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At the time, the spiritual liquid only filled the stone basin shallowly—there was pathetically little of it. After loading it into the jade bottle, it only filled half of it. Moreover, Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan separated it into two other bottles, so there was even less of it.

Since they didn't know what the spiritual liquid was, Ling Han entered the Black Tower to prepare to try it out for himself.

…Inside the Black Tower, he was like a god—even if he took poisonous medicine, it could be resolved... that's how it should be, right?

He asked Small Tower, "If I took poisonous medicine in here, I wouldn't die, right?"

Small Tower trembled slightly and said, "If you want to seek death, no one can save you."

Those words…

Ling Han took out the jade bottle, shook it at Small Tower, and said, "Do you know what this is?"

"It has a shred of heaven and earths' energy, fairly pure," Small Tower said calmly, but Ling Han could sense a hint of disdain.

It was expected, since it instantly devoured Primal Chaos Source Rock, being proud was unavoidable.

Ling Han paused, and then asked, "Can I take it directly?"

Small Tower pondered, then said, "No, you're too weak, taking it directly will definitely cause you to explode and die. Even the power of the Black Tower won't be able to suppress it in time."

"It's that powerful?"

"You can try," Small Tower egged him on.

Ling Han rolled his eyes and said, "I'm your master anyhow, is it really good for you to urge me like that?"

"A master that can die from eating tonic medicine is too stupid, just the time to change one," Small Tower said indifferently.

"Sorry to disappoint you, I not only won't die, but also live for a very very long time, so resign yourself!" Ling Han said smilingly.

He shook the jade bottle and said, "Can I take it after watering it down, would that work?"

"Yes," Small Tower said succinctly.

"How many times does it have to be diluted?" Ling Han asked again.

"About ten thousand times," Small tower said.

Pu, Ling Han coughed abruptly—ten thousand times? He originally felt that there was pathetically little spiritual liquid, but if it had to be diluted ten thousand times for him to endure it, then this spiritual liquid could really be seen as a small lake.

Not only could it be drunk, but even used to bathe in.

"Worth it!" Ling Han laughed loudly. As expected of the spiritual liquid of god realm; the effects of it were truly amazing.

He was going to pour a drop of spiritual liquid into a pond, but pondered a bit, then asking Small Tower, "Inside the Black Tower, this wouldn't go bad, right?

"No." Small Tower 'shook its head'.

Ling Han continued to dump the bottle, pouring a drop into the pond, and then cupped his hand to drink some. Instantly, his mouth was full of fragrance, and his entire person seemed as if it were about to ascend and become an immortal.

The energy was too abundant.

Unfortunately, the Indestructible Heaven Scroll didn't automatically activate and contend with the Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill for the energy. This meant that Indestructible Heaven Scroll didn't want this type of energy, and it was impossible to increase Ling Han's physique with it.

This made Ling Han both pleased and disappointed.

Obviously, this energy was abundant, but its quality wasn't comparable to a king tier beast's.

This meant that the spiritual liquid could only complete the accumulation of a tier.

Ling Han didn't really care; at least before the Shattering Void Tier, all tier barriers were nonexistent for him. He only needed speedy accumulation in a tier, and having this effect was enough.

Spending over an hour, Ling Han finally refined the spiritual liquid. He took out a few jade bottles and dumped into them the diluted spiritual liquid.

"The original spiritual liquid's energy is too fierce, whoever drinks it will die. This is the diluted version. You guys also take it easy. Brother Yue and Old Brother Guang can take on small sip every time. As for Si Chan, at most ten drops. Adjust it according to your personal condition."

The three of them nodded and took over the jade bottle one after another, hardly able to contain their joy as they already began to take it.

Ling Han also entered the Black Tower and chugged a massive gulp for himself, continuing to refine it.

However, this was the same as medicinal pills, having a corresponding medicinal resistance. When Ling Han took the third mouthful, he felt that he couldn't completely refine the medicinal power, and the efficiency of it instantly dropped by half.

He exited the Black Tower, lying down to rest. Even Spiritual Pedestal Tier beings needed a certain amount of sleep. It was impossible for cultivating to replace it completely; this was mainly to recover some soul power.

After "dawn," the four continued onwards.

Some blood-sucking bugs caught up to them, but their levels were normal, so Ling Han and the others naturally wouldn't care about them. They immediately extinguished these bugs in case some of them brought news back and attracted that big one.

After half a day, a large wall appeared before them, towering into the clouds. Inside the city was a pillar of light surging into the sky. It was this pillar of light that attracted them to come to this place.

"Could it be flown across?" The four of them wondered.

Ling Han let Rock Spirit fly up to try, but it only flew a few hundred meters high before falling down, sending a thought to Ling Han which said that up there was terrifying pressure, so it could only fly a few hundred meters high.

To be able to cross over the wall, what cultivation did one have to be?

The four could only walk alongside the city walls. Since there were city walls, then there naturally should be a city gate.

As expected, after a few hours, a massive city gate appeared in front. It was about a few hundred feet tall. Anyone who stood in front of it would instantly feel extremely insignificant.

There were many people at the city gate. Some were about to enter the city, but more people sat cross-legged on the side.

Ling Han didn't have any ideas at first, but he soon discovered that those who entered the city walked very slowly; some people even revealed a pained expression, even spitting out blood, retreating as if they'd been heavily injured.

"With the ability to enter the city gates, one will qualify to accept the examination, and become a disciple of The Twelve Palaces." Beside the city gates were three rows of large and flamboyant words.

Astounded, Ling Han said, "So even without an opening key, one can still receive the inheritance of The Twelve Palces?"

"It certainly is so, this sect's third generation founder was an extraordinary genius who passed this test and became an external disciple, receiving some godly arts and making this sect north region's strongest force," Yue Kai Yu said unhurriedly, full of admiration.

He paused and then said, "Actually, the third-generation founder had the chance to become a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, but the world's environment didn't allow it. The Twelve Palaces have strict rules, forbidding the impartment of the palace's legacy, so the third-generation founder could only leave his knowledge on martial arts, which still kept this sect standing for thousands of years. If we could receive the Twelve Palaces' true legacy, this sect definitely wouldn't be weaker than the great sects in middle state!"

Ling Han nodded. Becoming an external disciple and acquiring the true legacy was definitely different, otherwise Yan Tian Zhao wouldn't want so much that one thing inside the palace.

Something that made even a god moved, what sort of treasure could that be?

However, even if he had the opening key, he still had to pass the examination, first passing through the city gates. Only then would he have the chance to go to The Twelve Palaces. It looks like not any random lucky guy can receive The Twelve Palaces' legacy, but one also needed considerable talent.

"Master Han!" At this moment, Liu Yu Tong's and the others' voices resounded as Can Ye, Zhu Wu Jiu, Zhu Xuan Er and co all walked over.

"Big baddy!" Hu Niu pounced over and hugged one of his legs like sticky candy that he was unable to fling off.
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