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How did this work?

The few people that wanted to take advantage of Ling Han were disappointed. Ling Han had a flying tool, yet they could only run on their feet, unable to rely on Ling Han to block perils for them.

They immediately gave up on following, and when they turned around, three people walked out in a flash.

These three people looked thirty years old, all male, and emitted a shocking presence, making everyone bow down and lower their heads involuntarily.

Flower Blossom Tier warriors!

"Respects to Lord Miao, Lord Gu, and Lord Geng!" Everyone knelt on one knee, paying respects to those three people.

Miao Qi Si, Gu Yuan Liang, Geng Jing Sheng were figures on the prodigy roll several generations ago, who had now advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, becoming mainstays of each of their own sects; they might even advance into the Spiritual Infant Tier and become the most powerful figures in the north region.

Miao Qi Si raised his hand, signaling everyone to rise. His gaze was the same as Gu Yuan Liang and Geng Jing Sheng, fixed on the divine temple at the mountaintop.

"Let's go!" Gu Yuan Liang tapped the ground with his feet; his figure floating into the air, while Miao Qi Si and Geng Jing Sheng also followed.

"Haha, with the three Flower Blossom Tier elites' appearance, even if Ling Han discovered treasure, he wouldn't be able to get it!" someone said gloatingly.

"Hmph, just a Flower Blossom Tier puppet, it can't possibly be compared to a true Flower Blossom Tier."

"So what if he's an Heaven Grade alchemist. Adventuring in a mystery realm, no one needs to give them face!"

"That's right, as an alchemist, he should just stick to refining pills."

Quite a few people chimed in, all envious of Ling Han.

The Rock Spirit might look a bit foolish and its explosive power starting out was a bit weak, but once its speed increased, it wasn't any slower than a Flower Blossom Tier warrior. They arrived at the mountaintop after only a few minutes.

The massive golem landed while the three of them leapt down.

Although there were various living creatures in this layer, the space wasn't too large. Ling Han had already scanned the surroundings while in the sky and didn't discover any stairway that led to the fourth layer. In other words, this layer was the last layer.

His guess was quite right; this last divine temple had a great possibility of revealing the secrets about this place.

The golden divine temple was 30 m tall and gold all over, just like the large divine temple outside but shrunken by tenfold.

"Small Rock, you take the vanguard." Ling Han patted the Rock Spirit.

The Rock Spirit naturally wouldn't object, walking at the forefront.

The three followed closely behind. With a Flower Blossom Tier Rock Spirit blocking the front, Ling Han had enough assurance to store Guang Yuan, Yue Kai Yu, and the Rock Spirit at the most dangerous time.

Beyond expectations, the inside of the divine temple was made of golden walls, extremely bright and unlike those black temples which were empty. There were stone pillars here, only a meter tall and with the top forged into an empty basin-shape.

The entire divine temple only had one layer, so the space was extremely large; walking inside made the three feel their own insignificance.

There were no supportive pillars inside the temple. It simply relied on the three walls leaning against each other to support the weight. Rows of stone pillars reached the center of the divine temple where a hexagonal object was suspended in midair, circling continuously—extremely strange.

"Hm, so fragrant!" The three of them wrinkled their noses.

"Eat!" The Rock Spirit also send Ling Han a thought, but it stared at the stone pillars on the ground.

"Go eat." Ling Han waved his hand. "But don't bloat yourself."

The Rock Spirit was instantly extremely delighted, diving in front of a stone pillar. Its head cracked open, as if opening a large mouth, biting towards the basin. With a snap, it bit off half the stone basin and began to gnaw on it, eating delightfully.

The three of them ran to the closest stone pillar closest to the hexagonal object and saw that the stone basin actually had a tiny bit of milky white liquid within it which was emitted the surprising fragrance.

"What's this thing?" Yue Kai Yu asked.

Ling Han shook his head and said, "I don't know, either, but I'm sure that it's definitely absolute spiritual liquid, which possesses extremely great value."

"So, you guys can get lost!" A cold voice sounded as Miao Qi Si and the other two took large strides over, clearly not caring about Ling Han's Heaven Grade alchemist identity.

In the outside world, Heaven Grade alchemists naturally had a status that surpassed the norm, but when contending for treasure, all was based on strength; it was impossible for others to surrender treasures just because someone else was the son of a Shattering Void Tier.

It was the same for Heaven Grade alchemist!

Ling Han said to Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu, "You guys store away the spiritual liquid." He turned around, waved at the Rock Spirit, and said, "Small Rock, come, time to fight!"

The Rock Spirit was somewhat reluctant as it was eating delightfully, but who made it acknowledge Ling Han as its master? It instinctively glared fiercely at Miao Qi Si and the others; it was these three who interrupted its delicious meal, making it extremely angry.

Seeing the mysterious patterns on the Rock Spirit, Miao Qi Si and the others said in astonishment, "A puppet?"

They naturally saw those patterns as formation patterns. They could feel the golem's power, emitting a presence that they didn't dare to look down upon.

"Master Ling, you might be an alchemy genius that the world reveres, but since entering the historic site to contend, you'll need to have awareness as a martial artist!" Gu Yuan Liang opened up. "If you force me to attack, I won't show mercy!"

Ling Han cracked a smile and said, "Is that right?"

"Stop!" Seeing Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu take out a jade bottle to receive the spiritual liquid within the stone basin, there was no way Miao Qi Si and the others could hold back, attacking one after another to stop them from taking the spiritual liquid.

"Ang!" The rock spirit roared angrily and attacked towards them, while Ling Han unleashed the Demon Birth Sword and activated the Thunder Battle Armor, slashing at the three large hands of Origin Power.


As Sword Qi waved, Ling Han sliced open the three large hands of Origin Power, not letting them hit Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan; however, he was only at the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and even with the Thunder Battle Armor's protection, he still couldn't bear the immense shock.

"Wa!" He hacked out blood.

It was just like Three Lives Corpse Casket. Even a Shattering Void Tier elite couldn't possibly crush the casket, but if a Heaven Tier elite lay inside, they'd definitely be pounded into pulp with shock waves.

Being able to block a direct attack and counteracting the power of the impact were two different things.

Ling Han was in unexpectedly high spirits. With the protection of the Thunder Battle Armor, he could endure such an impact, and as long as it wasn't a one-hit kill, he could immediately restore to as he was with the recovery power of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll.

Of course, it was most important that he cultivated the Iron Sheet Body. If anyone else came, he would be heavily injured with the protection of the Thunder Battle Armor; after all, Flower Blossom Tier beings were way too powerful.

"Then let's battle!" Ling Han said.
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