Spiritual Pedestal Tier was, so there was a gap in battle prowess values.

He never would've thought that the formation spirit really would make a twenty-five stars Spiritual Pedestal Tier opponent for him.

He decided to fight and see.

Ling Han charged up and the two engaged in a great battle. This swordsman was stronger than the one earlier as expected—and not just by a tiny bit, but an increase of five whole stars of battle prowess; this was also the limit that normal geniuses couldn't surpass.

This battle, Ling Han fought extremely arduously. As his body was slashed with countless sword attacks, even Iron Sheet Body couldn't withstand it. What made him even more depressed was that he couldn't use the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll.

The formation spirit actually couldn't simulate this set of arts!

Did this mean that Indestructible Heaven's Scroll's level was higher than this formation's?

Ling still had the leisure to ponder, but after paying a hefty price, he also earned the chance to fire out Mysterious Three Thousand. As the sword swept pass, the entire sky was covered by sword lights.

The second swordsman was truly strong. He actually cut down a thousand flashes of sword lights. The last hundred flashes struck his body, but he wasn't annihilated, only losing the left leg and the right arm, and getting a large hole on its chest. He still stood up with one leg, holding his sword firmly.

Ling Han smiled bitterly; this was battle prowess of twenty-five stars Spiritual Pedestal Tier, truly fierce!
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