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Chapter 473: Dare to Rob Me?
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Injured but not dead—proving itself to be a king tier great beast of the Flower Blossom Tier, it took Spiritual Infant Tier attack head on and survived. It was quite shocking.

Ling Han hallooed and leapt out with his sword, attacking the great beast.

Given it time, the great beast might recover a bit, and if it wanted to escape into the lake, then there would be no way of finding it.

This was called kill it while it's sick!

Xiu , the golden fists disappeared after the attack. After all, this was only an attack that a Spiritual Infant Tier sealed into the law decree.

Ling Han shot out, attacking right at it.

The great beast revealed a furious look. It was a king tier, and a mere martial artist of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier dared to initiate an attack on it—this was looking down on it way too much.

If it were still at the peak phase, then firing out an ice-blade would be enough to annihilate Ling Han. But it was at its weakest moment, unable to move even its wings; so, how could it fire out ice-blades?

It naturally wouldn't wait helplessly for death. With a glare, it sent out martial intent shooting towards Ling Han.

If the martial intent struck, it was guaranteed that the human brat would turn into an idiot!

The great beast was extremely confident as it was a king of the Flower Blossom Tier and its martial intent was too terrifying.

However, it immediately revealed an extremely shocked expression because Ling Han's offensive didn't slow down the slightest bit. With the swing of the sword, ten flashes of Sword Qi fired out, firing towards the relatively more fragile neck.

How was it possible!?

If it could speak the language of humans, it definitely would immediately cry out, but it was so feeble that it couldn't even open its mouth, simply staring helplessly at the ten flashes of Sword Qi furiously slashing towards it.

Pu, pu, pu, pu!

The Sword Qi was unleashed by a tenth tier Spirit Tool, so its destructive power was extremely shocking—even a king tier great beast of the Flower Blossom Tier couldn't defend against it with its physical body. The ten flashes of Sword Qi swept by devastatingly as a deep wound emerged instantly on its neck.

However, this wasn't the most lethal.

The Demon Birth Sword striking it was the most terrifying attack—how sharp was a tenth tier Spirit Tool? Even Sword Qi could cut open its flesh, let alone the direct attack of Demon Birth Sword.

The great beast revealed a terrified look. It absolutely didn't want to die and even more so to die at the hands of a human at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.


The sword slashed through and a lion head instantly shot into the sky. Ling Han reached out extremely quickly, grabbing onto the great beast's body, and directly stored it inside the Black Tower so as not to waste any part of it. However, even though he was quick, there was still a lot of blood that splattered outwards.

Xiu , a figure darted out, grabbing the lion head and leaving immediately.

Such nerve!

Ling Han immediately shifted his figure, chasing towards that person. This person dared to rob him? Behind him, pieces of rubble slowly gathered as the rock spirit was in the process of reconstructing itself.

The robber's speed was fast, or else he wouldn't dare to do such a thing. Obviously, daring to rob meant he had absolute confidence in his movement art.

However, he overestimated himself, and underestimated Ling Han.

The movement art that Ling Han used also changed into an Earth Grade one called Hundred Changes Thousand Illusions. It not only could form afterimages to confuse opponents during battle, but also worked like a charm for chasing or running, astonishingly quick.

Competing in movement arts with Ling Han? Other than monsters such as Hu Niu, who else could do so in the same tier?

After a few leaps and landings, Ling Han caught up to that person.

"Hmph, take it back!" The person was rather straightforward. Seeing that he couldn't escape, he just shook his right hand and threw the lion head far away, obviously planning to take advantage of the time Ling Han needed to go pick it up to run again.

Ling Han swung his left hand, firing out Blood Sucking Origin Gold. He tanged and pulled back the lion head, storing it in the Black Tower. His figure didn't move a bit, continuing to chase after that person. His eyes were like swords as he said balefully, "You think you'll be let off so lightly?" He swung his sword to slash.

"Master Ling, contesting for treasures is quite a normal thing, why take it seriously?" The person wasn't weak, waving his saber to parry as seven flashes of Saber Qi waved.

Ling Han snorted and said, "If you also participated in exterminating the great beast, then you'd certainly have the right to a share of the spoils of war. However, you're clearly just a base thief, daring to speaking shamelessly. Truly laughable!"

Ding, ding, ding, ding, the saber and sword collided. Sparks radiated all around and martial intent burst forth blindingly with divine light.

How strong was Ling Han's battle prowess? Only after a few moves, the person's expression changed drastically; he was no match at all.

He hurriedly shouted, "I'm Cold Water Sect's disciple Feng Jing Sheng. Even if you're a Heaven Grade alchemist, you can't act recklessly!"

"Idiot!" Ling Han cursed, the momentum of his sword unchanged.

He was a Heaven Grade alchemist, so would he still be afraid of offending someone? Only a force that walked in the shadows like the Thousand Corpse Sect wouldn't fear a Heaven Grade alchemist; otherwise, among those sects that "got along" normally, which of those wouldn't give a Heaven Grade alchemist face on the surface?

"I'll fight you to death!" Feng Jing Sheng roared and took out a spirit talisman from a ring, pretending to throw it out. "This is Raging Flames Burning Sky Talisman created by a Flower Blossom Tier senior from my sect, equivalent to one-tenth of his attack. Don't you force me!"

Ling Han was too lazy to even curse this time, striking nonstop with his long sword.

"Die!" Feng Jing Sheng threw out the spirit talisman. Hong , instantly, a raging flame rose out from the spirit talisman and turned into a sea of flames, burning towards Ling Han.

Ling Han felt it slightly and activated the Thunder Battle Armor. Instantly, a lightning barrier formed, shielding him within as he rushed out of the sea of fire and struck again with his sword.

"What!?" Feng Jing Sheng revealed an expression of disbelief. That was a Flower Blossom Tier's attack, but Ling Han actually blocked it—this was too unreal! However, without giving him time for the second thought, the Demon Birth Sword already slashed through him from top to bottom as his entire body was instantly slashed into two halves.

Ling Han sheathed his sword. With his current power to activate the Thunder Battle Armor with all his strength, blocking a low layer Flower Blossom Tier's attack was more than enough.

Everyone looked at him with fear, their gazes extremely complicated.

With the identity of a Heaven Grade alchemist alone, no one dared to go against him on the surface, and his personal battle prowess was even more nature-defyingly powerful. Being born in the same time as Ling Han was really the greatest misfortune.

Ling Han naturally wouldn't care how others looked at him. He smiled at Yue Kai Yu and said, "More tonic meat of a king tier beast to eat at night."

Yue Kai Yu was startled as Ling Han just said "more," so could he have already eaten such a greatly tonic thing? He didn't dare to believe it, simply thinking Ling Han misspoke. Laughing on spot, he said, "Wasting a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree to annihilate it, I have to eat that worth's back!"

Ling Han patted his shoulder and said, "You definitely have more than one Spiritual Infant Tier law decree, don't pretend to be poor."

Yue Kai Yu smiled mischievously—obviously Ling Han hit the nail—and retorted, "You think Spiritual Infant Tier law decrees are cheap? This paper, this ink, and the pen used, those are all extremely precious materials! Moreover, my great-grandfather needs to recover for several months just drawing one law decree!"

Ling Han was too lazy to pay attention to him, focusing his gaze on the lake as he said, "The chilling intent is waning, was this absolutely cold place formed due to the great beast?
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