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The four who were alive hesitated no more; this bug king was definitely not something they could rival! Not to mention that it was cemented in amber and even Spiritual Infant Tier attacks couldn't hurt it, if it weren't for the amber acting as a seal, its speed would probably increase by countless times; that would truly be complete annihilation, it'd be even impossible to run.

The divine temple's most important role was giving sacrificial offerings, so could the "ancient people's" target of sacrificial offerings be this bug king? But if this bug king was held aloft, why would it be sealed within amber?

What the hell was that red-haired beast? The bug king was obviously sucking the red-haired beast's blood earlier, but after so many years, had it still not extracted all the blood?

Thinking of this, Ling Han couldn't help but be shocked… that red-haired beast might not be dead!

Too strange, this place was too strange!

While his thoughts flew, they already fled the divine temple. The bug king was in hot pursuit, flying out shakily as it sucked towards them.

Fortunately, its speed was too slow. The four only had to look at the changes in its movement and could immediately react, definitely not allowing its mouthpart to point towards oneself.

After rushing out of the divine temple, Geng Jing Sheng immediately flew away. At the very moment, he forgot to demand the spiritual liquid from Ling Han and the others—his life was more important!

Ling Han and the others jumped onto the Rock Spirit and flew away. The Rock Spirit turned its head while it flew, still thinking about those stone pillars inside the temple; for it, those were greatly tonic things.

The bug king was still chasing, but its speed was too slow. It was being left further and further behind, and in the end, it was only a small dot in the distance.

Xiu, xiu, Geng Jing Sheng and the Rock Spirit already flew to the the etrance of the third layer. At this moment, there were still several people waiting here. Seeing them return, they all revealed curious looks, obviously wanting to know what was inside the divine temple.

However, the quick-witted people immediately discovered that three Flower Blossom Tier warriors had gone together, but only Geng Jing Sheng returned… which meant?

"Lord Geng!" Someone insensible approached approached to get in a conversation.

Pa, Geng Jing Sheng immediatley lashed out and slapped the person flying, directly going into the passageway, returning to the second layer.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "If you guys don't want to die, hurry up and leave. Don't ask why, I don't have time to explain to you guys!" As he said so, he, Yue Kai Yu, and Guang Yuan also entered the second layer.

At the stairway of the second layer, there were still seven red-haired beasts guarding the place, but since Geng Jing Sheng was the first to appear, the seven red-haired beasts chased after him. Discovering that the three of them appeared, four of the red-haired beasts continued to chase Geng Jing Sheng while three others ran over, roaring at the three of them.

"What the heck are you roaring for!" Ling Han flew out. A sword light swept past and pu, pu, pu, three red-haired beasts were immediately sliced into bits and pieces. "Go!" He didn't pause at all, continuing to charge forward.

The bug king behind was too fierce, and if it caught up to them, the odds would definitely be against them.

Behind him, other people also ran out. These people didn't know why they were running, but even a Flower Blossom Tier elite fled, so dangers here were obviously extremely terrifying.

Suddenly, a dark cloud swept over and everyone was instantly shocked—it was a swarm of blood-sucking bugs!

Just when everyone was preparing to battle, a strange scene emerged. The swarm of bugs actually ignored them and flew towards the stairway of the second layer, and into the space of the third layer.

Everyone instantly sighed in relief, but Ling Han's expression changed drastically as he suddenly shouted, "Get onto the Small Rock, full speed ahead!" The swarm of bugs entered the third layer... it was extremely likely to be because of the super bug king's command, and although the big fellow might move slowly, what if the entire swarm of bugs carried it?

Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan also thought of this possibly and were instantly scared pale, hurriedly jumping onto the Rock Spirit. The large fellow didn't flew, simply storing power in its legs, and xiu, leapt forward several hundreds of meters.

Flying wasn't the fastest, only having advantage when crossing over terrain. On a flat stretch of land, for a power type like the Rock Spirit, the explosive power of its two feet was evidently faster.

The other people were all confused as to why the three of them were scared to that degree, even running away while riding a Flower Blossom Tier puppet.

Some were smart, thinking of how even two great Flower Blossom Tier elites were lost inside—the third layer possibly contained some terrifying monster. They hesitated no more, hurriedly taking out a Spirit Talisman and sticking it on their body. Instantly, their bodies sped up, and rocketed towards the entrance of the first layer.

Some people weren't willing to waste one, moving along at their original pace.


The swarm of bugs returned from the third layer. Countless bugs revolved around a piece of amber, carrying it and chasing people at a high speed.

The few people that lagged behind were soon surrounded by the swarm. The super bug king attacked, and one by one, those people were all turned into 'dried people.' The entire swarm almost didn't stop, continuing to chase towards the people in front.

Weng, weng, weng, in the divine temples on the way, swarms of bugs flew out and joined the super bug king's troops, making this army even more shocking; it also scared the sense out of those behind, running for their lives.

The Rock Spirit ran swiftly and very soon ran neck and neck with Geng Jing Yuan, making the Flower Blossom Tier elite's viciousness erupt—he wanted to make the three remain. In a run and chase, you didn't have to run the fastest as long as someone was slower than you.

Making the three of them stay would naturally earn him a bit more time.

However, thinking of how terrifying the Rock Spirit was, he gave up on the idea of attacking and focused all Origin Power on running.

The first layer's entrance was already in sight.

Xiu, xiu, they entered one after another and then ran separately towards an entrance.

"Not good, where's Lady Liu?!" Yue Kai Yu suddenly recalled something—didn't Li Si Chan stay in the first layer earlier?

"It's fine, she already left," Ling Han said without thinking.

Yue Kai Yu was skeptical, but since Ling Han said so, he could only believe it.

In a short while, others fled from the entrance; after a few seconds, swarms upon swarms of blood-sucking bugs flew out, as if covering heaven and earth. And at the end, several hundreds of fist-sized bug kings surrounded the amber, serving as foil for the super bug king.

Hong, the swarm of bugs scattered, flying out towards three separate exits.

Led by the Rock Spirit, the three of them ran out of the divine temple within a few minutes and were now at the lakebed. This time, they had no time to slowly climb the rocks; the Rock Spirit ascended into the air and brought them towards the shore.

At this time, there were some people who had just arrived and looked astoundingly at the grand divine temple in the lake.

"Run, there's a big guy at the bottom. If you guys don't run now, you'll be done for!" Ling Han shouted.

"It's Master Ling!" Someone recognized Ling Han.

Seeing Ling Han run with such haste, some people chose to believe it, but some believed otherwise; not only did they not plan to leave, they were going down to venture. With a moment, countless blood-sucking bugs flew out, and when the bug kings also appeared, it would be an unavoidable massacre.
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