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Chapter 474: Lakebed Edifice
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Once the great beast died, the chilliness emitted from the lake evidently subsided. Thinking back on how this great beast could fire out ice-blades, it should also be a water type and ice element beast; its existence effected the environment, turning the lake so cold and subsequently fostering the existence Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish.

"Not good, once this great beast is dead, the lake will warm up again and those ice fish will all die!" Ling Han said somewhat regrettably.

...Although there weren't many Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish left.

"That shouldn't be wasted!" Yue Kai Yu hurriedly said. "Let's go into the water to catch fish!"

Ling Han nodded, and said to Li Si Chan, "Stay on the shore."

Although the chilliness began to retreat, it still wasn't tolerable for the Gushing Spring Tier. It'd possibly take one to two more days before the lake's temperature would return to its normal status.

Li Si Chan nodded, she never pushed herself too hard in martial arts.

The three of them went into the lake. Some of the other people also felt the change in the lake's temperature as they jumped into it one after another, spreading Origin Power to form a shield and roaming within the water.

One breath was enough for a Spiritual Pedestal Tier martial artist to hold for about an hour, and on top of the air within the shield, enduring for one day definitely wouldn't be a problem. Therefore, everyone could explore the lakebed as much as they liked without worrying about suffocating at all.

The lake was still quite cold, but tolerable for Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators. Everyone spread out to search for Absolute Cold Heart Ice Fish.

The three of them also separated. The Cold Heart Fish wasn't some impressive beast that they needed to join hands for.

After a few minutes, Ling Han arrived at the lakebed and saw several damaged kiosk and pavilions, as if these edifices only sunk down to the lakebed after experiencing an earthquake.

Thinking so, he swam over.

After the fish were fished repeatedly by him for three days, there weren't many left, and now there were so many people fishing in the lake, how many could each person even get? He had already obtained six to seven hundred, and didn't really care about a few dozen more.

There were about eight to nine lakebed kiosks and pavilions. Because they were buried under the lakebed's mud, revealing only the top, Ling Han didn't know whether there were more edifices hidden deeper underneath the lakebed.

Pressing gently with his palms, a momentous force surged as he appeared at the two-layer pavilion, swimming into it through the second floor window.

This was a study room, but the books on the bookshelves had all long rotted away and left only a few covers that escaped disaster, floating within the water. Ling Han reached out, gently grabbing on to a book that had "State of Pu's Geographic Record."

Was there a place in the vast lands called State of Pu?

Ling Han wasn't quite sure, because in the time of his former lifetime, the place names of the vast lands had an extremely great difference compared to now—who could guarantee that two or five millennia ago the place names of various places in the vast lands were the same?

Perhaps there was a place called the State of Pu.

He grabbed another cover, which had "Thirty-six Free Transformations on Formations," written on it.

Ling Han was instantly moved—formations!

How unfortunate there was only a cover left; if he could get a peek at it, it would probably be of great help for his formation mastery level.

He grabbed another three covers, and after glancing over them, his expression changed involuntariy.

"Insights on Refining Clear Void Pill, Red Leaf Pill, Purple-Patterned Gold Pill."

This was a personal letter on pill refining, and it probably gave an account of the details in refining the three types of medicinal pills. This wasn't much in itself; similar to his previous lifetime, Ling Han would also make notes in passing after refining to remind himself, and for his two alchemy disciples to reference.

What shocked Ling Han was the four words Purple-Patterned Gold Pill.

This was a divine medicine!

At the late periods of his former lifetime, he'd entered several historic sites, among which were cave dwellings of great ancient alchemists, and obtained a few personal notes; on them, Ling Han once saw the four words Purple-Patterned Gold Pill.

Purple-Patterned Gold Pill—after taking one of those, as long as they didn't die from exploding, mortals could become gods!

What sort of divine medicine was this?

Ling Han believed that divine medicinal pills were also separated by tiers, and how could a normal divine pill turn a mortal into a god on the spot? However, in the vast lands, there was no way to refine any sort of divine pill, because there were no ingredients!

In here, the three types of medicinal pills were placed side by side, probably all divine pills. As for insights, the person must've refined it before, or else how could there be insights?

One who could refine divine pills in the vast lands, and very possibly a high tier divine pill?

Absolutely impossible!

Ling Han's hands were trembling slightly as a guess welled up within; could this mystery realm… belong to a god that refined an area in the god realm and brought it down to the lower realm?

The chance of this guess being correct was extremely great because Yan Tian Zhao wanted something from the Sagittarius Palace.

Who was Yan Tian Zhao?

Although of mortal body, he received a god's memory, and from a certain perspective, he was more kick*ss than Ling Han who was a Heaven Tier reincarnate. Could something that he coveted be ordinary?

It had to be a divine thing!

If this place were a part stripped form the gold realm, then it would be easy to understand, explaining why the Spirit Qi in here was so indispersibly thick. Moreover, why the beasts here had bone patterns on their skulls? Because they were beasts of the god realm—as simple as that.

Ling Han's heart sped up involuntarily, could he be getting an inheritance from the god realm?

Kick*ss! Awesome!

With this speculation, Ling Han began to search more carefully. Anything here that was found could be a treasure of the divine level.

However, he was disappointed. The things inside the room were extremely normal, and the books, made of paper, rotted away. The wood, which was also not some sort of divine wood, rotted away. The bricks were also the same, just slightly harder.

…But whatever, take it all!

With a thought and a touch, Ling Han stored the entire pavilion inside the Black Tower. The space was so big anyway, no fear of taking up space.

He swam towards another pavilion and stored it once again, and then the third building; a kiosk was also moved into the Black Tower.

At this moment, someone also swam over, and didn't seem to have any interest in Absolute Cold Heart Ice Fish, staring at the sunken group of buildings in the lakebed instead.

That was a girl at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivation, but she was also over thirty, probably someone on the prodigy roll in former generations. Her looks already passed the peak period, but were maintained very well. Her eyes were like a painting, and her cherry lips were bright red like blood, vibrantly attractive.

Compared to a twenty-year-old lady, a woman of this age won in her ample figure and titillating bearing, as if a ripe peach, plump and juicy.

After seeing Ling Han, the woman nodded at Ling Han—this was respect for a Heaven Grade alchemist.

She already swam into a pavilion and began to search.

Ling Han continued to store the buildings here indiscriminately.
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