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The Rock Spirit was a living spirit birthed by heaven and earth, and was definitely not weaker than king tier beasts of the same tier—maybe even a bit stronger, possessing terrifying power and recovery power.

Although it had just advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, its battle prowess was at least five stars. In contrast, Miao Qi Si was at the third layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, but his battle prowess was but four stars… One still shouldn't underestimate him—being able to battle surpassing one star in the Flower Blossom Tier was already very impressive and could be called a genius feat!

Sadly, why'd he have to encounter the Rock Spirit?

His attacks hit the Rock Spirit's body, only breaking off a few pebbles, and in the next moment, the pebbles flew back automatically like nothing had happened; but, what if he were to take a punch from the Rock Spirit?

Hehe, then he'd definitely spit blood ceaselessly!

Fighting on like this, Miao Qi Si would definitely end up tragically defeated.

Gu Yuan Liang and Geng Jing Sheng were both stupefied; this puppet's recovery power was too powerful, and even if they unleashed a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree, would they truly be able to heavily damage this puppet?

The key was that was it really worth to expend a law decree to contend for some spiritual liquid?

Miao Qi Si was also hesitating, but such hesitation was also more and more disadvantageous for him. He was hit by the Rock Spirit's punch, and although he crossed his arms to protect his face, the massive power still sent him flying.

With a loud sound, he rammed into the hexagonal object at the center of the divine temple, shaking that object violently.

Miao Qi Si struggled to climb up, but suddenly revealed a shocked expression; even his face began to twist. His previously ruddy face immediately turned dreadfully pale, and even his eyes sunk inwards.

He was absolutely appalled, and as he shook his right hand, a law decree appeared; without hesitation, he pressed it at the object behind him.

The law decree burned and a large fiery-red hand materialized, shooting at the hexagonal object. Lethal power overflowed—this was an attack of Spiritual Infant Tier.

Gu Yuan Liang and Geng Jing Sheng were both shocked and confused; if Miao Qi Si had used a law decree, shouldn't he have fired it towards the Rock Spirit, and not towards the hexagonal object behind him…? Was he muddled from banging his head?

Miao Qi Si was also very close, so this attack would also affect him; no matter how it looked, it was a suicidal action!


The flames swirled and the terrifying power pounded. Peng, peng, peng, peng, the stone pillars here were broken one by one. Ling Han was unrestrained as he spread out Blood Sucking Origin Gold, sweeping back all the broken stone pillars and storing them into the Black Tower.

The Rock Spirit instantly broke into a crooked smile; it obviously knew Ling Han wouldn't fight with it for rocks to eat.

When the flames disappeared, what was left of Miao Qi Si was obviously a burnt corpse. Involved in a Spiritual Infant Tier attack at such a close range, even a person at the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier wouldn't have survived.

Unless the person was as freakish as Ling Han, possessing defense like Iron Sheet Body, and super defense like the Thunder Battle Armor.

The hexagonal object actually changed!

It was originally all black like a piece of black gold, but now it was burned to transparency as if it had turned into amber. When Ling Han and the others saw the scene inside the object, all of them were ineffably shocked!

Under the "amber," a human-shaped being was locked by eighteen iron chains; the iron chains were fastened to the ground, but the strange thing was that no one had noticed it earlier. Above the being was a massive blood-sucking bug; it had a thick and long mouthpart that pierced through the being's heart, as if sucking its blood.

This human-shaped being had a body of red hair and was as thin as a match. Apparently, its blood had been sucked clean. The blood-sucking bug was actually a meter long and its wings were golden; it was clearly extracting blood, yet it gave people a feeling of sacredness.

How strange!

However, it was still puzzling that Miao Qi Si used a law decree to fire at the piece of "amber," unhesitatingly taking his own life too... Besides, what material was this "amber" made of for it to actually receive a Spiritual Infant Tier attack without being damaged at all?

Ling Han stared at the blood-sucking bug and couldn't help but reveal a shocked expression. The blood-sucking bugs evidently had higher tier the larger they were. The fist-sized blood-sucking bug was already at the Flower Blossom Tier, and now this one was a meter long, so what tier was it?

The Heaven Tier? The Shattering Void Tier? Or possibly even God Tier?

If this mystery realm was removed from the god realm, then it wasn't impossible for a God Tier being to appear.

There were two large monsters here, which were the blood-sucking bug and the red-haired beasts. Now the two monsters appeared at the deepest part of the divine temple, yet seemed incompatible like fire and water... what exactly did it forebode?

And previously, why did Miao Qi Si act suicidal?

Just when everyone was puzzled, the super bug king's eyes blinked, and its body began to lift up!

Not that it was fluttering its wings, but the "amber" that cemented it began to float, as if unable to break away from the fetters. Once it rose, the red-haired beast fell out from the "amber" and onto the ground with a thud while the eighteen iron chains let out a crisp sound.

This scene looked extremely strange no matter how one looked at it.

Ling Han stared at the eighteen iron chains, which seemed normal, but once examined closely, turned out to be decorated with patterns that lit up slightly, as if they were divine chains.

"Master Han!" Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan both shouted. The super bug king flew over shakily, but its speed was truly ridiculously slow.

Gu Yuan Liang waved his hand and attacked with a slash. Pa, it struck the amber, yet had no effect, only making the super bug king turn its attention towards him. The thick and long mouthpart pointed at him, and as it sucked fiercely, a terrifying absorption force was instantly transmitted. Gu Yuan Liang had no power to resist at all, flying towards the piece of amber.

He was obviously greatly shocked, wanting to fly away, but couldn't rival the terrifying absorption power. With a pu, he rammed onto the amber and the sharp mouthpiece insantly pierced his heart.

In an instant, his entire body was like a leaked water bag, rapidly shriveling, and his face became dreadfully pale like his entire body was being sucked empty.

A dignified Flower Blossom Tier elite was actually instantly sucked dry of all his blood!

However, the Flower Blossom Tier beings were sill stubbornly strong. Gu Yuan Liang took out a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree from a spatial ring, and just like Miao Qi Si, he pressed it at the bug king behind him.

Hong, this time, a freezing power swept freely, and the inside of the entire divine temple was covered with ice. At the center of the impact was the piece of amber, it was obviously completely frozen. Gu Yuan Liang couldn't escape, either; his entire body was frozen, and his face seemed to show a relieved expression.

Just now, had Miao Qi Si also tried to take the bug king down with him because his blood was being sucked dry? However, the bug king's mouthpart was clearly stabbed into the red-haired beast's body, so how did it suck dry his blood?

Pa, the layer of ice on the amber instantly shattered along with Gu Yuan Liang's corpse. The bug king flew up slowly and turned its focus on the other people—it was completely unharmed.
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