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In the divine temple on the third layer, inside the golden temple that was ten times smaller.

Eighteen iron chains locked a red-haired beast that didn't move for a long while, as if a dead man. But after an endless amount of time, a speck of red light surged on its body.

It was a drop of blood.

Originally, the blood-sucking bug king's mouthpart was stabbed into its heart, and once a drop of blood formed, it would be extracted. Now, the blood king was gone, and this fresh drop of blood could stay.

A miraculous scene appeared; as the fresh blood circulated, the red-haired beast actually glowed with vitality; the red hair on its body kept retreating, showing a dreadfully pale skin that stuck tightly to the bones.

The creature was actually a female, but she was now like a dried corpse, without a single hair. Her appearance could only be said to be scary and frightening.

However, after a long while, the second drop of blood formed, and circulated through her entire body. Her vitality was now even more exuberant as her skin became moist and smooth, while her buttocks and bosom rounded up. Long strands of red hair grew till the buttocks and covered her private parts, leaving a hazy view.

She was a stunning woman with red lips like fire and delicate features like a painting, filled with coquettish seductiveness. Pu, a pair of black wings spread out on her back in the shape of bat wings, which were each three meters long and without a single feather.

She stretched herself, appearing somewhat indolent, but making her impressive places stand out even more. Ding, ding, dang, dang, the iron chains rattled. She clapped her hands and said, "Trapped this lady for ten millennia, it's been so boring!"

"Without the blood-devouring bugs' suppression, these demon suppression chains can't trap this lady any longer!"

She sent out her soul spirit in detection mode and suddenly burst into laughter. She said to herself, "Wind Wing Clan suppressed this lady but feared that killing this lady would enrage powerful clansmen who'd wipe them out. Simply suppressing this lady and using the blood-devouring bug king to extract this lady's blood essence, not allowing this lady the chance to escape."

It's said that the Wind Wing Clan and the Blood-Devouring Bug King entered into a contract, with Wind Wing Clan forever enshrining the Blood-Devouring Bug Clan in exchange for the Blood-Devouring Bug King's suppression of this lady. Who would've thought that several millennia ago Wind Wing Clan stopped their worship. It's no wonder that bug king burst into fury.

Strange, why does this lady feel that this isn't Wind Wing Clan's ancient land, but like it's been pushed into some abnormal space?

Whatever, the priority is to escape! Then find that human youngster, this lady senses that there's some amazing treasure on him!"


The three of them continued to run wildly, and only several hundred meters later did they sigh in relief.

Although there were many swarms of bugs, it wasn't so surprising placed in such a large world, and the only strong one was that super bug king; as long as that guy didn't catch up, they didn't need to fear.

The three of them stopped to rest. The spiritual Qi in here was too abundant; they had to cultivate enough time every day, otherwise it would be a great waste. The Rock Spirit asked Ling Han for a few stone pillars and began to crunch and munch them down.

After a few hours, the three of them finished cultivating. Their tiers increased ever so slightly.

"The profit this time is truly great!" Yue Kai Yu took out a jade bottle, which contained the spiritual liquid. They didn't know what this was, only knowing that it was definitely something good; as to how to use it, they could only stare blankly.

Spiritual liquid was good, but it couldn't be eaten recklessly. In the case that it surpassed one's own tier too much, then one could explode and die.

Dying from eating spiritual medicine—that would be too embarrassing.

Ling Han took it over and said, "Let me study it a bit, I should know how to use it. Let us eat meat first!" He took out the lion-headed and crocodile-bodied great beast's corpse and began to raise a fire to cook it.

This was a king tier beast of the Flower Blossom Tier. If they ate the entire thing, it was guaranteed that the three of them would explode and die, unable to digest all the benefits. So, Ling Han simply cut off a leg.

The cooking pot wasn't a normal iron pot, but a cauldron used to refine pills. To boil a Flower Blossom Tier beast's meat thoroughly, extremely high temperatures were needed; normal pots would have long melted into liquid metal.

As a matter of fact, Ling Han also used Strange Fire, completely treating this pot of meat as pill refining.

He added several precious medicines inside the Black Tower. Quite a few reached a thousand years old, also adding a few Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish—this pot was probably so tonic that it could make Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors get a nosebleed.

Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan went to set up a tent. After they had set it up, Ling Han summoned Li Si Chan from the Black Tower, shocking Yue Kai Yue. However, Ling Han and Guang Yuan both said that they saw Li SI Chan run over, making Yue Kai Yu extremely puzzled­.

When did his senses become so weak, such that he couldn't even tell that a Gushing Spring Tier had run over? Besides, wasn't it a bit too coincidental… they ran for their lives and didn't choose a direction, so what kinf of a lucky coincidence was it for LI Si Chan to have also ran in this direction?

However, after a few drinks went down his stomach, he immediately forgot all of this.

The four began to eat the fish and the meat. Li Si Chan ate only a small bite and glowed with light all over her body again, having no choice but to sit down and operate arts to refine the tremendous medicinal essence.

A king tier beast of Flower Blossom Tier—how greatly tonic a thing this was!

Even Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan only ate a small bowl and had no choice but to stop, hurriedly activating arts to refine it. Only Ling Han ate bowl after bowl, just like an incarnation of Hu Niu the chowhound, almost making Yue Kai Yu's eyes fall out.

He was sure that if he ate so much treasured meat, he would definitely burst.

Ling Han savored the delicacy but sighed inwardly. His spiritual pedestal was built too gigantic, and there was one on top and one on bottom. The accumulation he needed to increase one small tier was probably enough for other people to increase a dozen times.

This was the price that had to be paid for being invincible in the same tier!

Ling Han was troubled but satisfied, eating wildly, and very soon, the pot of fish soup was cleaned. He then began to operate Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill to refine the medicinal power.

Hong, his entire body burst forth with divine light, and a drastic change was happening on the inside.

The Indestructible Heaven Scroll was activated and in the process of increasing his physique from Iron Sheet Tier to Diamond Tier, but the essence of treasured medicine needed for this step was too much—it definitely couldn't be accomplished in a short amount of time.

The awkward thing was that the Indestructible Heaven Scroll extracted the majority of the medicinal essence and left pathetically little for him to increase his tier.

He wanted to increase his cultivation first, but the Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill couldn't seize more than the Indestructible Heaven Scroll could, leaving him to utter bootless cries.

Whatever, a strong physique was obviously a good thing, and even if he reached the Diamond Tier, he would only have completed the first layer of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. As to how many layers this art had, Ling Han still didn't know even till now, because he couldn't understand the following arts at all.

It was probably because his tier was too low.

Ling Han entered the tent and pretended to rest, but entered the Black Tower; he was going to study the spiritual liquid for a short while.
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